Coastlines and Streets in Danang City Named After Paracel and Spratly Islands

Last week, the Vietnamese government has decided to name two districts in the city of Danang after the Paracel and Spratly Islands.  In the coastline of Danang, where the country’s most beautiful beaches reside, the names Hoàng Sa (Paracel) and Trường Sa (Spratly) are given to the main streets.

It has been so long since Hanoi responded to the pressure that Beijing exerted on these islands.  Finally, with recent events progressing in Vietnam, the government in Hanoi is ready to reclaim sovereignty over these islands.  This is more than just a judicial matter, it is a signal to China that their aggression in the Southeast Asia will not be tolerated for much longer.

Since the Chinese government has been trying to take these islands for so long, the news that Hanoi has decided to celebrate these islands and name two major districts after them must come as quite a shock.  The fact that  these districts are named after the disputed islands clearly signals that silence is no longer an option, Vietnam is finally ready to take on China in defense of these islands.

This is another tough stance that the Vietnamese Communist Party has recently taken, showing signs of strength.  Who is responsible for these actions is still unknown.  Hopefully the Vietnamese Communists don’t go back on their word.  The recent actions have shown positive signs for the nation of Vietnam, it would be very disillusioning if it were all for nothing.

Welcome to the beach!

The streets in Danang City, Vietnam, will be named Hoàng Sa and Trường Sa, after the Paracel and Spratly Islands.

Hoàng Sa Road will be facing the Eastern Sea of Vietnam, better known as the South China Sea, and now often known as the Southeast Asia Sea.

The strip running along the most beautiful beaches of Vietnam will be called Trường Sa Road.

One Response to “Coastlines and Streets in Danang City Named After Paracel and Spratly Islands”

  1. The so called name “South China Sea” is actually a wrong name. The sea lying along the coast of Vietnam of more than 3000 km long. And the Paracel and Spratley islans have been under Vietnam goverment as far as the history can tell. Therefore it shall be and will be called the “Southeast Asian Sea”. The misnaming of the Southeast Asian Sea has wrongly encouraged and promoted China’s aggression and irresponsibility such the China’s invasion of the Parcel Island in 1974 and the Spratley in 1988; and in 2009 the new map drawn by China encompassing 80% of the sea of Vietnam, the Phillipinesm Maysia, Indonesia, and Brunei.

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