Vietnam’s Real Traitors: The Communist Party of Vietnam

What does the Communist Party of Vietnam do to better the lives of Vietnamese people today?  Absolutely nothing.  It seems that the only thing the VCP (Vietnamese Communist Party) is interested in is maintaining their hold on power.  The current Secretary General of the VCP is Nong Duc Manh.  Under him, the Vietnamese people experience nothing but pain and suffering.  Most of the VCP’s policies tend to focus on the suppression of the Vietnamese people through violence, fear, and propaganda.  The reason for these tactics is so that the people in Vietnam do not realize what the Communist Party has done to their citizens and the country.  They do not want the people to realize that the Party has lied to them, cheated them, and are simply selling them out to support their corrupted regime.  Almost every source of information in Vietnam is censured by the government in order to keep the Vietnamese citizens in the dark about what is really going on.  Needless to say that the Communists today are terrified of the knowledge that is readily available to individuals through the internet and other instant sources.  If the Vietnamese people were to find out what the government has done to the country over the last few decades, it is an understatement to say that the VCP would be ousted in an instant.


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