In Honor of Viet Khang

Viet Khang’s music is so powerful and moving that it would be a crime (no pun intended) not to share it with all of you.  It is unfortunate that not all of us can understand his music, as Viet Khang’s songs are performed in Vietnamese.  Do not fret however, for Vietnamese American music producer Truc Ho feels your pain, and was gracious enough to alleviate this language barrier with English subtitles for his version of “Who Are You?”.

Truc Ho did a good job on this interpretation of Viet Khang’s song, assembling a group of musicians under his label to help him sing.  Performing with Truc Ho is Dan Nguyen, Mai Thanh Son, Quoc Khanh, and Doan Phi.  The artists performed the song passionately, enough to bring justice to Viet Khang’s music.  Plus, it comes with English subtitles!  So even if you are not a fluent speaker of Vietnamese, you too can understand the powerful message Viet Khang is aiming to deliver.

The video briefly features a speech given by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.  Ms. Sanchez has done much to help represent the Vietnamese community in the state of California, and continues to do so today.  Frequently, the Congresswoman has pushed the U.S. government to take a tougher stance on the human rights situation in Vietnam, proving herself to be a valuable ally to the Vietnamese community overseas.

I’ve said this before and will continue to say it.  Viet Khang is a talented and courageous man.  Because of him, not only are the Vietnamese abroad learning about the Communists, but the people within are becoming aware of their crimes as well.  He knew that performing his music would get him arrested, but he went through with it nonetheless.  As a leader, and as a patriot, Viet Khang is not afraid to die.  He has showed us that he is willing to sacrifice himself for the country, something that the entire Communist Party does not have the guts to do.

Viet Khang has more courage in his voice than all 3,000,000 members of the Vietnamese Communist Party combined.  For this remarkable reason, I continue to castigate the Communist Party, and commend the courage and honor of Viet Khang, the great singing patriot of Vietnam.  Like the heroes before him, Viet Khang has demonstrated what one courageous act can do for humanity.  Now think, what would happen if every single citizen came together, as one unitary force, to liberate Vietnam from the grips of these sordid criminals who call themselves the Communist Party.  If one man was able to drive the entire system insane, imagine what we could do together.  The possibilities are boundless, let’s stand together.

42 Responses to “In Honor of Viet Khang”

  1. Thank you, Truc Ho, Quoc Khanh, Doan Thi, Dan Nguyen and Mai Thanh Son for all the efforts to save Viet Khang. We expect to see more and more singers, professional or not, loudly sing this song. Now is a very good time to motivate all the Vietnamese, oversea or inland into a great movement against VC. I envision a large scale demonstration in a near furture. For this, not only Viet Khang but all other patriots will be freed either.

  2. We need to stand up for justice and righteousness to those who are suffering persecutions for the religion, race and opinions.

  3. Thank you for all of you who stand up to bring the truth to us and bring awareness to our Americans and the world.

  4. Nguoi Viet Says:

    Tôi vô cùng cảm phục anh Việt Khang, dù sống trong hoàn cảnh bạo tàn, độc tài độc àc của Việt cọng, anh vẫn không sợ Việt cong bắt bớ, bỏ tù. Nghe anh hát mà tôi muốn khóc vì quá cảm động. Nghĩ lại bản thân tôi so với anh tôi cảm thấy hổ thẹn vì không dám can đảm hành động như anh.

  5. Thank you to all Vietnamese people n anh Viet Khang your song was touch my heart. Hope anh Viet Khang will be free soon. God bless vietnamese people n country too

  6. Free him now!

  7. Pham Cong Ngon Says:

    Viet Khang, chinh anh da xung dang la con chau cua Tran Binh Trong, Nguyen Trai, Phan Boi Chau, Tran Hung Dao, Le Loi va Le Lai.
    Con cac vi HO o nuoc ngoai.cac vi co thay ho then voi anh Viet Khang hay khong?Cac vi da o tu Viet Cong bao nhieu nam???
    Ma khi ra duoc De Tam Quoc Gia roi, thi lai quay ve VN, vien co tham ba con hang xom.Tham cai gi???Co tham va dem tien ve cho dam VC o nha de boc lot dan lanh thi co.
    Hay tu xu lay minh di.
    That la nhuc nha, khong bang mot soi long nhan cua anh Viet Khang
    Ky ten
    Pham Cong Ngon
    tu la Sau Banh tai Stuttgart/Deutschland

    • Toi thiet nghi chung ta cung mot chi huong, khong nen luc nay ma “noi da sao thit!”. Anh co y tuong va nhiet tam giong nhu toi. Hay cung ung ho nguoi anh hung dat Viet Viet Khang, va san sang tiep tuc, khong ne chi de ung ho nhieu anh hung dat Viet nua. Duong con dai, chung ta phai giu vung tinh than Viet Khang.
      Peter Pham Seattle

  8. Together inside and outside Vietname, we stand up to change existing VietNam goverment for the people in our country .

