The VCP: Selling Out to China

Piracy in the Southeast Asia Sea, detrimental mining on Vietnamese land, and the invasion of the Paracel and Spratly archipelagos.  All Chinese crimes, all condoned by the Vietnamese government.

I have often expressed my disapproval and lack of respect for the contemperary Communist Party of Vietnam and the fifteen “leaders” calling the shots.  Aside from the tyrannical treatment of the Vietnamese people and corruption within the Party, the VCP seems content on allowing the Beijing government to enter Vietnam and terrorize the citizens.  Many actions taken by the Chinese Communists Party have been detrimental to the people of Vietnam.

The abuse of Vietnamese fishermen in the Southeast Asia Sea, destruction of Vietnamese forests and farms due to Chinese mining projects, and the invasion of the Paracel and Spratly archipelagos (Hoang Sa & Truong Sa) are the main problems posed by China today.  The Vietnamese government tries to conceal these crimes from the Vietnamese people, consequentially helping China continue these heinous crimes.  Many Chinese crimes today are defended by the Vietnamese Communist Party.  Their are numerous reasons why the Vietnamese government would perform such degrading acts, I will try to summarize them here.

The most obvious reason is the rampant corruption within the Communist Party of Vietnam.  Members of the VCP seek only to benefit themselves and could care less for the well-being of the population.  The Chinese exploit the greed of the VCP to further their own ends in Vietnam, paying off the leaders to implement pro-China policies and illegally lease Vietnamese land to the Beijing government.

Corruption emerges from the lack of integrity, and the lack of integrity often stems from cowardice, which is the other reason why the Vietnamese Communist Party allows China to run Vietnam into the ground.  The VCP is obviously unfit to govern the country, which is why they do everything in their power to monitor every piece of information flowing into Vietnam.  They are terrified that the Vietnamese people will one day realize what the Party has done to Vietnam and the inevitable consequences that follow: the total destruction of the Communist Party and the punishment at the hands of the people.  For this reason, the VCP continues to suppress the people of Vietnam, abusing them in inhuman ways and jailing them without evidence.

The VCP are not only scared of the people, but they are also scared of the Chinese.  The economic and military rise of China is obvious, which is why the VCP is so willing bowing down to them.  The cowardice of the VCP allows the Chinese government to control their actions and policies through bribery and coercion.

The Vietnamese Communist Party are the biggest betrayers of Vietnam, suppressing the Vietnamese people and selling out to China.  For over a thousand years, China has tried to conquer Vietnam, failing every time.  It looks like for the first time in Vietnam’s history, a government is actually willfully handing their country over to foreign invaders.  As severe as this may sound, it will never work.

Beijing may control the weak leaders of the Vietnamese Communist Party, but they do not control the army nor the population.  Some Vietnamese Generals are becoming increasingly agitated by the weakness of the Vietnamese Communist Party and are voicing their opinions openly.  Navy officials are beginning to resist the Chinese presence on the Spratly archipelago despite protests from the Vietnamese Communist Party.  Finally, the Vietnamese people are more frequently standing up to the Vietnamese government, ready to confront the Communist police.

From the way things are progressing, it’s only a matter of time before the leaders at the top lose their grip on power and ultimately be ousted.  It could be tomorrow, it could be next week, or it could be much longer than that.

It is possible that somewhere in the Communist Party, someone can make a change.  However, I believe that the real change will come from the Vietnamese people.  Sadly, from an objective point of view, it doesn’t look like anyone at the height of the Communist leadership possesses the intellect, integrity, or courage to lead the country in a positive direction.  The real change will come from the people, and hopefully, from within the Communist Party.


2 Responses to “The VCP: Selling Out to China”

  1. Hoang Dinh Says:

    Very good article. I hope the Vietnamese are free and teach China a lesson.

  2. fuckTheVCP Says:

    They, the VCP, do what they do best—they rob and torture their own people and sell out their country for more riches. Fucking bastards!!!

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