La Dalat Motors: A Symbol of Prosperity

For anyone who has doubted the capabilities of the Republic of Vietnam and its leaders, just take a look at one of their many accomplishments within the 20 years of their existence.  La Dalat Motors, an automobile company that was established during the presidency of Ngo Dinh Diem.  That’s right!  During the Vietnam War, the Republic of Vietnam was already developing its own cars!

For verification, please look down!

Even in wartime, the Republic of Vietnam was well on its way to becoming a developed nation with a strong economy.  This motor company is just one example of South Vietnam’s sophistication and potential.  Sadly, all of this talent would be completely and utterly erased in 1975, when the Communists take over the country.  Since then, Vietnam descended from a Southeast Asian powerhouse to an underdeveloped country with a weak economy and an extremely poor quality of life.

It was the 1960’s and Vietnam developed automobiles.  It is now 2010, and what does the country have?  I think it’s fairly obvious what went wrong here: the idiocy of the Communist ideology, the corrupted and cowardly dogs born into the height of this broken system, and the idiots in the west who supported the fathers of this hated regime.

This is for anyone who took sides with the Communists in the past, supporting Ho Chi Minh, and discrediting the South with false information and biased rationalities.  For anyone who ever said that the South never developed anything, calling them corrupted people who just squandered American money, I got two simple words for you: La Dalat.

4 Responses to “La Dalat Motors: A Symbol of Prosperity”

  1. Nice pictures! In fact, Citroen used to send chassis, engines and accessories (windshields, wiper blades, …) to Vietnam. Only the body and the interior were local made.

    Anyhow, Vietnam proved its capability to build simple vehicles. Notice that you couldn’t lock the car’s doors, but the engine hood! A motor was a real treasure…

    Greetings from a “La Dalat” enthousiast! Arnaud.

  2. I was in the joint command headquarters Apr. 1970 to Apr. 1971. I saw the first Dalat in Saigon on display in a public square near Independence Palace. It really drew a crowd of excited, enthusiastic South Vietnamese. I share with you and others the grief about the eventual Communist takeover, though while I was there we had a cease-fire which Secretary Kissinger at least thought would hold and we were helping South Vietnam with nation-building even while strategically withdrawing our own Armed Forces. Much of this was the construction of a lot of miles of fresh blacktop two-lane major roads. That’s why La Dalat fitted right in with the national and international planning for peaceful development of the country which was going on at the time.

  3. minh nguyen Says:

    I really am sorry for my country and my people. What’s backward changed.

  4. Shopoiholic Says:

    Very sad indeed! Being born in the US I have no knowledge of Vietnam’s history except through my parents’ eyes as they left on that April 30th of 1975 and have never been back. I sometimes day dream what if Vietnam turned out like Malaysia or Taiwan. Will there be a day that I can visit a non corrupted, Communist country where I don’t have to worry about the poor infrastructure such as the water, the pollution from so many scooters and motorcycles on the roads or looking back and saw my purse was stolen. Did I mention corruption? Yes I did. I feel sad we have gone backwards some ways.

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