Piracy in the South China Sea

The Chinese government has been committing heinous crimes against many of their neighboring countries.  One such example is the harassment of Vietnamese fishermen in the Southeast Asia Sea, better known as the South China Sea.  Vietnamese fishermen today are constantly harassed and abused by the Chinese Navy, with little protection from the Vietnamese government.

Here are just some examples of the crimes committed:

The body of a Vietnamese fisherman who was robbed and killed by Chinese Communist Naval forces in the Gulf of Tonkin.  The murderers stuffed his body in a fishing basket, filled it with ice, and sent it home to his family.  This incident occurred fairly recently, although the date is unclear.

This incident occurred on June 12, 2010 while the fishermen were still sleeping.  The fishermen’s boat was rammed by a larger boat believed to be under the control of the Chinese Navy.  The attack caused significant injuries to the fishermen.

A similar case happened three days earlier on June 9, 2010.  Vietnamese fishermen were attacked by a large boat that appeared to be controlled by Chinese Naval forces.  This attack also occurred when the fishermen were asleep.

Source: Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation

8 Responses to “Piracy in the South China Sea”

  1. I think the Chinese government should be brought to justice for committing these cruel and unhuman crimes towards the Vietnamese people. They are nothing but a bunch of bullies!!! and the American government should teach them a lesson.

    • I agree that the Chinese should be taught a lesson. Sadly, the Vietnamese government is too cowardly to even voice a single complaint against the Chinese pirates. The Vietnamese people are ready to fight, but the pathetic government is not. Useless Communist Party. If the people understood what was really happening, the VCP would be hung in an instant.

  2. The Chinese Goveremnt are the Somolian of the East; pirating, kidnapping the vietnamese fishermen and asking for ransomes. The Chinese goverment are nothing more and nothing less ” the Han Tac”.

    There are no reasons for the American to punish the Chinese for the reason that the Chinese do not pirate the American. The Chinese in their tradition only dare to bully the weaker and would kowtow to the stronger. The Viet must rely on the Viet and ready to teach the han tac a final lession, once and for all.


    a personal question to you iam pham => are you from the group called hoang sa ?! hates vietnam and their politically ? “useless communist party” …why people like you think communist is bad ? it has of course good and bad site . in the past vietnam / asia used it false. but now vietnam use commu and capit. ….

    • I’m actually not apart of that group, or any group for that matter. I am just a blogger who wants to provide a voice for the people in Vietnam, as well as the people in the west.

      (I’m about to get really wordy, please bare with me, and forgive me if I talk to much!) 🙂

      To answer your question, I do not hate Vietnam, but I do have a distaste for the Vietnamese government. The reason simply isn’t just Communism, but what the Communist ideology has done to the country.

      The Communist Party of Vietnam has done much damage to the country, as you can see by the evidence I have presented, which is why I have a problem with them.

      The biggest example are the Chinese invasions of the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelago. The VCP hasn’t done much to protect the people. Not only that, they arrest and beat down the Vietnamese citizens who want to fight back and defend the country.

      Also, besides that cowardice, they are very corrupted men. Many VCP members are billionaires, getting rich through oversees investment and the pockets of their own people. When we talk about VCP, it’s not Communism vs. Capitalism, it’s simply corruption.

      To tell you the truth, it doesn’t matter to me what kind of government Vietnam has, as long as they have the courage, intellect, and integrity to protect the country. If there was a good Communist leader, then I would have no problem supporting him.

      I know there are some good Communists, Vo Nguyen Giap being the prime example, since he is someone that I highly respect. However, they are outnumbered (even overwhelmed) by the corrupted masses, and are in danger of being purged if they opposed that majority.

      Anyways, if the leaders didn’t sell out the country to China and beat down on their own people over stupid reasons such as patriotism, religion, free speech, and accountability, then I wouldn’t have a problem with them at all. Too bad they are guilty of all these things, and they continue to let China terrorize our people. That is why I strongly oppose them.

      I hope that answers your question,
      Thanks for all the feed back!
      – Ian Pham

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