Is Karzai Really That Corrupted?

Anyone who has been paying attention to Afghanistan should have a vague familiarity with the comparisons made between this war and the Vietnam War.  It is understandable that so many have drawn parallels between Afghanistan and Vietnam, since a lot of the central themes have come up.  What I can’t help but notice about the current situation in the western media however, are the claims of corruption aimed at the Karzai government.  Is there anyone we can think of in the past that the Americans have wrongly accused of being corrupted?  Ngo Dinh Diem?  Nguyen Van Thieu?  Correct!

I’m not exactly dismissing every accusation that the media makes toward Hamid Karzai and his administration, but I do want to remind everyone not to believe everything the media says.  In the 60’s, the American media branded both Vietnamese presidents as corrupted, incompetent, etc., only today have these claims been proven wrong.  It is possible that some of Karzai’s actions have been less than ethical, but the way he is portrayed in the media have been much over-exaggerated.

What I am trying to suggest is that we should give Karzai the benefit of the doubt, let him govern his country as he was hired to do.  As history has shown, foreign intrusion into a domestic government only makes things worse.  There are many reasons why the media would oppose Karzai, but that doesn’t make them right.  If Karzai was truly a corrupted man, time will confirm it.  Right now, he is the leader of a sovereign nation and deserves the opportunity to govern his country.  Maybe he is corrupted, maybe he isn’t.  Only time will tell.


One Response to “Is Karzai Really That Corrupted?”

  1. Bush and Dick Cheney sent troops to Iraq and foresaw that they would be greeted as liberators in a happy reenactment of American soldiers entering Paris beneath fluttering rose petals six years and more than 4 300 American fatalities later their promises have been bitterly repudiated and America still struggles to extricate itself from that reckless act of adventurism…If conservatives like to fight World War II over and over liberals see the repetitions of Vietnam they worry that wars fought far from American shores will confront nationalist sentiment turn Americans into hated invaders and end in morass and humiliation..That view was readily apparent last week as President Obama announced his plans to escalate Americas commitment to Afghanistan and the left wing of his party flinched at the thought of Vietnams history repeating itself in that notoriously ungovernable country. forces have been at war in Afghanistan since 2001 though the fighting there was long overshadowed by President Bushs other war in Iraq. In that time more than 900 Americans have died in Afghanistan along with 600 of our allies.

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