Vietnam to Conduct Naval Exercises in the South China Sea

Remember last week when Vietnam came out to condemn China for their recent exploits in the Southeast Asia Sea?  Well, the Chinese didn’t like that very much, so a few days ago, they went and did it again.  This time, the Peoples’ Liberation Navy had a different approach.  Instead of a full on naval vessel like the last time, the Communist Chinese sent in a smaller fishing boat to confront a different Vietnamese research boat.  When the Chinese fishing boat got close, it used a fishing net to latch itself into the Vietnamese research boat.  The PLN then sent in two of their military vessels to attack the research boat, claiming to defend the Chinese fishing boat from the Vietnamese boat.  Like last time, the Chinese accused the research boat of being the armed aggressors.

In response to this latest act of aggression, Hanoi has announced that it will be holding its own naval exercises in the Southeast Asia Sea.  Hours from now, as monday comes earlier in Vietnam, the Vietnamese Navy will be conducting nine hours of naval exercises off their central coast.  According to the Associated Press, this is the first time that the Vietnamese government is engaging in naval exercises of this scale using live ammunition.  Hanoi has warned other countries to avoid the area.  The Vietnamese government is finally doing what it should have done many, many months ago.  The Chinese government has been harassing Vietnamese fishermen for years now, but the incidents have been especially heinous within the last two years.

In Vietnam, the citizens have come together in protest for a second sunday in a row.  Once again, the streets of Hanoi and Saigon were flustered with red flags, banners, and patriotic t-shirts.  This problem with Communist China seems to be getting bigger by the day.  An editorial published by China’s state-run newspaper had warned Vietnam not to start trouble with China, making references to history, and alluding to the 1000 years occupation.  In my opinion, if one wanted to look at the history between China and Vietnam, look not at the 1000 years of occupation, but the 1000 years of victory after that.  In the words of Nguyen Trai, “Our nation may be strong at one time and weak at another, but never in time have we suffered from a lack of heroes.”  No matter which way the wind takes us, we will prevail.

2 Responses to “Vietnam to Conduct Naval Exercises in the South China Sea”

  1. When will those god-damn chinese people learn? Vietnam is a country that is willing to defend itself from countries even 100 times bigger than them. Vietnam has had enough. It’s time for the Viet government to stand up against this Asian threat. Vietnam will not have to sacrifice so many lives to defeat invaders that always repeat history.

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