Ly Tong and The Pepper Spraying Incident

Ly Tong is a democracy activist and self proclaimed freedom fighter of Vietnamese Democracy.  Dam Vinh Hung is a recording artist and member of the Vietnamese Communist Party.  The singer was performing at a concert in San Jose when Ly Tong, disguised as a female fan, waved a flower in his direction.  What Dam Vinh Hung didn’t know was that Ly Tong had pepper spray hidden behind the flowers.  When Hung reached for the flowers, Ly Tong maced the singer in his face.

Hung’s performance in San Jose was part of a bigger Communist plot, known as “Initiative 36” (see August 12, 2010).  Many Vietnamese people protested Dam Vinh Hung for this very reason, but the organizers went on with the show anyway.  Since peaceful protests didn’t work, Ly Tong decided to take action by different means, going after the Party directly.  This was the reason he maced Dam Vinh Hung, and this is the reason he is currently being charged.

Not everyone is aware of the VCP’s intentions, these people are the most vulnerable to their tricks.  The Vietnamese oversees who are less informed about the happenings in Vietnam are more likely to be taken in by this propaganda, and they are the Party’s target audience.  Dam Vinh Hung is not just a singer, he is a Communist member.  He is not just performing, he is marketing the Vietnamese Communist Party.  This is why Ly Tong did what he did, to combat the Communists attempt to come after the Vietnamese oversees.

Watch Ly Tong pepper spray Dam Vinh Hung in the video below:

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