In the Face of Chinese Aggression

When looking at the condition that Vietnam is in today, it is a real understatement to say that the country is in trouble.  I’ve gone over these problems a thousand times, the constant crackdowns, suppression of free speech, stagnation of intellectual and economic development, etc.  These are all issues that we know very well.  However, there is another issue.  One that may seem like a distant possibility, but is actually very real.  As a matter of fact, it has already begun and is growing in severity everyday.  The problem I am talking about is the invasion of Vietnam by the People’s Republic of China.

Beijing has always claimed sovereignty over land that they do not rightfully own.  Even more disturbing than that, they have succeeded on many occasions in taking these lands.  An enormous chunk of China’s current land is not even ethnically Chinese.  Tibet and Xinjiang are primes examples.  The first group are the Tibetan people, who are obviously not ethnically Chinese.  The latter group are the Uighurs, a Turkish people that are fundamentally more Muslim than Chinese.  Regardless, the People’s Republic still claim sovereignty over the lives of these entire populations, crushing their resistance with an iron fist.

China’s territorial claims: this new map, drawn up in Chinese and translated to English, clearly indicates China’s intentions to occupy the waters of all the Southeast Asian countries.

Today they are after the control of the whole Southeast Asia Sea, located south of China, east of Vietnam, west of the Philippines, and north of Indonesia and Malaysia.  They conduct their invasions by military force on the islands of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa, as well as showing aggression on the waters of Southeast Asia.  The Communists even drew out a new map, showing lands that they claim to own.  This map displays the waters of Vietnam, the Philippines, and all the other Southeast Asian countries as part of China.  This, combined with their aggressive behavior in the waters and islands of the Southeast Asia Sea, is a big red light to all the idealists who keep hopelessly holding on to the illusion of the “peaceful” rise of China.

Aggression on the seas is a major issue, but now we must look at the condition back home, in the land known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.  We all know the crimes committed by the VCP, but now we must put more focus on their relationship with the CCP.  The two claim to be comrades, brothers of the same struggle, fighters of the same cause.  They refer to the sixteen golden words of the Communist bloc, and the goods that these words bring.  These words, every single piece, is shit.  The Chinese Communists claim to be friends with the Vietnamese Communists, but they kill the fishermen of Vietnam in the Southeast Asia Sea.  They claim to be comrades, but they damage Vietnam’s economy with bauxite mining and illegal land-lease agreements, leaving thousands of Vietnamese people homeless and jobless.  They claim to be allies but send in Chinese workers to abuse the business owners of Vietnam and damage their property.

China has already began to invade Vietnam, through many different, yet subtle ways.  If you pay attention to what some of the Chinese media is suggesting in their articles, many which qualify as hate literature, you will recognize the inescapable fact that Vietnam is in serious danger.  For thousands of years, even before the dynasties, China has tried to eradicate the Vietnamese people.  This is not an accusation, it is an observation based on historical facts, evidence and thorough investigation.  In no way do I suggest that those of us who live here in the west, in harmony and trust, would have these thoughts towards one another.  What I do suggest, with great vigor, is that the intentions of the Beijing government is dangerous and malicious.  We live together, all of us, in this diverse world as human beings, with different values, opinions, customs, and cultures.  It is important to understand that I don’t associate the evils of the past generations as a generalization of any certain group of people.

That being said, we still cannot dismiss the dangerous motives of the People’s Republic of China today.  Attacking innocent people on a daily basis, illegally building sites on Vietnamese land, rewriting history, stealing valuable information from the United States, piracy in the Southeast Asia Sea, these are all crimes that cannot simply be ignored.  Vietnam is in big trouble, even worse than before.  As of this moment, China is extremely powerful, ready and able to launch an invasion on Vietnam.  If the Vietnamese Communists don’t smarten up, things can take a turn for the worst.  The dynasties Qin, Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing have all tried to take Vietnam in the past, and now the Communists are trying to do the same.

