One of Many Patriots: Cu Huy Ha Vu

There’s been an interesting development in Vietnamese politics, if you can even call it politics.  A prominent Communist Party associate, Mr. Cu Huy Ha Vu, has decided to express his disgust with the Party.  In an extremely courageous move, Cu Huy Ha Vu, a Vietnamese legal scholar, has condemned the corrupted and incompetent Communist Party, calling for multiparty democracy for the country, and criticizing the Party’s concessions to China.

Mr. Vu earned a law degree from his studies in Paris, now he runs a law firm with his wife in Hanoi.  Not afraid to speak out on sensitive subjects, Vu has criticized the corruption and unethical actions of the Communist leadership.  On two occasions, Mr. Vu has filed a lawsuit against Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.  The first for approving the Chinese bauxite mining project, which has significantly damaged the central highlands of Vietnam, and the second for signing a decree that disallows class action lawsuits.

On many occasions, Vu has called the government out on their blatant violations of basic rights and freedoms like religion and expression.  Land grabbing, repression, and corruption are all strong points that he has raised against the Communist Party.  Religious practitioners have been under constant persecution from the government, something that Vu and his firm has tried to combat.  He’s a champion of bringing rights and freedoms to the people, and throws the competence of the Communists in question as well.

Vu is a well known individual in Vietnam’s political circles, with many connections to high-ranking Communist officials.  His parents were major players of North Vietnam during the civil war, playing prominent roles inside the government, having close personal connections with Ho Chi Minh himself.  For these reasons, it is a pretty big deal for him to be going against the Communist Party, as so many of his contacts and family are directly related to the Party itself.

As a result of the many threats that Cu Huy Ha Vu has posed to the Communist Party, they’ve sentenced him to seven years in prison.  There was no actual trial, as the courts have no real power and are just subordinates of the political bureau.  Mr Vu’s actions have drawn an enormous amount of pubic support, as many bloggers, writers, and religious practitioners have rallied to Mr. Vu’s cause.  It is said that even some Communist members have shown their support for Cu Huy Ha Vu, though that is something that requires more evidence.  He is a brave man, deserving of our full support.  Press on.

3 Responses to “One of Many Patriots: Cu Huy Ha Vu”

  1. Tran Nguyen Dan Says:

    Good on thijs man! Sooner or later, all Vietnamese will realise that they have been fooled by an incompetent party!

  2. Vietnam today needs more leaders like Mr. Vu who has shown a compassion, inrllegence, and courage.

    Compassion: He has raised voices to help many defendless people agaist corrupted goverment for stealling peoples’s properties.

    Intelligence: Recognize the cowardice of the communist goverment in dealing with china with respect to our land, sea, and mininal exploration.

    Courage: Fight the communist goverment through legal channel.

    Improsioning Mr. Vu illegally by the communist party had shown the world that Vietnam is governed by a communist party of uncompasion, stupidity, and cowardice. And that is the saddest thing in the history of Vietnamese History.

    Vietnam Now needs more people like Mr. Vu in order to save the country.

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