Stay Out of Hoàng Sa! 1974

In contrast of recent happenings in the Southeast Asia Sea, let’s look back to the year 1974, when worldwide protests erupted over the Chinese invasion of the Paracel Islands of Vietnam.  The following are photos, courtesy of the Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation, showing protests from Canada, Japan, France, and South Vietnam.

Protests in Ottawa, Canada’s capital in January of 1974.


Protests on January 31, 1974 in Tokyo, Japan.


Demonstrations in Paris, France – January, 1974


Lastly, the protests in Saigon, South Vietnam in January of 1974.

As the photos should indicate, the Chinese invasion of Paracel had outraged the international Vietnamese community.  The citizens of North Vietnam sadly, were never informed by their government of the Chinese invasion.  North Vietnam and China were allied at the time and were unwilling to defend the country’s islands.  That’s the excuse at least.  Isn’t it quite similar to what’s happening right now?

Photos and details courtesy of: Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation


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