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Further Aggression in the South China Sea

Posted in Politics with tags , , , on June 2, 2011 by Ian Pham

It seems that the PRC is at it again, engaging in acts of terror, sabotage, and harassing innocent civilians.  This time, the victims are the members of a Vietnamese survey boat.  It is alleged that three Chinese military vessels entered Vietnam’s territorial waters, 120 nautical miles off of Vietnam’s central coast in Phu Yen province.  The Chinese vessels then followed through by cutting the research cables of the survey ship as an act of intimidation against the Vietnamese vessel.  This said vessel is the property of PetroVietnam, a Vietnamese oil and gas company conducting research in the Southeast Asia Sea.

The government in Beijing has accused Vietnam of violating China’s territorial rights, complaining that the place of the incident was within China’s jurisdiction.  This claim, along with many of the other territorial claims made by China, is completely bogus.  This confrontation happened only 120 kilometres off of Vietnam’s central coast, compared to the 600 kilometres it takes to even come close to Hainan, an island currently under China’s control.  The only argument China has is that the whole sea of Southeast Asia belongs to them, so any type of operation that any other country conducts is in violation of their “indisputable sovereignty.”  It’s obviously bogus, but that’s what the Communists in China are saying.

Relative to previous instances, Hanoi has taken a surprisingly stronger stance in response to China’s latest act of aggression.  The Vietnam government has actually called China out on their recent attempt to intimidate the civilians of Vietnam.  In an uncharacteristic move, Hanoi has proclaimed that they are prepared to use force to the utmost capacity if a similar incident were to occur in the future.  Meaning that if China were to attack again, Vietnam will be prepared for war.

Though I do not advocate a war between Vietnam and China, or any type of war, for that matter, I am in 100% support of fighting to defend one’s country.  It is obvious that the Communist Party of China plans to invade Vietnam at some point in the future.  Thus, it is a must that the people of Vietnam prepare to defend the country against a future conflict with the Peoples’ Republic of China.  The young people of Vietnam are now becoming aware of China’s intentions to invade and are preparing to protest these acts of aggression.  It is my hopes that the Vietnamese government let the young protest against China, and for the VCP to understand that patriotism is not a crime.