Natural Disasters in Vietnam

Over the past several months, Vietnam has been going through some rather devastating weather conditions.  Floods, typhoons, and heavy rains have been causing substantial damage to the Vietnamese mainlands.  This past October, a severe flood in Vietnam’s north-central coast killed about 200 people, destroying a huge amount of land in that area.

The floods in October weren’t the first of the natural disasters that occurred in Vietnam.  As far back as September of last year, the country was struck by a typhoon that resulted in the deaths of 100 people.  According to the Global Post, the storm was known as “Typhoon Ketsana” and wound up causing more destruction than any other storm in the area.

To make matters worse, forecasts predict that this is not the end of it.  Rising sea levels are an increasing concern in Vietnam as millions of homes are at risk of being submerged in the near future.  Major farming areas where much of the country’s rice exports are grown are also at risk of being lost.  Vietnam is said to be one of 12 countries that are most affected by climate change, highly susceptible to Earth’s increasingly unpredictable weather behavior.  Right now, all we can do is hope for the best and pray that the government can maintain the safety of the people.

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