Finally, the Vietnamese Government Lay Claims to Paracel and Spratly

After months of beating around the bush, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has finally released an official claim to the Paracal and Spratly Islands.  Vietnam was the formal the occupier of the Paracel and Spratly Islands since the 18th and 19th centuries, until the Chinese invaded Paracel in 1974, and Spratly in 1988.  The Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam was the first country to explore and occupy these islands, becoming the sole patron of both Spratly and Paracel for nearly two centuries.  In the 1950’s onward, the Republic of Vietnam held the islands.

Nguyen Tan Dung has formally declared that Paracel and Spratly belong to Vietnam, and has stated that he is willing to use military force to defend the islands from China.  According to Bloomberg News, the Prime Minister is also looking to establish talks regarding the Chinese occupation of Paracel which, as mentioned above, once belonged to Vietnam, and, in legal terms, still belongs to Vietnam.  The Chinese acquisition of Paracel and the current pieces of Spratly are illegal, and still does not constitute as Chinese territory under international law.  Though the PRC holds the islands formally, their rule is illegitimate, and is contestable by Vietnam with historical evidence (and with some help from the military).

The Vietnamese government has announced that they will support the patriotism of the Vietnamese people, so long as that is all the people project.  In other words, the people of Vietnam are free to demonstrate against China, but if their is ever a hint of calls for democratization, the government will shut it down by force.  The official announcement by PM Nguyen Tan Dung on Paracel and Spratly is definitely positive for the country, though it has been long overdue.  There is so much more that the Vietnamese people need, and if the government wants to know what that is, they might want to take a look at Burma.

4 Responses to “Finally, the Vietnamese Government Lay Claims to Paracel and Spratly”

  1. “Nguyen Tan Dung has formally declared that Paracel and Spratly belong to Vietnam, and has stated that he is willing to use military force to defend the islands from China.” But China’s military heavily OUTNUMBERS Vietnam’s military!! Is there a strategy Vietnam can use against China or what? They have more navy war ships, submarines, and one aircraft carrier although I highly doubt how effective China’s navy is because they don’t have experience and are still use “Cold War” technology.

  2. gago kayo mga vietcongs kayo nakabili lang kayo ng eroplano gago na kayo wala na kayo pinagkaiba sa mga tsekwa tangina sarap nio gilitan sa leeg mangaangkin na rin kayo…….

  3. In any wars between the Viets and the Hans, the Hans were always outnumbered to the Viets in men and equipments/weaponries and the Viets had won. The only stategy that has been never changed was the determination of all Viets to fight to win; that means “unity”. The strategy for the next war with China for the Viets to win will not change either. All Viets have to be unified under ONE brillant leader with determination to displace China out of Viet’s teritory.

    • I doubt if Nguyen Tan Dung meant what he had said. Did he have a plan to handle Chinese’s intimidation invasion? May be just comply to the demand, “give them a wife and the first son, they’ll spared the rest”.
      A strategy?….. Have you ever heard of “Hoi Nghi Dien Hong”?…… Just say the word, the tiger invader shall become a pussy cat.

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