Why the U.S. Should Have Stayed Out

There are several reasons why the United States should never have entered the war in Vietnam, the outcome of the war being the most obvious reason of all.  However, there are other reasons that the Americans should have stayed out of Vietnam which will be discussed here.

Ho Chi Minh often accused the Republic of Vietnam of being a puppet of the United States, a false accusation that proved to be a strong catalyst for the North to invade the South.  President Ngo Dinh Diem knows this, which is why he stood firm on keeping America out of Vietnam’s internal problems.  One of the strong points of the Vietnamese people thoughout history is their devotion to the country and their determination to fight invaders at all costs.  When an invader comes, the Vietnamese people fight fearlessly.  Both Ngo Dinh Diem and Ho Chi Minh were aware of this fact, which is why President Diem so strongly opposed American intervention in Vietnam’s affairs.  Ngo Dinh Diem would do everything in his power to keep out the Americans until his assissination in 1963 by the U.S. government under President Kennedy (above).  It was only after the fall of Diem that the U.S. became involved.  When the Americans entered the war, Ho Chi Minh siezed the opportunity to characterize the South as traitors of the country, puppets of imperialism, and welcomer of invaders.  This alone ignited the patriotism and anger of the North, giving them the fire to defeat the Americans, and subsequently, the entire South Vietnam.

Not only did the American involvement raise the fighting spirit of the North Vietnamese, but at the same time damaged the morale of the South Vietnamese soldiers.  After the assassination of President Diem, South Vietnam was plunged into a period of chaos and civil disorder that would last for three years.  The Republic of Vietnam under President Diem was truly a prosperous nation, successfully keeping Ho Chi Minh and the Vietcong  above the 17th parallel.  The American assassination of President Ngo Dinh Diem created a golden opportunity for the Communists to launch their offensive campaigns.  Before the death of Diem, North Vietnam only resorted to terrorist acts and fruitless invasion attempts.  It was only after Diem died did the Communists start making successful advances downward into South Vietnam.

The final reason that the United States should never have entered Vietnam is more closely associated with the end of the war around 1970 onwards.  It was during this time that the United States of America was laying the groundwork for pulling out of Vietnam.  The war was too costly, the American people could take it no longer, neither could their soldiers.  America wanted out and were willing to do anything to achieve that end.  After nearly ten years of fighting, the U.S. withdrew from Vietnam, leaving the South to fend for itself.  After killing an able ruler of the South Vietnam government in 1963, losing more than 35 thousand soldiers, allying with Communist China, and having difficulty controlling the second President of the Republic of Vietnam, Nguyen Van Thieu, the Americans decided that they’ve had enough.  The Americans involved themselves in a Vietnamese conflict, unprepared for what lay ahead.  So basically, after they came in and caused more harm than good to the people of South Vietnam, the Americans departed and left the South to drown in the mess that the U.S. helped create in the first place.

The U.S. involvement was detrimental to South Vietnam for these reasons.  First of all, U.S. involvment helped enforce Ho Chi Minh’s accusation that the South was the puppet of external powers who invited American invaders into the sacred land.  Secondly, in order for the Americans to come in, they had to kill one of the most able men in South Vietnam.  After Diem’s assassination, the North Vietnamese were finally able to advance on the South.  Sadly, the Americans didn’t realize this consequence until it was too late.  From the beginning, the United States was not aware of what they were getting into.  This brings us to the final reason that America should never have been involved: they didn’t understand the nature of the war, who they were fighting, and why they were fighting.  To America, the war was fought over the containment of Communism and the fear effect created by the idiotic “Domino Theory.”  To the Vietnamese people, the war was about independence, freedom, and anti-colonialism.  It wasn’t America’s war, that is why they should never have gotten involved.

20 Responses to “Why the U.S. Should Have Stayed Out”

  1. This is a very good analysis, however it is only correct for Vietnam, but not for the US. The US normally interfered in any foreign country in the name of “The American’s interest”. They do not care about other country’concern or mentallity. In Vietnam, the US Killed the Vietnam leader, President Die, to get into Vietnam, was also the US who pressured and threaten to kill the Vietnam leader, President Thieu, in order to get out of Vietnam. Being an enemy of the US may have difficult times, but being a freind of the US normally end up in the grave.