Am I worried?  Sure.  I am not going to lie, the strength of the Chinese today is staggering.  If Vietnam were to go to war with China, the results could be disastrous.  That being said, I still have no doubt that Vietnam will prevail in the face of Chinese aggression.  For thousands of years, from the farmers of Van Lang, to the prisoners of Giao Chau, to the warriors of Dai Viet, all the way to present day, Vietnam has been under fire from China.  Even so, we have always fought back.  Four thousand years ago, the Bach Viet farmers survived the relentless raids of the nomadic tribes.  Two thousand years ago, in the darkest chapter of Vietnamese history, the people of Nam-Viet had miraculously withstood the terror and destruction of the thousand years of Chinese occupation.  One thousand years ago, at the Battle of Bach Dang Bay, a new nation, Dai Viet, was born.

Within that period of time, numerous heroes have emerged to defend the country from the northern expansionists.  Ly Thuong Kiet destroyed the invaders from Song China, chasing them across the Chinese border and making sure they never return.  When the Mongols devastated Europe, overtook China, and launched an attack on Dai Viet, Tran Hung Dao confronted them with neither fear nor remorse.  In the brief period of Ming occupation, Le Loi and Nguyen Trai mobilized the peasants of the Vietnamese nation, expelling the Ming invaders and restoring the independence of our homeland.  Even when the country had traitors, such as the weak and cowardly Le Chieu Tong, who willfully handed the country over to the Manchu Qing, a fearless patriot, Nguyen Hue Quang Trung, rose from the ashes and expelled them from the nation.

Modern times, 1979, Deng Xiaoping sent the Chinese army into Vietnam, claiming that he will “teach us a lesson,” only to be humiliated by the secondary army of the Vietnamese.  The Communists Chinese attacked Vietnam, but suffered enormous casualties, with no progress whatsoever.  Vietnam had just liberated Cambodia from the genocidal massacres committed by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, only to be attacked by the Chinese Communists in return.  This only proves that the countries have never been truly at peace with one another.  Vietnam won, back then, but that was because of the leadership.  I highly doubt that the three leading losers in the Vietnamese Communist Party today are anywhere near capable of mobilizing the Vietnamese people.

In every victory throughout the course of history, Vietnam was united.  In order for Vietnam to prevail today, the country must, again, be united.  Vietnam can defeat China, history has confirmed it.  If Tran Hung Dao can defeat 500,000 Mongols with only 200,000 soldiers, if Nguyen Hue Quang Trung could defeat the Qing with only 100,000 men, why can’t Vietnam confront China today?  Even with all the technological advancements in the Chinese military today, hardware can only go so far.  In the 60’s, the Americans bombed Hanoi ruthlessly, burning the city to the ground.  Even so, the North was resilient enough to keep on fighting, coming out victorious in the very end.  As I have said before, these soldiers didn’t fight for Communism, they fought for the independence of Vietnam.

Today, if China were to launch a full scale invasion into Vietnam, it is very possible that the Vietnamese people could come out victorious.  However, this can only be accomplished if Vietnam fought as one strong unitary force, undivided by ideology or governmental orientation.  To achieve this, the nation needs a leader who is strong, pure, and untainted by the lure of corruption.  They need to be smart, courageous, and always have the good of the nation first and foremost on his/her mind.  It does not matter if he/she is a Communist, a Liberal, or even an Ecologist, if he/she could unite the people of Vietnam, bring freedom and happiness to everyone, then he/she will have my support.

20 Responses to “In the Face of Chinese Aggression”

  1. Superb posting, I share the same views. I wonder why this particular world truly does not picture for a moment like me and also the blog site creator 😀

  2. I just couldnt leave your website before singing you that we really enjoyed the functional knowledge you offering to your visitors… Will be back soon to check up on other posts

  3. Terrance Says:

    “The problem I am talking about is the invasion of Vietnam by the People’s Republic of China.

    Laughable. Look up 2,000 year history. They invaded India for 1 day then retreated across border after killing all indian artillery. If they ever come out they’ll kill then they’ll go back.

  4. Terrance Says:

    The strength of chinese military 500 years ago were world’s strongest. Don’t forget it was legalizing drugs in China that had it eventually fall from what US is today. Chinese are not into assimilating other countries due to their culture as well as their language structure and meanings that foster the culture.

