Goodbye to Another Journalist in Vietnam

Several weeks ago, Jan. 20, veteran reporter Le Hoang Hung was brutally attacked and left to die inside of his home near Ho Chi Minh City.  The intruders broke into Hung’s house, doused him with gasoline while he was still sleeping, and lit the man on fire.  Though his family managed to save him from the burns, Le Hoang Hung would die in the hospital, ten days later.

It is very possible that Hung’s attack was a result of his journalism, which was critical of the Vietnamese government and the ongoing corruption within the Party.  His colleagues say that he covered a wide range of topics in his works, including land disputes, the police, and corruption among government officials and business people.  Many believe that the attack was retribution for bringing their shames to light.

So much for more freedom of the press.  I’ve previously said that actions speak louder than words, now let’s look at what the Communists have done.  They said they were going to protect journalists, but guess what’s been happening.  Though the murderers were never brought to justice, one can easily tell that the government had a hand in this.  Even if they didn’t orchestrate themselves, I’m sure they were the ones who knowingly allowed it to happen.

Communists leaders don’t like to get their hands dirty.  Instead, they rely on gangs and criminal organizations to do their dirty work for them.  It’s a sad fact, but the Communist Party likes to use gang members as scapegoats to carry out their ends.  They condemn the actions in public, but behind closed doors, they’re getting what they want.  It’s four weeks later and the case is still unsolved.  What are the Communist police doing about all this?  Well, they’re looking into it.

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