  2. This is a very good analysis, however it is only correct for Vietnam, but not for the US. The US normally interfered in any foreign country in the name of “The American’s interest”. They do not care about other country’concern or mentallity. In Vietnam, the US Killed the Vietnam leader, President Diem, to get into Vietnam, was also the US who pressured and threaten to kill the Vietnam leader, President Thieu, in order to get out of Vietnam. The so call 1973 Paris Treaty was an evidence of the US to surrender the North Vietnam. President Thieu had refused to acccept the Treaty. Nixon and Kissinger threaten to kill President Thieu if not sign the Treaty. President Thieu had buckled upon the US’s pressure. That is to say “Being an enemy of the US you may have difficult times and would survive, but being a freind of the US normally end up in the grave.

    • In a letter to President Thieu, the US government stated that they would be willing to use extreme measures if he did not sign the Treaty. This Treaty essentially was the death of Republic of Vietnam and President Thieu knew that. Kissenger betrayed RVN by secretly meeting with the North to arrange for the signing over of RVN.

  3. There is nothing independent or free about Communism. North Vietnam wanted totalitarian rule over South Vietnam.

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  8. American Ho Says:

    The U.S. tried to contain Communism and give the South “independence and freedom”. You call the Domino Theory “idiotic”. What has Vietnam got now but Communism. Exactly what the Theory predicted. The only way Vietnam is going to get “independence and freedom” now is for the people to arm themselves, start a guerrilla war and fight for it. Good luck!

  9. Derek Benjamin Says:

    Exactly Ho. The dominos didnt topple because for 12 long years the United States government poured billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of soldiers into Vietnam. Plus South Vietnam had their chance to defend themselves without American help in 1975. I’d have to check, but I believe they lost at least I can’t imagine they’d rename Saigon HCM city if they had won.

  10. this didn’t give enough detail it was not what I needed exactly well I don’t think it was I have to read it first. Lol

  11. Up Your Butt Says:

    Haha Communism is for wusses. Vietnam has no freedom, the government can buttfuck them if they want. Communism, the most stupidest form of life. Blah.

  12. this war was to get the playa haters off tupac’s back

  13. Xiaoding Says:

    Your essay assumes that the US was fighting a war in Vietnam. It wasn’t.

    The entire “war”, was a put up job, a cover, for moving resources into the neighboring countries. The aim, was to contain Communist China, by strengthening the surrounding area.

    It worked.

    The “defeat”, was another fake out. The defeat was planned all along. It was needed to keep the Chinese from guessing what was really going on.

    The US never lost the Vietnam war, there never was a Vietnam war.

  14. Elliot kessler Says:

    I Agree with this article because there were a lot of fallen solders in Vietnam.

  15. Through my research and reading of the history of Vietnam, I find it fascinating that after JFK and the CIA helped assassinated President Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother NGO Dinh Nhu,
    JFK was assassinated within 2 weeks later. And if course we all know the fate of his younger brother RFK. All I can think of is KARMA.
    President Diem was a very smart man. He knew that I order for RVN to be free, we had to fight the VC in their territory in the North, for if we didn’t, the South would be constantly be on the defense. The US did not want him to take on Diem’s strategy, and well, you know the rest of the story.
    There is a wealth of accurate information about the Republic of Vietnam that I have found to be very informative for the my generation and future generations. My father barely spoke of the time he served in Danang. All he taught us kids was to always love RVN no matter where we live or how long we will be away from our country. He taught us the true nature of the North Viet Congs and of their rage and aggression. He taught us to sing RVN’s national anthem and patriotic songs. I am very grateful for this blog and knowing that there is continued patriotism and love for RVN. I just wish I asked knew enough to have asked questions when my father was alive.

  16. Richard W Magner Says:

    Regarding the- idiotic “Domino Theory.” Many folks on the left in recent years discredit the domino theory, yet to Nikita Khrushchev (later Kosygin) and Mao Zedong, “wars of liberaton” were a strategy which both countries supported all over the world. Consider Nikita Khrushchev’s January 6, 1961 speech. The Sino-Soviet Split was primarily about the tactics, not the strategy.
    Without the support of both countries- China & especially Russia in the later years of the war, North Vietnam would not have won the war of aggression against the south.

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