In Memory of General Giap

Editor’s Note: I made a mistake in writing this article, since General Giap is still alive even up to this day.  However, for artistic reasons and your enjoyment, I have decided to leave this post as it is.  I just want to point out my error and clarify that Vo Nguyen Giap is still alive.  Thanks for visiting. (October 14, 2010)

About a month ago, General Vo Nguyen Giap of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam passed away.  I myself have mixed opinions about General Giap, since he was a major player of North Vietnam during the war.  Vo Nguyen Giap was a Communist, a prominent leader of North Vietnam who helped Ho Chi Minh defeat the democratic South Vietnam and led the country to Communism.

This sounds all too familiar, but when you look at his actions compared to other leaders such as Ho Chi Minh, Le Duan, and Truong Chinh, it is apparent that Giap had Vietnam’s interest first.  When North Vietnam defeated the democratic South and implemented the Communist government in 1975, Giap advocated the safety of South Vietnamese workers and professionals instead of killing them out of vengeance.

Sources also suggests that Vo Nguyen Giap wanted to fix U.S.-Vietnamese relations after the war and move the country forward.  However, other Communist leaders such as Le Duan opposed Giap’s policies and eventually marginalized his position in the Communist Party, neutralizing his influence.  In modern Vietnam, General Giap is one of the few individuals courageous enough to oppose the corrupt Communist Party of the 21st century.

In the history of contemporary Vietnam, I can hardly find a Communist leader that I actually admire; Ho Chi Minh had us fooled in the past, making us think that he had Vietnam’s interest in mind; Le Duan was a hardline Communist, installing harsh, Stalinist policies that created much suffering for the Vietnamese people.  After these men, I can honestly say that no Vietnamese leader within the past 20 years has done anything to help Vietnam.

I just want to recognize the contribution of General Vo Nguyen Giap and acknowledge what he has done for Vietnam.  After all, let’s not forget how he helped kick out the French in 1954 and then the Americans in 1975.

8 Responses to “In Memory of General Giap”

  1. Jackson Says:

    this sight is BS

  2. After 32 years of my life i find it an advantage that i was born on the other side of the curtain.
    Deep respect for all who opposed and still oppose NATO’s “kill and negotiate” politics.

  3. Gary F. Walls (combat veteran) Says:

    Whose authority ordered PAVN troops to murder wounded American soldiers (when the opportunity arose during the the war)? This appeared to be a “standard operating procedure.” Was it Giap?

  4. Off course all Americans occupiers should be killed wherever and whenever they are to be met, no matter their physical condition. No mercy for them, just as they have no mercy for countless innocent civilians in Vietnam and all over the world.

    • Nate Mark Kaufman Says:

      First off: Agent Orange was only used on areas controlled by the V.C.. While it was the wrong thing to do, I understand why we did it. Second: Lt. William Calley, U.S.A (the platoon leader of 1st Platoon, C/2/20 Infantry, 11th Brigade, the platoon that committed the My Lai massacre) was sentenced to life in prison, and would have served it if Nixon did not shorten his sentence to 3 years. Third: In all the wars that followed the Viet Nam War, U.S. Armed Forces have killed less than 2500 civilians. Forth: the Communists (PL, VC, PAVN, and KR) killed more civilians than the RVN and her allies. Fifth: all civilians killed by US Armed Forces other than Agent Orange and the My Lao massacre were killed by accident Sixth: U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq, Grenada, Panamá, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Somalia, and Lebanon have killed zero (0) civilians on purpose. Seventh: every war fought by the United States Armed Forces since 1903 has been for a just cause.

  5. At this moment I am going away to do my breakfast, when having my breakfast coming yet again to read additional news.

  6. Derek Benjamin Says:

    So should rioting blacks during the LA Riots have been justified in murdering Vietnamese shop owners? Irony of irony is when the Chinese tanks roll Southward, which they will, it will American boys dying to protect Vietnam from its invaders. Lets hope the Vietnamese aren’t so eager to shoot injured GIs then.

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