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Final Thoughts on Egypt

Posted in Politics with tags , , , on February 12, 2011 by Ian Pham

By now, the news of Mubarak’s departure from the Egyptian government has become widespread.  The people of Egypt have won over Mubarak’s oppressive regime, ready to take the country in a new direction.  Violent demonstrations that erupted across Egypt have now been replaced with jubilant celebrations and hope.  Egyptian flags waved proudly as fireworks illuminated Tahrir Square.  With the world behind them, the Egyptian people are now paving the way for an era of freedom and democracy.

It is amazing what the people have accomplished, ousting the autocratic Hosni Mubarak through a peaceful, yet forceful, uprising.  The titanic celebrations that took place at Tahrir Square is an inspirational event that marks the end of an era and the welcoming of a brighter future.  I want to congratulate the the people of Egypt for their achievements and commend them on their courage.  Their determination has shown us that, ultimately, the force of heart and the people’s will  are much stronger than the barrel of a gun.

I view this monumental victory as a guiding light for the people of Vietnam and China.  What the Egyptians accomplished here can be a model for the people of Asia to learn from.  It is imperative that everyone understand that for a country to truly prosper, the will of the people must reign supreme over all else, including the government.  U.S. President Barack Obama once stated that “prosperity without freedom is just another form of poverty.” It is for this reason that in the end, the people must decide what is best for the country.  Governments may rise and fall, but the people are never wrong.

Photographs acquired from The Los Angeles Times.  Simply beautiful.