Chinese Vessel, In Vietnamese Waters, Rammed by Vietnamese Ship (Footage)

The following video shows how a Chinese ship, while trekking into Vietnamese territory, gets pursued by the Vietnamese coastguard, warned, and subsequently rammed by the Vietnamese ship.  There was some skepticism at first on whether this video is authentic or not, but after some careful deliberation, it is more likely than not that this footage is real.  The Vietnamese did chase after a Chinese boat, this is their footage.

I’ll say right off the bat that the Vietnamese are probably the aggressors in this video, as they were the ones to chase down and collide with the Chinese ship.  However, to what extent can we call the Vietnamese the aggressors?  After all, this is just a response to what the Chinese have been doing for years now.  For the longest time, the Chinese have been committing these rimes with no response by the Vietnamese Communists at all.  Furthermore, the Chinese not only rammed the Vietnamese boats, but went as far as to confiscate, kidnap, and murder the civilians on board as well.

This is just a kind response from the Vietnamese government to Beijing, one that has been long overdue.  For too long, the government in Hanoi has remained silent about China and the piracy that they have been committing.  From the looks of things, the new leaders of Vietnam’s Communist Party are less tolerant of China’s belligerence and bullying tactics.  They are willing to call the Chinese out on the crimes they have been committing, which puts them above their predecessors.  However, they are still totalitarians, they are still corrupted, so they are still not that great.

3 Responses to “Chinese Vessel, In Vietnamese Waters, Rammed by Vietnamese Ship (Footage)”

  1. If I were the authority of Vietnam, I would order a capture of this chinese ship and put them on trial in Vietnam because this chinese ship had ventered Vietnam’s teritory intentionally and illegally.

  2. China wants to slap Vietnam in the face.

    The people in the video are so ignorant. I wonder how long it took for them to memorize and rehearse what they said.

    The country obviously has not learned anything. They rely on a bigger population and military power to scare a smaller country. History shall repeat itself.

  3. As a Vietnamese, I have learned long enough not to believe every and every thing the Chinese say. The chinese never and ever repsect the truth and the law. They are the most tricky people on earth.

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