Fierce On Their People, Meek To Their Enemies

A brief protest took place on July 1, 2012 before being cracked down by Communist police.

The much anticipated anti-China protest slated for the 1st of July never took place, at least not to the scale that we all expected.  Much of this is due to the quick work of the Communist police network, who swiftly barricaded, detained, and blocked many areas and leaders key to the operation.  As a result, small scale demonstrations did take place before also being put to bed by the Communist police.

The following Sunday however, July 8, 2012, a modestly sized protest did take place in Ho Chi Minh City.  That protest too was suppressed by the Communist police in Vietnam.  Vietnamese authorities have been on high alert and placing heavy surveillance on its citizen, especially bloggers and writers.  The possibility of large scale anti-China demonstrations keep the Communist Party in a state of fear and paranoia.

In Vietnam, expressing patriotism and love of one’s country is grounds for imprisonment and government retribution.  The Vietnamese Communist Party would rather have a safe and cosy relationship with the PRC than its own people.  Fears of an angry China have prompted the government in Vietnam to constantly suppress and crackdown on their own people.

There is a saying associated with the Vietnamese Communist Party, “fierce to its people, but meek to the Chinese.”  It is quite self explanatory.  The Vietnamese Communist Party uses excessive force and expends heavy resources all with the goal of suppressing the Vietnamese population.  At the same time, they won’t hesitate to lower themselves to the Chinese Communist Party, for fear of an angry China.

Relations between the U.S. and Vietnam have developed substantially in recent years, though human rights remains an issue in Vietnam.

This can all be demonstreated by the VCP’s constant crackdowns of Vietnamese bloggers, writers, and protest organizers.  These individuals have not even expressed anti-Party sentiments.  All they’ve done is express love for the motherland and tried to defend her from the invading Chinese.

It is true that the Vietnamese government has passed a law laying claim to Paracel and Spratly, and greatly angering the Chinese.  However, the very same government continues to be submissive and dove-like when dealing with China’s assertive claims to the southeastern sea.

When compared to the Phillipines’ government, the Vietnamese Communist Party does not measure up.  President Benjamin Aquino III has handled the Phillipines’ situation with China promptly and assertively.  Though the military and naval strength of the Phillipines is not up to par with China’s, or even Vietnam’s, the country has shown that they are a force to be reackoned with.  As a result, the Filipino citizens are fully in support of their government, with the world also nodding with approval.

The VCP should take a lesson from the Philippines and start standing up to China more sternly.  It is true that their strategy of bringing in the U.S. to the matter brings great benefits.  However, their constant abuse of human rights and continued spineless approach in dealing with the PRC’s aggression continues to impede the country’s growth.  The Vietnamese should take a tougher stance on China, and a more respectable approach in dealing with its own citizens.  Only then will true progress be achieved.


9 Responses to “Fierce On Their People, Meek To Their Enemies”

  1. By the way, if you didn’t know, China is throwing a tantrum at Russia (which is quite hilarious) for capturing their fishermen who were caught illegally poaching in Russia’s waters. They were so successful at bullying the small countries (Vietnam and the Philippines) in South China Sea, they thought they could bully their northern neighbor, Russia. Big mistake! I find it quite hilarious because in the past, China always captures other fishermen from small countries for violating their “sovereignty” but when Russia captures their fishermen, they started throwing tantrums! Just like North Korea.

    What goes around, comes around!

    • Asian Fraog Says:

      Reuters on July 1st demonstration:
      HANOI (Reuters) – Hundreds of Vietnamese demonstrated in Hanoi on Sunday against China’s moves to strengthen its claim to disputed islands in the South China Sea and its invitation to oil firms to bid for blocks in offshore areas that Vietnam claims as its territory.
      The authorities in Vietnam rarely allow public demonstrations and some bloggers said security forces had warned them against attending the rally, but the police made no attempt to disperse people, Nguyen Quang A, one of the protesters said.

      Where did you read police ‘ s violence ?

      Here is an interview by VOA on that same day (in vietnamese)

      Don’t let your political grudges blind you !

      • My observation is this the author of this blog’s opinions have based on a series of events that the communist government of Vietnam has demonstrated in a long term in dealing with the pirated government of china and Vietnamese people, not an event as you have shown. I believe the author of this blog has shown the facts. You are the one that let your “political grudges” blinded you.

  2. Asian Fraog Says:

    @ dong:
    Which facts did he show about police violence during those demonstrations ? Would you care to point them to me ?
    There is no comparaison between Vietnam and the Philippines because there is atreaty between US and the Pinoys which warrant US backing in case of chinese attack. That helps to be a loudmouth.
    For the White House prefers the Vietnam way rather the Philippines ‘one to deal with China. No one in the world would like to see a war break out now.

    • You must be sleeping the whole time since 2010? or what?.
      No one in the world would like to see war because their people has not been killed, pirated, terrorized by pirated Chinese and their own territory has not been invaded and occupied by pirated Chinese as has happened in Vietnam. Small war has already happened; it just the communist party of Vietnam does not want to admitted to the Vietnamese people. The Communist Party of Vietnam is in the pocket of the pirated Chinese is the reason the pirated Chinese has not not marched their forces into Vietnam. The Chinese wants to use the communist for their advantage to swallow Vietnam slowly without an all out war with Vietnam. If the Communist Party of Vietnam wants to deter or prevent an all out war with the chinese, they must let the chinese know the Vietnamese is determined to defend their territory no matter what by allowing their citizen to send that united massage to the chinese and the world on the streets.
      Even though the demonstration of the Viet has been suppressed by communist forces, but with time the Communist Party will be irrelevant if they keep doing it for the chinese and all out war with the chinese would be inevitable. To stop war with the Chinese, Vietnam must show the people’s strength.

      • The Vietnamese people should get rid of VCP (Vietnamese Communist Party). They’re traitors, cowards, and thieves who are willing to hand over Vietnam to China. The Vietnamese Communists don’t care about their country or their people and they only want power for themselves. The VCP stands in the way of progress and they should be dealt with FIRST before taking on China.


      • Asian Fraog Says:

        You’re the one who was sleeping for not knowing that Vietnam has geared up to stand firm against China .Vietnam has more coast guard vessels and maritme patrol aircrafts to prevent fishermen harassment.
        Very easy to push for war when one lives outside Vietnam and doesn’t risk to be called upon!
        The west wouldn’t appreciate that Vietnam jeopardizes the security of ASEAN or the world peace.. In this dispute with China ,Vietnam needs international support to bring the dispute to an international court.
        @ Tinh
        The VCP seemed to have some guts and brains to defeat the French, to get rid of the Americans and to slice like salami the chinese,And I’m nice for not mentioning the ARVN army..

  3. I think vietnamese people have to be brave et to support democraty and human rights for a better society.


  4. I agree, down with the commo`s. Don`t worry, they will be defeated and exterminated!!

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