  9. Jeff Nguyen Says:

    VietKhang is our hero to ignite the patriotism and nationalism to the Vietnamese to end of Vietcong era. Now is the time. Take action now.

  10. Dear Viet Khang,

    I’ll keep you in my prayers. Best wishes of luck. You’re my hero.

    Take care and God bless.


  11. Free viet khang with no comment

  12. Pham-Công-Ngôn Says:

    Anh Viet Khang.
    Anh phai song va phai vung manh tinh than.
    Co chung toi la Nguoi Viet Ti Nan CSVN tai hai ngoai dang dung ben canh anh.
    Anh phai giu lay cau cua Tran Binh Trong:
    “Tha lam quy nuoc Nam , con hon lam vuong dat Bac”
    Ben ngoai the gioi TuDo nay, ai ai cung dang lo cho anh rat nhieu.
    Anh phai song de tro thanh ” vi than cua Le Lai-da lieu minh cuu Chua va anh se -Lieu mimh cuu dan toc VietNam cua minh”.
    Anh con tre, ma y chi cua anh rat cao .
    Anh Truc Ho va tat ca Nguoi Viet Ti Nan CSVN tai hai ngoai mai mai sat canh ben anh.
    Anh Truc Ho da noi:” Toi co the hy sinh sinh mang cua toi neu khi can den de lam viec….”
    Se con co nhieu nguoi nua se lam nhu the de cung voi anh danh lai TuDo-Cong Binh-Nhan quyen cho dan toc VietNam cua minh.
    Hoi bon Nguyen Tan Dung va dam tai sai CS.Tui may la dan VN???
    Tui may co xung dang mang ten ho VN hay khong???
    Toi cua tui may lam-Theo luat cua Vua ngay xua la “TRU DI TAM TOC” tui may co biet khong?
    Troi Phat se khong tha tui may dau.Bat ky noi dau, tui may di en , Tui tao-Nguoi Viet Ti Nan CSVN se khong tha may dau.
    Tao la Pham Công Ngôn se doi lay mang song cua tao de thanh toan may”Nguyen Tan Dung”.
    Tao noi la tao lam do, tui may co biet khong???

    Ky ten
    Pham Công Ngôn
    Sau Banh in Stuttgart/Germany

    • Nghe loi luan cua anh ma toi nuoc mat rung rung. Toi nghi la ben phuong troi tay au con co anh Pham Cong Ngon, nguoi dam noi va dam lam. Loi nhan dinh cua and chinh xac va tham thuy, lam cam thong rat nhieu doc gia; toi nghi anh giup duoc nhieu nguoi Viet Nam ta tren phuong dien tinh than yeu nuoc bat khuat.
      Toi viet mau tra loi nay de gop y voi anh ve doan:
      “Hoi bon NTD……co biet khong???”
      Toi biet anh rat thuc tam va uat uc truoc su dan ap dan Viet cua nha cam quyen CSVN. Nhung doan nay 0 giup cho chung ta.

  13. Tân-Thanh Says:

    [Karaoke] Việt Nam Tôi Đâu – Where Is My Beloved Vietnam – English & Viet Lyrics

    Thân chuyển đến quý thân hữu.

  14. Truong Nguyen Says:

    Toi nen lam gi de giup do Viet Khang. Khong co mot ai dung len keu goi nguoi Viet song tai Ontario Canada. Toi da khoc moi khi nghe Viet Khang hat

    • Toi cung co chung tam trang nhu Ban. Toi vao website Whitehouse hoai de theo doi nhung chang biet lam gi de giup duoc. Canada khong co cach gi tham gia sao.

      • toi cung the, song tai Sydney Australia,toi cung co tam trang nhu ban, thuong thi o day cong dong rat hang hai tham gia vao nhung truong hop nhu vay, nhung khong hieu sao lan nay lai khong lam gi ca? that buon va xau ho cho cong dong nguoi Viet o day lan nay. Nhung toi khong give up, toi cung vao website cua white house, created an account and registered my name on the petition and guess what? it works. Toi nghi 2 ban nen thu xem sao vi at least we’ve tried our best to have our says in this right?
        good luck and chao than ai.

