For Vietnam, Unity is the Strongest Weapon

It is no secret that the People’s Republic of China has spruced up its military muscle by leaps and bounds over the past two decades.  The army, as well as the navy have been given a complete overhaul.  With technology purchased from Russia, and even more acquired (stolen) from the United States, the Chinese Communists have gained enough military muscle to become the new juggernaut of the Eastern hemisphere.  Well, that’s the word going around anyway.  I admit that China’s army is technologically advanced, outnumbering Vietnam’s army dozens to one, but that does not mean that one should get discouraged or fall into despair.  Vietnam has all the means and potential to take on China, as you will soon see.

For a country like Vietnam, being the underdog is nothing new.  For centuries, millennia even, Vietnam has always had to endure the relentless advances of its gargantuan neighbour.  Since antiquity, reaching up to this day, China has tried to capture Vietnam.  They succeeded sometimes, only to fail in the very end.  Vietnam has fought against China since the dynasties of Qin, Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing, and everything in between.  Even the Chinese Communists have tried invading Vietnam in the past (1979), with varying accounts of success (they never reached Hanoi).  I’ve talked about all this before. but perhaps it is time that I elaborate on what I’ve said.

How did a small nation like Vietnam manage to stand up to a monster of a rival for such a long time?  There are many factors that can be considered in any case, but the one pivotal ingredient for every slice of victory achieved is simply this: Unity.  Regardless of the times, and regardless of the enemy, it was through unity that the people of Vietnam were able to defeat their enemies in countless battles across the reaches of time.  As a unitary force, the Vietnamese people have defeated the forces of Khubilai Khan, the colonists from France, and even the United States of America.  If the people of Vietnam were united today, the Chinese Communists will surely fail in their invasion of the country.

For those of you who feel nervous at the thought of China’s growing military muscle, fear not.  As I’ve stated in the past, military hardware can only go so far.  In the 60’s, the soldiers of North Vietnam fought against the full might of the United States military, coming out victorious in the conflict.  Now think about America’s army then and China now, not so bad right?  On the other hand however, we must also look at the leaders of Vietnam then and the leaders of now.  Realistically, from one’s personal observations, the leaders in the Vietnamese Communist Party have no chance of defending the country.  The VCP has become so corrupted, rotten to the core.  They have betrayed the country so many times in the past, that it is just not possible for any one man to make a true change for the better.

When I speak of unity, it falls into the hands of the common people of Vietnam.  It is from them that a truly fundamental change will come to the nation.  It is possible that their may be some infighting within the Party, and it is also possible that someone brave, pure, and capable might rise in the wake of this coming war.  However, one must be realistic in dealing with this China situation.  We cannot rely on the Communists of Vietnam to defend the country.  In order for Vietnam to prevail against China, we must be united at the foundation.  For the past several weeks, Vietnamese from all over the world have come out to protest against the Chinese invasion.  The government in Vietnam may try to suppress them, but it does not matter, for if the Chinese were to invade Vietnam, the VCP will be the first to go.

It does not matter what flag the people choose to run in this time of conflict.  From California to Paris, from Tokyo to Hanoi, the people of Vietnam have spoken.  The government of Vietnam may try to suppress the patriotism of the Vietnamese people, but in doing so, they are only digging their own graves.  Furthermore, in failing to defend Vietnam’s sovereignty, they are further diminishing what little legitimacy they have left.  Change is coming, that is undeniable.  Governments rise and fall, but the people are forever.  When united as one, there is nothing we cannot do.  Fearless, strong, and free, we will prevail.

4 Responses to “For Vietnam, Unity is the Strongest Weapon”

  1. Mate well done. Do you see the South Vietnamese flags? My dad and I were part of it. They were held in Canberra, Australia. We and 2000 others protested in front of the Vietnamese embassy and the Chinese embassy, It’s great they we have been recognised around the world. Cheers mate.

  2. Unity itself isn’t going to budge those Chinese navy ships enroaching the Spratley and Paracel Islands unless they adopt an idea tactic called naval commandos equipped with lightweight, powerful, precision munitions with boats destroy their billion-dollar warships.

  3. It is time all Viets be united to dry up the “south china sea” rendering the first chinese aircraft carrier useless, so that the Southeast Asian Sea become free of chinese pirates, so that our fishing men become free to make a living. Unity will defeat chinese agression and will bring liberty and democracy to all Viets.

    • Asian Fraog Says:

      “South Cina sea” Is like a pond with swallow waters .Chinese navy will have to cruise in the middle which means in the range of Vietnamese cruise missiles fired from the coast. And with 3000km, there are plenty room to set them up !.

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