The Return of Vietnam’s History

This is just a short note describing the great re-emergence of a history that has been lost for so many centuries.  Thanks to modern research, archeology, and intricate analysis, both of historical sources and ancient folklore, the culture of the Vietnamese people is now slowly coming back from the dust.

After being burned, buried, and outright obliterated for over 2000 years, what seemed like an impossible endeavour is now becoming a real possibility.  The history of the entire Vietnamese people, not only the Lac Viet, but all of the Hundred Viets, is slowly but surely returning from its long, lost, slumber.

Everyone used to believe that Vietnam was just an offset of the Chinese empire, but that is no longer valid.  Current research findings now argue with great validity that a civilized Viet society had existed for as long, if not longer, than the Chinese themselves.  Roots of Viet civilization have been traced back to more than 5000 years in the past, shocking and defying conventional belief, and laying the groundwork for future generations to dig even deeper.

I just want to bring to light the amazing new discoveries that have been made so far, and express my optimism and excitement for what will be found in years to come.  There are so many questions that have yet to be answered: Did Confucius actually acquire his teachings from the southern country of Viet?  Is the Nom writing of Viet really older than the writing of the Chinese?  Were the Hundred Viets really the predecessors of many of the people living in China now?  Did Kou Chien, King of Yueh actually speak and write in Vietnamese?

The questions I’ve just raised may seem farfetched, laughable, maybe even infuriating to some readers.  Regardless, it is important that one can see both sides of the arguments, and gain the confidence to challenge ourselves to see if what we’ve been thinking for years is actually true or not.  There are reasons why questions like these have been asked, and it all comes from evidence.  Whether or not you are excited about what the future holds, I can assure you that many more questions will be asked, with much more findings presented to spark the curious mind.  To an enlightening, stimulating, and groundbreaking future, full of discoveries and insights, cheers!

3 Responses to “The Return of Vietnam’s History”

  1. peacefulviet Says:

    This site has images of ancient Vietnamese writing that shares a shocking resemblance to the Chinese text.

  2. Regardless, I still believe that the Mongolian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan, and Vietnamese were one clan. The Siem, Khmer, Burmese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Brunei and Philippines are one clan because they have skin darker. Now people travel and mixed with each other we can no longer recognize anyone anymore. I am Siem (Thai) of Korean decent, but my kids are mixed white, because my wife is white. My boy looks white he is white boy and my daughter looks oriental so she is Asian.
    Since this planet earth is about 5.4 billion years old we don’t know how many billion times humans were mixed.

  3. I also believe in what we call Bai Yue/ Bách Việt. My family name is Hồ/ Ho and it is written in our family tree that our great ancestor came from Triết Giang/ Chiết Giang around the year 1,000. Before him, there had been no family name such as ours. His clan is Mân Việt/ Min Yue. Tran and Ly dynasties came from the same place.

    However, I am not sure why some nations share with us the Trống Đồng/ Bronze Drums like Thailand and Indonesia or some other important features. Some provinces of Indonesia even have clans which have a great number of simiarlies with our culture. Is what is said by Bình Nguyên Lộc right? It is not an easy question to answer.

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