    • Cam on ban co cung mot chi huong voi toi. Cac ban hay vung tam, hay cho doi nhung khong met moi, chung ta se co luc gop cong gop suc ung ho tinh than nguoi anh hung dat Viet Viet Khang.

      Peter Pham / Petrus ky 1972

    • Cam on ban co cung mot chi huong voi toi. Cac ban hay vung tam, hay cho doi nhung khong met moi, chung ta se co luc gop cong gop suc ung ho tinh than nguoi anh hung dat Viet Viet Khang.

      Peter Pham / Petrus ky 1972

  15. ddo hoai nhung van khong hieu ly do tai sao minh nen ky ten cho petition nay. Can someone please tell me what happened to Viet Khang and why I’m signing this petition?

    • Nguyen Xuan Phuong Says:

      Dear no name,
      Don’t mind if I ask about your nationality. If you are Vietnamese,
      you can listen to the two songs of Viet khang. Even you are not,
      you still read the sub-title in English on the screen beside the
      images of many police men beating, arresting people without
      mercy. What’s the people doing ? They just opposing the China’
      invasion their country. How’s about Viet Khang ? He is crying out
      to his government by many questions thru his voice, his songs.
      Why’s he arrested? Why’s he beaten ? The Viet Nam communists, are they still Vietnamese? They just are the cowardly dogs born who bow out to China to kill their own people. Viet Khang is a hero. He is in jail now and we don’t know
      what’s his condition, where’s he…
      I hope you get some information from me about Viet Khang and
      answer your question.

  16. Nguoi Viet Nam khap ca nam chau deu nghe tieng goi tu day long cua Viet Khang.

  17. Nguyen Xuan Phuong Says:

    In parallel to the campaign of saving Viet Khang, is it a good ideas
    to boycott all China products ? May be including Viet Nam ?

    • Yes. Vietnamese people should boycot all chinese made products. I have stopped buying chinese made products when they pirated and killed our innocent fishermen in the southeast asia sea. Thanks for reminding.

  18. I cried everytime I listen to this song even I am strong enought to control myself. Thanks to Truc Ho and Asia Entertainment group.

  19. kiet nguyen Says:

    toi muon ky ten cho viet khang
    cell 713-498-6009

  20. Benett Thomas Trinh - Seattle Says:

    Toi van doi

    Toi van doi mot hoang hon ru xuong
    Anh nang ta vang tieng vac keu suong
    Ben rung cay trui la dung am tham
    Trong bong toi han thu loang day mat

    Toi van doi trong bong dem cuong gio
    Vanh mat tham chua vu tru toi den
    Nhin lich su ta nguoi Nam bat diet
    Giong song kia day xuong mau vo tu

    Toi van doi ca doi quen song cuon
    Van linh hon vui dap giua dai duong
    Ke o lai kho thay nguoi thong tri
    Canh lau kho sao choi noi anh mat troi

    Toi van doi duoi nang thieu boc chay
    Tieng tho dai vong lai lam the luong
    Nham mat do dua hon vao giac mong
    Mot binh minh day hy vong mai day

    Hoai Phuong

  21. Reblogged this on BelieveHopeLoveInspire and commented:
    Freedom for Vietnam!

  22. nguyen van khoi uc chau Says:

    that la xuc dong, khi nghe giong hat yeu nuoc viet khang , nhung phai lai vao tu . ke vao tu dung ra la bon phan nuoc, nguyen tan dung. bon ban nuoc cua tui may. se khong lau phai vao tu.

  23. Viet-An Says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Truc Ho. Your dedication to Viet Khang will forever inspire many more people to join forces and fight for our human rights. Because you have been a “true” support to fight for our country’s freedom, for that, I will always be there to support your music to spread the words out. Screw PBN, they only look at a busines profit point of view – as you can see, they import the singers from VN to support their own production – what a traitor to their own people. We will fight until our last breath to free the people from VN who has been suffering for many years. Anh Viet-Khang, hang in there – your safety will always be in our prayers. Free Viet Nam and Free Tibet !!!

  24. Viet-An Says:

    Such a powerful song! I am so emotionally touch by the lyrics and its meaning that only fools would ignore such calling out as this. He is a true hero under my eyes. Please post and send out messages to the Vietnamese abroad for ways to help Viet Khang. Please save this man – FREEDOM FOR VIETNAM!!!

