Truc Ho’s Dedication and the Trip to Washington

This past Monday, Vietnamese musical producer and democracy activist Truc Ho flew to Washington D.C., hoping to meet with the President of the United States.  Mr. Truc has been looking forward to this day, campaigning non-stop over the case of the imprisoned musician Viet Khang.  However, upon his arrival at the White House, Mr. Truc was not greeted by the President, or even a representive on his behalf.  What followed instead were a series of confusing events which many are still trying to understand.

The full details of what happened at the White House is still unclear, the only certainty is that there was miscommunication, on many fronts.  According to sources, Mr. Truc was expected at the White House, but his hosts were unclear on who they were meeting.  The officials at the White House had organized a conference briefing on the leaders of the Vietnamese youth, thinking that Truc Ho was a leader of this group.  When Truc Ho arrived in the conference room, he thought he was in the wrong place.  To his surprise, this room was meant for him.

When it became clear that the White House officials had made a mistake, Truc Ho had to explain to them that he was not a leader of the Vietnamese youth.  He was simply a democracy activist trying to raise the issue of human rights in Vietnam to the U.S. government.  After this disappointing ordeal, Mr. Truc Ho departed from the White House and proceeded outside to his many supporters at the White House entrance.  Many of Truc Ho’s supporters had made the trip to Wasington with him, showing that they are behind him 100%.

In the end, Mr. Truc Ho did not meet President Obama, though he was contacted by the White House at the beginning.  Even so, this event should not be labelled as a failure.  Because of his efforts, Truc Ho was able to spread awareness across the globe about the human rights abuses in Vietnam.  Not only did he capture the attention of the Vietnamese in the United States, but in many other countries all over the world.  In 30 short days, Truc Ho’s petition had achieved 149,050 signatures!  Thanks to him, citizens in America, Canada, Australia, France, and many other nations know of Viet Khang and Vietnam’s desperate need for change.

This struggle for freedom and democracy in Vietnam is not a one step process.  It is long and difficult, with many challenges and obstacles along the way.  The belief that President Barack Obama was going fix all of Vietnam’s problems was simply too good to be true.  Truc Ho may not have met with the President, but his movement was a success.  I commend Mr. Truc Ho, along with his team over at SBTN for all of their hard work.  Thanks to them, the Vietnamese across the world are united.  Not only that, but the people in Vietnam now know we are out there, and that we stand behind them no matter what.  This is not the end, people, this is only the beginning.  Freedom for Vietnam.


12 Responses to “Truc Ho’s Dedication and the Trip to Washington”

  1. I can only imagine the disappointment of Truc Ho and many other activists going through much hardships to meet President Obama. Nevertheless, it was a successful event in raising awareness and in continuing to keep the freedom light burning. Kudos to Mr. Truc Ho and many others who have participated…

  2. Thanks to singer TRUC HO. Thanks to USA. Thanks to all of country helping us helping them.
    TAM LE ( TOMMY )

  3. Mr. Truc Ho/SBTN has done one huge thing that is he has sucessfully created unity of he oversea Viet that no other persons or organizations in the US could do for the past 38 years. He has done it by his entusiasm and genuine (the force of heart) for human rights for his peoples in Vietnam. What he has succeded would scare both chinese and vietnamese communists.

    If Mr. truc Ho/SBTN could turn the unity of the oversea Viets into votes in the US and other democratic countries , then human rights for his people in Vietnam is just a matter when. I am greatful for what he and SBTN has done for Vietnamese.

    • Thanks to TRUC HO. Thanks to USA. Thanks to all of the country around the world has been kind to all of us.
      TAM LE ( TOMMY )

  4. Try to get Angelina Jolie talk to the President ! She love to help Vietnam…

  5. Thank you anh Truc Ho n everyone in Vietnamese communities. We done great work. Don’t give everyone

  6. Stephanie Pham Says:

    “Have faith in the force of right and not in the right of force.”

    Many thanks to Mr. Truc Ho, the SBTN team and the patriotic Vietnamese-American/Canadian/Australian/European, etc. around the world for supporting the Viet Khang movement. Most of all a heartfelt “Thank You” to the people (Vietnamese and others) who signed the Petition. Yes, this is only the beginning, but what a GREAT experience and beginning it has been…may the force for righteousness, liberty and pursuit of happiness carry us through for what is to come…!

    Brother Viet Khang, you will always be in our hearts, mind, and prayers (as also the many human rights, political and religious activists who are wrongfully incarcerated or murdered under this brutal Totalitarian regime/system…ĐCSVN)

  7. sam tran Says:

    This is the time we must be united to fight for the freedom of the people back home. Let this be the right moment for the good causes to all the people back home.

  8. Tran Thanh Nhiem Says:

    Anh Truc Ho. You should look for John McCain. He will listen to us.

  9. Tran Thanh Nhiem Says:

    Please bring your guitar and your song to go around the country. Use what God given you. Your best. Music with your heart.

  10. Don’t be disappointed for this effort. Good result always earns the hard way! I do have faith along with many people aboard and back home for the fight of good freedom and democracy if we keep continue working hard for this good causes

  11. I am deeply moved by Mr. Truc Ho’s effort. Eschewing politics throughout my life, I find the songs you’d produced has greatly impact my feelings for this cause. It is unfortunate that the current administration is all about show, with very little substance. However, this is not a loss cause! Your efforts has brought a lot more attention and people to the cause.

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