The Truth Behind Vietnam’s Economic Growth

Here in the west, analysts like to talk about Vietnam’s rising economy and wealth, but what they fail to see is the plight of the Vietnamese people at the hands of the VCP.  It is true that Vietnam is a fast growing economy, with an annual GDP increase of 7-8%.  However, one should look at the life of the average citizen to get the whole picture.  The Communist Party will do whatever it takes to sustain the country’s economic growth, even at the expense of the Vietnamese people.

Land seizure has become an increasingly serious issue in Vietnam today, as the Party feels no remorse for taking land from the people to further enrich themselves.  In the countryside, they capture the lands of the farmers to establish new plants and factories, polluting the waters and destroying their livelihood.  In the cities, confiscate houses and homes in efforts to carry out new construction projects, even if it means leaving the residents homeless.

The incident with Pham Thanh Son this week is just one example of many discontented citizens under the Communist regime today.  Only days ago, a small gathering of about 500 people came together to protest the Vietnamese Communist Party and their corruption.  Amazingly enough, these citizens have no idea about what’s happening in the Middle East and North Africa right now because government has censored the news so heavily.

Even with all this censorship, the people in Vietnam can still see that there is something wrong with their government.  If only they knew what was happening all around the Middle East right now, they will surely have the fire to invoke their own Jasmine Revolution in Vietnam.  The Vietnamese people are waiting for a change, the only thing they need now is the information.  The government knows this, which is why they’re censoring the internet with such extreme vigour.  The clock is ticking though, the change will come.

One Response to “The Truth Behind Vietnam’s Economic Growth”

  1. Strategies to initiate a Hoamai Uprising in Vietnam

    The situation in Vietnam is really different from situations in other countries who have embraced the Jasmine Revolution. In order to initiate an uprising in Vietnam, Organizers should pay attention to Vietnam’s conditions.

    In the past 65 years the population of the northern half of Vietnam has been under repressive regime, particularly the rural area, and they have gotten used to it. They have such vague ideas about freedom and democracy. And most of Vietnamese people have been entrenched with Khong’s (Confucius) philosophy which regards the Communist leaders as the Sons of God. They would not participate if called upon them to topple this Communist regime, no matter how brutal this regime is. In order to call upon them to participate, I think the Vietnamese organizer should tick the real issues close to them, such as corruption, lack of jobs, inflation, high food price, shortage of housing. Therefore the slogan should be read as follows:

    1 we want jobs
    2 we want foods
    3 we want housing
    4 corrupted officers must be punished
    5 stop robbing our lands
    6 stand up to our sovereign to communist China
    7 protecting our fishing men from chinese navy

    This is my thought of the day.

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