  25. Chinese/ Vietnamese American Says:

    I think it wrong going through a country of Vietnam and make justice. Who can tell who is who they all Vietnamese, China has nothing to do with this so don’t bring up information that are false information. They new the rules of there country to not say anything! We have much bigger fish to Fried in our own country like the USA. We don’t want another interfering with another country it’s their own personal business. This is the 21st century and what is the past is the past let it go! We might not able to bring our love ones from the war! But we can be human and let that idea of revenge go! We have international students here in The USA, Communist or not they are still humans and need to be treated with respect. Our four farther’s of Vietnamese war is over. What you see on video is just people who does the crime and won’t admit their
    crimes! The more you make and protest this, It just make things worse and it cause us to be separating our love ones. I have aunts
    and uncles who is my cousins from the north of HCMC ( Ho Chi MInh City). They are great people, their nothing wrong with that! But from watching this tv and seeing this on tv your tv’s show is bad and it breaking families from seeing their own! And It brain washes my parents from avoiding to see their siblings or families.

    It makes you look good and feel good, when you want revenge Huh? Get a rival and protest our kind! Something that happen long time ago? Please this is the new area and people change! You just need to let those things from past go! My dad side died in the war, Viet Khong rapped my aunt and toss them in the lake. But she died and she watching over us, everyday. Would she be happy on the other side, if we go and take revenge on those people? No!,

    • Chinese/ Vietnamese American Says:

      Yes , Chinese products are bad, but our government is bad as well for buying them in the first place! They should know and stop it before coming overseas! Instead they let it come because it corps. and the Business of marketing! Also, USA still owed China a lot of money. So our USA is just as bad as they are because we owed China big money!

  26. Chinese/ Vietnamese American Says:

    For Vietnamese that are here, who became a citizens and live freely here. I think you should be happy and live a good life! If you was against your own people, Go back and protest in your own country! Don’t make us Americans get involved and get killed. 500,000’s have died before in the Vietnam War and causing 100,000 of the US Solders injured and left USA Solders here living in nightmares. Vietnamese is already in Vietnam is already happy, even if they lived in a Communist Country, Why ruin their happy families ! Why not ,you go back and change Vietnam yourself! As long as Vietnamese Communist don’t take our land and soil , We Americans don’t have to worried, because it not ours born country.

    Even if we did go step in their country, Our USA Soldiers wouldn’t know who is who. The trouble would repeat itself In American history! Why ? It’s because Vietnamese communist and Vietnamese citizens themselves look alike. We Americans Can’t tell who is who. Let their country solve their problems and if we interfere it makes it’s even worse because we can’t tell whose is who? It’s like playing a game Ying and Yang.

    Of Course their government wouldn’t let us interfere with their government! We take matters in our own hands and let the Vietnamese here do their job! If they want freedom for their country, let them go back and fight their war! Or let them speak up for their rights. But Don’t get us Americans or Vietnamese American Involved It would make things worse!

  27. Chinese/ Vietnamese American Says:

    The cause of Viet Khang arrest is because he knew if he did his actions he would be arrested. Then why do it ? It’s because he is not a coward and did not escape from Vietnam! I double Dare you Truc Ho if your so great man and make rivals to protest, Stop sitting on your Show and go back to your country and take actions, Stop bringing Americans in to this. “We have bigger things to fried ! ”
    Our Economy is on the down hill, people are being layoff of work ?
    Schools and collages budgets cuts, being taxed and etc…
    You should be thank-full for your luck of staying here in the USA!

  28. Yes we need stand up we need to tell for the World to know the goverment of vietnam look like animal look like go evil and us voice must be strong Please let the President Barac Obama known Vietnam country not freedom and not Democracy and must be destroy them (Communist)and Leave Viet Khang out prison beside Viet Khang had more people same case as Vietkhang freedom all of the people live at vietnam got big problem because they like Democracy and the vietnam communist very scare who are loved their country the goverment of vietnam sold Vietnam Country for China already I can not believe that right now Vietnam Country Gone China bought Vietnam already

  29. 1000 years ruled China in Vietnam.100 years French. And after more than century they still interested about VN.That president I would called in vietnamese “nhai dung len lam nguoi”…hahaha.I’m grewen up for 30 years ago in Germany.It kills my heart to know about this big theme.I had a long journey as boat people when I was 7,5 years old.I’m very proud still can speak, read and write VN.In the past we brought a lots of victim. Wasn’t it enough?And now just one person sold his own country encluding the nation. What a dog! I don’t know what to say.My heart will never end to bleeding for the people in Vietnam and Vietnam self. I will pray for anh Viet Khang!You are a hero for us and you make us proud.


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  32. dien dan oto xe hoi

    In Honor of Viet Khang | Freedom For Vietnam

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