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Dear Media: What Can You Say About the Communists After 35 Years?

Posted in IV. Columns, Modern History, Politics with tags , , on July 2, 2010 by Ian Pham

During the civil war era, starting in 1954 and ending in 1975, many western thinkers expressed their views about the North and the South.  One the the strongest and most accepted views in the west was that the Communist North were the good guys and that the Democratic South were the bad guys.

These so called “experts” believed that Ho Chi Minh was the liberator of Vietnam, fighting for the well-being of the nation.  They gave the North titles such as liberators, freedom fighters, partiots, and heroes.  These very same individuals characterized South Vietnam as American puppets, taking orders from the U.S. government.

The western media tore up South Vietnam, profoundly hurting the South Vietnamese image, not to mention damaging the morale of the American soldiers serving in Vietnam at the time.  Hundreds upon hundreds of literature during the 1950’s to the 1970’s sympathized with the Communists and at the same time demonizing the South.  These authors and writers called the South cowards, corrupted, and the like.

These days, alot of information is steadily flowing out, clearly falsifying these shrewdly biased allegations against the South, proving that the writers of that era were nothing more than a bunch of gullible yes-men and malicious sympathizers.

If one wanted to discredit these idiots and what they have written in the past, one does not even need to look very far.  All you have to do to prove these fools wrong is look at what is happening in Vietnam today.  Rampant corruption, total disregard for human rights, suppression of free speech, and concessions to China, just to name a few.

So tell me, communist sympathizers, is this what’s supposed to happen?  Were the Communists as good as you said they were?  Is this the workers’ paradise that all of you idiots worked so hard to promote?  What can you say about the Communists now that so much of what you said in the past has so clearly been proven wrong?  How do you feel, knowing that the regime you worked so hard to promote is now causing pain and suffering to 80 million people?  Pretty pathetic, right?