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Human Trafficking in Vietnam

Posted in Society with tags , , , , on January 7, 2011 by Ian Pham

Here’s a poster that is pretty well known around Taiwan.  Just a harmless advertisement right?  Wrong.  If translated, the advertisement should go something like this:

Introducing Brides From Vietnam!

Take her home in less than 3 months!

(Transport time will be within 6 days)

ONLY $20,000 TAIWAN!

1. Guaranteed virgin!

2. Take her home within 3 months.

3. No hidden fees.

4. One year guarantee in the case of an escaping bride.

Contact information… etc.

This is a poster that advertises the buying and selling of Vietnamese women to foreigners all around Asia, which I’m pretty sure constitutes as human trafficking.  I don’t even know where to begin on what is wrong with this ad.  As if all the atrocities committed by the Communists aren’t bad enough, now we have to add human trafficking and organized prostitution to the list.  The Communists are too pathetic, subjecting their own citizens to levels of degradation that we can’t even begin comprehend.

This is how low the Vietnamese Communist Party will go to fatten their own pockets, even if what their doing results in the suffering of countless Vietnamese women.  Acts such is these are the reason why Vietnam is still known as one the most corrupted countries in all the world.  Forget economic growth, how can anybody do serious business with a group of guys who whore out their own people just to make a quick buck?  Corruption, cowardice, and slave-like mentality are what plague the Vietnamese leadership today.

Sucking the blood of their own people and squeezing the citizens for all they are worth, that is the only thing the Vietnamese Communists are good for.  New leaders have been chosen and will be announced in a week or so, but I’m not too sure how to feel about it.  As I have mentioned in the past, the Vietnamese leadership has grown progressively worse which each passing year.  One Communist leader, Le Kha Phieu in 2001, even sold away pieces of Vietnam’s border to China, an event that I will highlight in more detail in the near future.

I try to be optimistic, but these mutinous, money hungry, prostituting, China fearing cowards are making it too damn hard.  Little by little, more and more information is slowly seeping into the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.  Regardless of their efforts to keep it out, people like us will continue finding ways to reach those inside.  If those morons don’t smarten up soon, the unthinkable will happen.  The People of Vietnam will have to join together in armed revolution, tearing these Communists into pieces.  These Communists are digging their own graves, and it’s only a matter of time.

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