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A Liberal Faction in the Vietnamese Communist Party?

Posted in Opinions, Politics with tags , , , on August 23, 2010 by Ian Pham

First off, let me just say that this is my own personal speculation and has not yet been confirmed by enough substantial evidence.  That being said, when looking at how things have been going in Vietnam lately, is it too idealistic of me to suggest that there is a newly emerging, more progressive, faction in the Communist Party of Vietnam?

Six months ago, the actions of the Vietnamese Communist Party can be summed up in three words: tyrannical, corrupted, and cowardly.  In only a few short months however, the policy of the VCP has shifted from a backward, repressive, and pro-Chinese submission to a more progressive, western-friendly cooperation.

Before, the Vietnamese government was content on letting China kill Vietnamese fishermen, civilians and innocent workers in the South China Sea/Southeast Asia Sea, as well as permit them to capture what’s left of the Spratly Islands.  Lately however, Vietnam seems more willing to challenge China’s harassment in the Southeast Asia Sea, even engaging in naval exercises with the U.S. military in the eastern waters.

These actions, among several others, paint a much brighter picture for the future of Vietnam today.  Has the wind finally shifted within the ruling Communist Party?  Potentially.  Is it possible that Nong Duc Manh and/or Nguyen Tan Dung have decided to change their policies?  Doubtful.  These men have been hanging on to China’s every word since the beginning of their respective terms.  They are corrupted, weak, and have been instigated by the CCP to harass their own people and give up land to the northern country.  If a change were to come, I highly doubt that it would come from them.

Another, more sensible, possibility is that other members of the Communist Party have become fed up with these cowardly ways and decided to unite for the good of the country.  Maybe they are tired of the numerous betrayals committed by the lapdogs at the top and are now ready to exert their influence on the party.

Befriending the U.S, building up the military, and re-declaring sovereignty over the Paracel and Spratly islands, if it were three months ago, these actions would be deemed unachievable by many, including myself.  However, they are happening now, and one can’t help but wonder who from behind the scenes are making these moves.  Regardless, it is a step in the positive direction and hopefully things will keep improving.

In no way have I shifted my full support to the Communist Party of Vietnam, but if they were doing something positive for the nation, shouldn’t we give them a little credit?  What I will do here, is point out their recent positive actions and acknowledge those responsible for it.  That being said, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.  It is truthful that positive events have taken place in the past few weeks, but it is always important to stay vigilant and be realistic.

Good things can leave just as easily as they come, so for this reason, we should always keep them in perspective.  The country is still under the rule of a Communist regime and only time will tell whether they will continue to change for the better.  Still, I’m an idealistic person, so I will always hope for the best.