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The People Have Spoken, Victory in Cairo

Posted in Politics with tags , , , on February 4, 2011 by Ian Pham

After 11 days of fierce protests, demonstrations, and violence in the city of Cairo, the revolt is finally beginning to calm down.  Just days ago, the atmosphere in Egypt was extremely hostile.  The protests in Cairo turned violent as the people of Egypt clashed with the government police and gangs loyal to Mr. Mubarak.  Reporters were all in danger of being attacked by the Mubarak loyalist and had to seek refuge in undisclosed locations.

Today however, the mood has completely changed.  The protesters have prevailed, successful in bringing many Egyptians onto their side.  Even the military is showing their support for the demonstrators, as many have decided to join in the protests themselves.  Chants, prayers, and verses of the National Anthem echoed across Egypt as tens of thousands of people poured into the streets of Cairo, Alexandria, and Suez.

Right now it is unclear what will happen to President Mubarak as he stubbornly refuses to resign from his post.  Even so, Mubarak has faced enormous pressure from other national leaders, who are contemplating ways to relieve him of his Presidential post.  It is exceedingly clear that neither the people of Egypt, nor the international community will accept Mubarak’s reign any longer.

This victory of the Egyptian people over the Mubarak government is shaping up to be a very positive event.  The fate of the country must always be in the hands of the people, not a collection of powerful individuals who hold military and political clout.  The future of Egypt is yet to be determined, though the momentum seems to be on the side of the people.  President Mubarak’s power is steadily eroding as his authoritarian style of government is no longer tolerated.

It is to my understanding that dictatorships such as Vietnam and China are scrambling to block all news of the current happenings around Egypt in desperate attempts to shield the enormous impacts from their people.  If news of the Egyptian peoples’ success managed to reach the people of Vietnam and China, the Communists would have a very big problem to deal with from their respective populations.  Hopefully the news reaches them somehow, wouldn’t that be something?

Photos courtesy of: The New York Times & The Los Angeles Times