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Boycott Chinese Products? Here’s Why

Posted in Economics, Opinions, Politics with tags , , , , , , on July 31, 2011 by Ian Pham

This is just a brief note on why we should start boycotting Chinese-made products.  The first reason is obvious, the Communist government in Beijing has been executing a policy of aggression and expansionism towards all of its neighbours.  They’ve made clear their intentions to occupy all of Southeast Asia Sea, sending in their navy numerous times to harass and terrorize the fishermen, researchers, and coastguards of nearby nations.

It is already known what the Chinese Communist does to their smaller neighbors, well here’s a reason that’s closer to home for us.  The People’s Republic of China has made many aggressive acts towards the United States of America, they may be more subtle than the occurrences in Asia, but they are not invisible.  Numerous cases of plagiarism and espionage have been reported by the U.S. against the People’s Republic of China.  The Beijing government has been criticized for hacking, intrusion, and computer espionage against many major American companies.  As a result, staggering quantities of American intelligence has fallen into the hands of the Communist Chinese.

Digital espionage and theft of valuable information is just the start of the intrusive and aggressive acts against the United States.  Many of you may recall the whole episode of Chinese currency manipulation against the U.S. dollar.  It was only months ago when the U.S. had to confront the PRC for their manipulation of the Yuan, pegging it to the American dollar to keep Chinese prices low.  This resulted in the stagnation of the American economy, keeping the U.S. recovery at a standstill for the longest time.

The last reason I am presenting to you is a safety matter.  Many recent reports have shown that many raw materials imported from the PRC are very toxic, dangerous to the health of our consumers.  Chinese-imported toys are said to contain harmful chemicals such as lead, which can cause major health problems to the children who play with them.  Furthermore, there have been reports of respiratory problems caused by the chemicals and materials found in drywall imported from China.  These problems may not be construed as acts of aggression, but they are definitely health hazards.

As a result, I am led to believe that the Beijing government’s approach to consumer safety is similar to their approach to international politics, reckless, irresponsible, and shameless.  For this reason, I am asking you to just consider this one thing: when you’re about to purchase something, check where it is made before you take it to the register.  There are many reasons to boycott Chinese made products, I have just outlined only a few for you.  Obviously, you are in charge of what you buy or not buy, all I ask of you is this: check the tag.