The Communist Party, Looking Stupid Again

The Communist Party has made another “bold” move in a newest attempt to show off their pride, arrogance, and stupidity.  This latest episode involves the U.S., who wanted to provide funding for the repatriation of soldiers who have lost their lives in the Vietnam War.  The United States was counting on the Vietnamese government to cooperate with them on a nationwide search for M.I.A. soldiers during the civil war period.  The U.S. promised to pledge $1 million in financial aid to the Vietnamese government on this recovery project, Senator Jim Webb said.  Unfortunately, the Vietnamese government declined this offer, making public their refusal to search for any South Vietnamese soldiers.

After 36 years, the bitterness that the Communists have been holding towards South Vietnamese soldiers has still not dissipated.  For reasons unknown, the Vietnamese Communists remain spiteful towards the people of South Vietnam, even to this day.  Memories of the war is apparently still haunting the Communist Party, preventing them from letting go of the past.  This unnecessary hatred continues to thwart any real chances for the country to move forward.  It’s been 36 years since the end of the war, why are the Communists still so angry?

For years now, the Communist Party has been trying to move closer to the U.S., yet their ignorance continues to hurt their efforts.  Even the U.S. has made efforts to improve relations with Vietnam.  This recovery effort was supposed to be a forward step in U.S.-Vietnam.  Sadly, the Vietnamese Communists cannot let go of the past, still clinging on to the brief moment of glory when they defeated America in war.  It is a sad shame that the Communist Party can’t even commemorate the dead.  These South Vietnamese soldier have passed away for decades, yet the Communists are still afraid of their influence.

The Vietnamese Communists have been saying for years that they are trying to become more open, respectful, and dignified.  It’s all a load of bull, we know that already. However, this recent decision to disrespect a nameless soldier from decades past further reinforces the notion that the Communist Party are a bunch of arrogant and spiteful cowards.  They want to appear dignified in the eyes of the world, yet they can’t comprehend the consequences that would arise from insulting the memories of fallen soldiers.  Regardless what side these soldiers fought for, they are still Vietnamese.  They are only enemies through war, a war that ended three decades ago moreover.

It should not matter whether they were friend or foe, commemorating the life of a fallen soldier shows signs of respect and nobility.  The Communists wanted to look respectful and noble in the eyes of the world, but are too dumb to make it work.  What could they have lost from honoring these soldiers the same way they would honor their own?  If anything, they could have gained a whole immensely from their participation.  Not only will they gain a more positive image through the eyes of the U.S. and the world, but the U.S. even offered to fund this project for them.  With their refusal, the U.S. has halted funding for the project, and the Communists are stuck where they have always been.  Subservient to China, and on the verge of bankruptcy.

3 Responses to “The Communist Party, Looking Stupid Again”

  1. The action that the communist goverment of Vietnam took regarding the MIA proved that this goverment is a made in china goverment. It is for china and china only.

    I could not find any plausible rationale for this goverment’s action that hate so much of soldiers of VNCH who had died more than three decades ago. This goverment was also the goverment that commemorated the dead chinese solders who invaded and killed Vietnmese people in 1979. I am realy disappointed. The current goverment of communist has to go if Vietnam wants to survive the invasion of china.

  2. A central reason why the Communists are resistant to change is because then they would have to admit they were wrong to begin with. There are too many Communists still alive today from the 70’s, that to implement these changes would mean to admit that their aggression of Communist Imperialism was proven to be a pointless, painful mistake.

    So they cling to old, failing beliefs in an attempt to find some validation for their rampage of murder, destruction, and suffering that they created for the Vietnamese people.

    The Communist Party also knows any challenge (i.e. having Free Speech) would erode their stranglehold of power over the people of Vietnam.

  3. Gary Nguyen Says:

    Communism is evil and Godless. They don’t believe in the True and Living God and their arrogance and pride will make His judgement on the communists damned forever to eternal Hell.

    One day when communism is wiped out from the face of the earth will free people of Vietnam determine the destiny of their nation.

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