Today’s Vietnam: A Sad Mess

If you are curious what life is like in Vietnam nowadays, prepare to be unpleasantly surprised.  After 35 years of Communist rule Vietnam’s condition is worse than ever, comparable even to the French occupation of Vietnam from the 19th to 20th century.  Citizens living in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam are always under surveillance by the government, unlawful arrests are common, and the rule of law is non-existent.  Even in 2010, the government still closely monitors the actions of its people and tightly controlling the flow of information.  Bloggers and writers are arrested endlessly, and religious groups are cracked down regularly.  It seems all the Communist government is worried about is protecting it’s own feeble hold on power, disregarding the needs of their own people.  Thanks Ho Chi Minh, for creating a tyrant Party, destroying the foundations of a great country and ruining a once proud Vietnam.

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