To All The Soldiers Who Lost Their Lives in the Vietnam War


South Vietnamese Soldiers in Combat

Although I believe that the Americans should never have been there in the conflict, I think that it is important to acknowledge what these soldiers have done for Vietnam.  I have very strong feelings about the American involvement in Vietnam from 1964 to 1972, mostly that America should have never have got involved in the first place.  However, when the Americans did get involved, I believe they should have stayed to the very end of the fight instead of simply abandoning South Vietnam in 1972.  Nonetheless, I still feel that all the soldiers who gave their lives for South Vietnam should get some recognition, whether they be American or South Vietnamese.  We must send our deep love and appreciation to the many courageous men and women who gave their lives, thank you very much and may god be with you.



4 Responses to “To All The Soldiers Who Lost Their Lives in the Vietnam War”

  1. I used to believe too, that USA should have stayed out, but if you think about it, would China and/or Russia have kept out? Definitely not.

    I agree though, that America shouldn’t have left when they did, and the outcome might have been much different had they stayed. The press and the hippie middle class did much to harm the war efforts in America.

  2. Although the Chinese and Russians didn’t fight in the war first hand, they did provide financial and arms support to the North. During that time, Mao Zedong had his own agenda at home and it was against his intersts involving himself in another’s civil war. The problem with the American involvement was that it gave Ho Chi Minh and North Vietnam an opportunity to accuse the South of being a foreign puppet and allowing the invaders to come into Vietnam.

    Ho Chi Minh used the patriotism of the Vietnamese to rally the North, characterizing the Americans as the new invaders of Vietnam and the South as the supporters of these intruders. As we all know, this allegation is obviously untrue. Since the Vietnamese people just defeated the French, they were determined not to let another invader in. To me, this is possibly one of the greatest factors in the war: the determination of the North to prevent any invaders from ever taking Vietnam again. The sad thing is that the South also had Vietnam’s interest in mind, they just recognized that Communism is bad for the country while the Northern army does not.

    I agree with your view about the hippie class and the American media. They played an enormous role in breaking the will of the American soldiers and pressuring the White House to withdraw the troops. How can an army succeed without the support of their own people?

    • Richard Nixon won in 1968 because the majority of the U.S. people believed that Viet Nam and Laos were worth fighting for. The hippies may have been very vocal, but they represented at most one fifth of our population. Also, our media has always had a strong Communist streak, which caused many problems in the war.

    • Recent information released by the Communist China showed that PRC had sent 320000 soldiers into the north VN during the war. But no body knew then. HCM again well understood the consequences if the Vietnamese knew of this matter. HCM kept this as top secrete until now.

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