Iraq’s Future, There is Room for Optimism

With America’s troops now gone from Iraq, one can’t help but wonder what the future has in store for the war-ravaged country.  Many analysts often point back to the Vietnam fiasco as an indicator of where Iraq may be headed, which, in the opinion of this blogger, as overly pessimistic.  There are some parallels between the two wars, but these similarities should not be the basis for which to predict the future of Iraq.  It is true that there is much unfinished business for the Iraqi people, but that does not mean that they are doomed to meet the same fate as the people of South Vietnam in the 1970’s.  Iraq has a chance for a new beginning, and this opportunity can bring great things.

It is fair to say that the exit of the U.S. from Iraq is reminiscent of the event in 1972, when the Americans frantically escaped Vietnam in the wake of a Communist surge.  But even here, the similarities between the two cases are somewhat thin.  When the U.S. withdrew from Vietnam in 1972, they did so knowing full well that South Vietnam would eventually fall to the Communist forces.  That event is rather different than the case in Iraq today.  Like Vietnam, the United States can no longer carry on the war in Iraq.  However, unlike Vietnam, the Obama administration is not leaving Iraq to certain death, but rather a blank slate to shape its own destiny.

Iraq’s future is uncertain, which only means that the country’s challenges are equally matched by its opportunities.  Despite the many tensions between the rival factions within the country, the chance of Iraq reemerging strong and unified is real.  Now that the U.S. troops are gone, the future of Iraq rests solely in the hands of its people.  The war may be over for the United States, but for the Iraqi people, the real challenge is only beginning.  What happens next is entirely up to them.

2 Responses to “Iraq’s Future, There is Room for Optimism”

  1. There are no similarities between the withdawing of the US in Vietnam in 1973 and in Iraq in 2011 and some of them can be seen as follows:

    1. US left Vietnam at any cost and the war was still on going.
    2. US left Iraq after sucessfully met their goal which was toppled Sadam Hussein.
    3. US left Vietnam under North Vietnam’s term.
    4. US left Vietnam under US’s term. They freeky decide on thier own.
    5. US left Vietnam with an immage that ” an enemy of the US has a better chance to survive than being an ally with the US” this means the US is not a reliable ally.
    6. US left Iraq after Iraq becomes a democrataic Iraq.

  2. Samir Salim Says:

    As an Iraqi, the USA has actually left Iraq to Iran and Iranian puppets who now rule with the same mentality as Saddam….
    Yes we can speak our minds … we can critisize the government, but this does not mean anything to the government… they are too busy stealing and fighting for positions…. a decade after the so called “liberation” we are still waiting for electricity and basic services to be reinstituted… though we have an annual buget which is more that that of most our neighbors put together… yest 35% of the population are below poverty line…
    I hope I can be anywhere other than my own “wealthy” country.

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