    Look up 2,000 years history and start learning to take into account true valuable lessons of time than a moment’s paranoia or George Bush’s ‘pre-emptive strike’ type of thinking. It’s people like this blogger who would incite China into attacking V ietnam if they all think like this article, and start suspecting Vietnamese of drug smuggling north of the border into China.

    The more negative things one spreads in the world, the more of it there will be. Perhaps if people actually spent the same amount of time creating enemies with accusatory talks, but be friendly, they’d have more friends. After all, why would any country attack a friendly country?

  5. India is with Vietnam in its just struggle against the poisonous chinese

  6. @Terrance. You sound like a chinese government hired hack. Yes do look up their bloody history. It was not principle that drove them back to their borders after invading India. It was a direct threat by Kennedy of nuking them that they curled their tails and fled. It was also Soviet threat that they dint intervene during Indo-Pak conflict of 1971. Where ever possible they have killed and raped their way to power. Example: TIBET. Just after they recovered from the thrashing Japan gave them in WW2 , that they invade the unarmed and peaceful TIBET. Till date torture, blackout and intimidation is their favorite tool of oppression on TIBET. All of Asia belongs to them historically and they are out to claim their birthright. WHAT A JOKE…………

  7. Destin Lee Says:

    China invaded Vietnam in 1979 had nothing to do with Pol Pot, it was Sino-American alliance to defeat Soviet. Invading a small Vietnam was to slap a giant Soviet Unions at the time of Soviet-Vietnam alliance. President Carter agreed to let China invade Vietnam and quickly withdraw, because President Carter didn’t want to destroy a small country to kick a big guy like Soviet.
    Later Soviet Unions Collapsed.

    About Vietnam war, Vietnam didn’t win the war. Why? Because the US just withdrew from pressure at home, and besides the US didn’t gain anything from that war, they just left.
    (Read Bui Tin’s book “Good Bye Ho Chi Minh”, you will understand. Col. Bui Tin is the most respectable human being not just a Vietnamese, he kept all memoirs and he wrote the truth. Unlike him, most Vietnamese leaders from the past until present lie or keep hiding secret from their people. If they lost 4 million lives they would say “Oh we lost only 100000 or so”. It is a way to keep the Vietnamese people not to be panic. Some honest Vietnamese scholars against the dishonest ones. May be happens to every nation.

    I am Sino-Thai, and I am not Chinese and nothing for me to be proud of. I am leaning toward John Lenin’s song called “Imagine”. Everyone should be able to get along. Cheer

  8. pali to Says:

    Fuck China! Greedy motherfuckers!

  9. @Destin: I am Sino-Thai, and I am not Chinese and nothing for me to be proud of.

    Sino is Chinese dumbass. A Chinese pretending not to be a Chinese. Go back to China and rot, fucker!

  10. Destin Lee Says:

    Pali & Icepax. Both of you are too ignorant just like most of the people in the world about almost everything with respect to history. Angry is not the way to solve our stupidity. Many thousand years that the Viet (or the Yue, the people from South China) were under Chinese, so those years we can picture the past how many million Viets were mixed with Chinese. I was born in Thailand, Thailand is my country, and Thais are my people, although I moved to live in the US, my adopted country. We all are sinners and we keep denying everything because we don’t know the facts. The people are just the victims of the ruthless cruel leaders, we all just fight to survive day by day until the time our souls leave our bodies to heaven or hell who knows. We scream and yell that we are suffering by other aggressive nation, so and so, but such as you and some of your people blindly make statements without understanding the real true history not a falsify history. How many million lives that your leaders (Nguyen) killed in order to rob other nations such as Champa and nearly half of Cambodia (now Hi Chi Minh City)? and/or how many lives that China killed the people of TIbet, etc.? Have you ever sit down and ask God for answers how those million souls lost. Remember the leaders of Vietnam or another nations wrote the history to justify their conquer only, they did not tell you the facts. The facts were written by many traders and and travelers. As far as I see, that only a few good men in the Vietnamese community saw the real great sins their leaders did, but the rest are sleeping, and those people were Col Bui Tin, Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan,… and Father Thuan had suffered on the cross on the Road of Hope for the greatest sins his people have been doing in the past and until present to Cham, Cambodian and Laotians, etc.. Understand why the Viets are hated by many.
    There is the only ONE that we need to find peace in our human society is the Almighty One, we won’t find it among us sinners. I was born Buddhist but I begin to see more and more since after Atlantis was discovered, many Empire collapsed, Remember this suffering is not the last. I don’t care anymore either this planet earth has only one government or not at all.


