A Poem By Emperor Quang Trung

Emperor Quang Trung Nguyễn Huệ, the general that never lost.  Under his leadership, the Army of Tây Sơn overthrew the corrupted Dynasties of Trịnh And Nguyễn, and sequentially smashed the Qing Army to pieces.  He was a mastermind who unified Vietnam and mapped out a plan to turn the country into a modern empire.  Sadly, he passed away before his plans could be realized.

It is said that when the soldiers of Qing heard the name of Quang Trung, they simply packed up and left the battlefield before he arrived.  The following are the words of Quang Trung, a rallying cry from the fearless leader himself.  This call to arms should give us an idea of what kind of man he was, and why he was the military leader that never lost a single battle.

Fight for the right to grow our hair long,

Fight for the right to dye our teeth black,

Fight so they never dare to challenge us,

Fight until their armor turns to dust,

Fight to teach them a lesson, enshrined in our history, that the heroes of the South shall always reign supreme!

Đánh cho để dài tóc,

Đánh cho để răng đen,

Đánh cho nó chích luân bất phản,

Đánh cho nó phiến giáp bất hoàn.

Đánh cho sử tri Nam quốc anh hùng chi hữu chủ!

– Nguyễn Huệ Quang Trung, 18th Century

One Response to “A Poem By Emperor Quang Trung”

  1. The death of Emperor Quang Trung was a big loss to the Viet. What was the cause of his death?. Who assasinated him. We must find the answere.
    I have read many books about him. But most of them were just guesses. Some books writen by some so called Historian, but compared to current knowledge, these guys were nothing but copied from one another. Many of them just wanted to make a show-off that they were knowlegable, they were the learned. After all they Confucious. I believe that Old Confucious made Viet weak (Old Conficious was before Chin Shi Huang’s Time, believed to come from Viet) and new Confucious made Viet cowardice. (New Conucious were Chinese Confucious which were rewriten during the Song’s dynasty).

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