New Faces in the Politburo as Congress Wraps Up

The leadership transition ceremony in Vietnam, or as they like to call it, the 11th National Congress, has officially concluded.  The majority of the Communist Politburo remains the same, as nine members hold on to their posts.  The size of the Political Bureau has expanded from 15 to 17, with 8 new faces coming into the picture.

As previously hypothesized, Nguyen Phu Trong is officially the new General Secretary of the Communist Party.  Nguyen Tan Dung retains his position as Prime Minister of the VCP, while Truong Tan Sang becomes the President.  There are other new members around the Politburo, but whether they’re relevant or not is a question that is yet to be answered.

Whether these new guys make a difference or not, it is without a doubt that major challenges await them.  Issues like the economy, discontent among the common citizens, and the increasingly powerful and aggressive People’s Republic of China, just to name a few, require careful attention.  It should be interesting, let’s just wait and see.

Also, Nong Dunc Manh, now the former General Secretary of the VCP, made an apology about his personal performance and the performance of his group.  It was basically just him saying sorry about all his failures as a leader, although those weren’t his words exactly.

It wasn’t a very good apology, he didn’t actually take sole responsibility, nor did he address big issues like China or the dirty politics committed by the Party.  He pretty much just talked about corruption and the poor outcomes of the country’s projects.  Not a great apology, but what’d you expect?  He’s not the greatest guy.

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