    • The only people who hated Viets are nomadic chinese. Why?. Because the Viets are only people who shattered, stopped the chinese expansionist’s dream for more than thousands of years to conquer the Southeast Asia and the world. Lee, what you do here is try to promote your ancestor’ dream and I, a Viet know that. You use God here for your agenda. Your pretending being a Christian is as same as China pretending being a nation that rises in peace. The peace that nomadic China is talking about is killing, and those are facts. I hate to say this but whatever “made in china” either in material or intellectual, must be examined thouroughly. A former President of Vietnam Nguyen Van Thieu once said “Do not listen what communists say, but watch thouroughly what the comunists do”. This is so true to China today as China is conducting talks to other nations in southeast asia as the same time, they use forces to overtake other nation’s teritories.

  11. Destin Lee Says:

    Cardinal Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan followed Pope John Paul II, he carried a cross by sacrifice his life to God to may find peace for his people who committed so many crimes against humanity. He was a political prisoner of his his own people, the communist regime for 13 years, “nine of which he spent in solitary confinement. His remarkable faith sustained him during those long years when he would celebrate mass in secret with three drops of wine in the palm of his hand and the host smuggled inside a flashlight by his faithful. His spiritual writings, penned on the back of old calendars, have spread throughout the world inspiring millions.”
    I don’t care his nationality, but this noble man deserves a great respect and love from everyone. Because he knew the facts his people did to other nations.


  12. I was so supprise that there are so many people who still not aware of Chinese intention to do harm to the world…I have read this and i would say the best story ever…details with clear informations had been truely researched…I have sent this to my work mate and they all agreed.

    Thank you for a great lession i have learnt today.

    Kind Regards,

  13. If any one look at the map that the Chinese have
    claimed territorial waters and saying this fair then I have not thing else to say.
    Let’s not forget this article is not only about Vietnam but also other countries are included such Philippines, Brunel, Malaysia and Indonesia…have been invaded.
    Furthermore look around you and see what the Chinese have done to the world….food poison, mistreated Tibet and even their own people has gone against them in Tien Nan square.
    Read more news and you will find even Chinese people would not dare to buy their own food to eat, growing their own vegs for their supplies.
    If one leader can do harm to their own people then you tell me what he/she would not dare to other people

  14. China abuses small nations, no doubt. A big fish eats small fishes.
    Japanese did it in the past abused Korean and Chinese, then China abuses small Asian nations and nations near her, and Vietnamese (the Yue) abuse Cham, Laotian and Khamer people.

    • Lee, you are a Christian, you need to speak the truth. Stop defending China who is the murder not an abuser. Killing and abusing are different in meaning.

  15. It is a well said article. A short article has summarized the atrocity of the nomadic chinese commited to their nabourghs that is extending more than four thousand years. The nomadic chinese throughout their history have employed different tactics, both hard and soft power, to get their goals. Today everywhere the chninese go, they always say they are confucsionist, meaning they are peacefull people, but in reality what they have done to the world are completely in constrast to what they said: in Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. Hopefully, people of the world wake up and stop them before it is too late.

  16. Nate Mark Kaufman Says:

    China’s strategies seem similar to the ones used by Germany, Italy, and Japan before World War II to steal as much land from their enemies as possible before they had to fight a war.

  17. Minhman Tran Says:

    Will all of China military aggressions 1956, 1974, 1988 are “The crime of aggression” according Article 5-d ROME statute?

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