Help Spread the Word, Sign the Petition!

If you haven’t heard yet, there is a petition out there right now, urging the White House to press Vietnam harder on human rights.  This is a direct response to the “Free Viet Khang” movement, aiming to spread awareness of how brutal and corrupted the Communist regime in Vietnam is.  If you support the human rights movement, and would like to contribute to the cause, please sign this petition.

All you have to do is click on the link below and follow a few simple steps.  I assure you, this will only take you three minutes, if that.  The petition needs 25,000 signatures by March 8, 2012, for the White House to seriously consider it.  At this point in time, the petition is making great progress, but you too can help by donating a few minutes of your time. Support the basic freedoms, support human rights!

To sign the petition, click here!!/petition/stop-expanding-trade-vietnam-expense-human-rights/53PQRDZH


32 Responses to “Help Spread the Word, Sign the Petition!”

  1. Angela Nguyen Says:

    Please speed up the process… I’m afraid we will be too late and they will kill Viet Khang. He is probably starving and cold… and who knows what else… Thank you for your help!

  2. Please free him.. Viet Khang simply speaks his mind and other millions of Viets’ minds. Time for a change in VN.

  3. Please free viet khang. He Need help before he died. Vc is crazy.

  4. Danny khong Says:

    Please free Viet Khang ….

  5. nguyen v ninh Says:

    Nguyen V Ninh

    please free fro viet nam

    free for viet khang

  6. Thanh Tuong Nguyen Says:

    Please free Viet Khang

  7. Nhan Thanh Thi Nguyen Says:

    please free Viet Khang

  8. Thanh Nguyen Says:

    Please free Viet Khang

  9. Free Viet Khang “song writer” freedom of speech.

    Human right for Vietnam

  10. jimmy m. thach Says:

    please free viet khang and freedom of speech. Human rights for Vietnam.

  11. Please free Viet Khang.

  12. Freedom and basic Human Right is urgently needed in Vietnam. Viet Khang’s arrest has shown the lack of basic Human Right in Vietnam. Viet Khang need to be free. Please raise your voice for Viet Khang

  13. Please continue signing the petition to prove our voice for Human right and freedom for VN. So sorry, I am a canadian-vietnamese, I can’t vote, but I hope you profit your right, your vote. Sign it now.

  14. Hac Nguyen Says:

    Freedom for Viet Nam

  15. Pls free Viet Khang!

  16. Please free Viet Khang

  17. Viet Khang needs to be freed, please!!

  18. Please free Viet Khang ….

  19. Amy Waters Says:

    Please free Viet Khang

  20. Nang Nguyen Says:

    I am a Vietnamese-Australian. Unfortunately I can’t vote. Vietnamese-American ! Please help Viet Khang and sign the petition. I cried when listening to his song “Anh La Ai”. Please save him. Don’t let the Communists kill him or torture him. I was imprisoned by Viet Communists and I know what is like to be in communist prison. They are not human.

  21. Please free Viet Khang

  22. Please free Viet Khang

  23. Tracy Agner Says:

    help these people, please!

  24. Charlene Stahl Says:

    please, please!! free Viet Khang

  25. Helen Bui Says:

    As always, united we stand and divided we fall. Please, together we join hands for the great cause to free Viet Khang and protect human rights in Vietnam.
    Bravo, a. Truc Ho has pioneered to get this cause started. All we have to do is to join force to fight back the Communistism for our people for generations to come.

  26. Kimlong Says:

    Please free Viet Khang, a young and courageous vietnamese who dare to say his mind

  27. please free viet khang ….. he dare to give up his life for his country and for all the vietnamese people through the whole world….. he is not scare to die …. Viet Khang dam dung ra de bao ve dong bao dat nuoc vietnam cua chung ta … tai sao phai doi su voi Viet Khang nhu vay chu …… xinh moi nguoi lam on hai giup Viet Khang ….. help him please please

  28. pls free viet khang…pls give freedom for vn..thanks

  29. Get Angelina Jolie involve she might be the best option to get President attention…

  30. Please free him before it’s too late

  31. Fight for human right . please lend us your voice. Freedom for Viet Nam.

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