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Breaking Down Joel Brinkley’s Racist Article

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Brinkley the RacistJoel Brinkley doesn’t need to find facts, facts find Joel Brinkley.

Meet Joel Brinkley.  Supposedly, he is a professor at Stanford University who teaches in the Faculty of Communications…  So you know this guy knows exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to biology and genetics, right?  After all, aren’t Communications professors all experts at biology?  Obviously not.  Joel Brinkley knows nothing about these subjects.  As a matter of fact, for someone in the arts, he sadly knows nothing about history either. This explains why the things he says in his article makes it more of a comical piece, as opposed to real academic writing.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, there is an article out there right now that speaks ill of the Vietnamese people, it’s author: Joel Brinkley.  There are a number of problems that the article poses, the most notable being that it’s racist, the other being that none of it makes any sense at all.  Heck, even those of us with no ability to distinguish scientists from scientologists can tell that Brinkley is a nut case for the things he is saying in his article.

For one, Captain ‘So-Not-Insane’ (I call him this for the ironic effect) thinks he can fabricate lies about the Vietnamese people and label them as having “aggressive tendencies” because they have too much meat in their diet.  Yeah, I know.  Joel Brinkley, ‘Professor,‘ thinks that we are an aggressive people because we eat meat and have too much protein in our diet.  Wait a minute! Who else eats meat, by the way? Oh right, just every other nation in the history of our earthly existence.  Good job, Joel, you failed miserably, and not just at one thing.  Furthermore, Vietnam, being an agricultural and coastal nation, lives majorly off of rice and seafood.  Once again, ‘professor,’ you fail miserably.

stanford-ovalHow Joel Brinkley became a professor at a fine American institution such as Stanford University, I will never understand.

Another thing, Joel Brinkley, ‘Professor,’ (wink) says that Vietnam has “always been an aggressive country,” fighting “17 wars with China since gaining independence” and repeatedly moving into Cambodia as a result of all that protein in our diet.  Somebody get this guy a cookie, he’s on a roll!  I can’t take Joel Brinkley seriously, call me nuts (or Brinkley), but I just can’t seem to come to grips with how someone with a university degree can be so darn stupid.  Maybe his PhD was from the same school Nguyen Tan Dung got his, who knows.

To address the claims of belligerence, since I must, the wars that we have fought with China are ones of self-defense and self-preservation.  They invaded us, occupied us, and threatened to end our existence.  As a result, we had no choice but to fight in order to keep them out.  If you’ve been reading my material, you know that this is fact and not just hearsay, myths, exaggeration, and fabrication like the works of Joel Brinkley.  He also claims that people in Vietnam like to capture squirrels, birds, rats, cats, dogs, tigers, and even rhinos as part of their meals.

Let me get this straight.  Yes, there are some degenerates in Vietnam, either that or people who are excessively poor and must live off anything they find (I blame the Communists), who eat dogs.  I actually cringe a bit at that, but nonetheless, that is something I know of and cannot deny.  Even then, that is limited to a very, very, very small part of the population, and is not limited to Vietnam alone.  Poor people in China and other countries in the region eat dog too, but you don’t hear the professor talk about that.  As for the allegations of eating small critters and rhinos, that is false.  Congratulations, Joel, you are a complete and utter failure at three different subjects.  Go home.

On a serious note, though, there is another possibility for why Joel Brinkley wrote such an unfair and despicable article.  There is a very real possibility, that I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Joel Brinkley, ‘Professor’ of Stanford University, has a hidden agenda in writing his article.  Maybe he isn’t stupid, maybe he knows exactly what’s wrong with his slanderous article.  There is something sinister about what Joel Brinkley is doing, and he’s doing it on the behalf of someone else.   I can’t say who it is without evidence, but I can tell you to put the pieces together.

Think, who in the world right now has a problem with Vietnam?  Who wants Vietnam to seem like an aggressive country, to stifle it from defending itself upon another invasion?  Who has had quarrels with Vietnam, has been staking claims to Vietnam’s land, and would benefit greatly from a negative portrayal of Vietnam?  Who has been trying to takeover Vietnam for the longest time, but failing continuously?  This is not the first time that they have tried to rewrite history, and, it saddens me to say, it won’t be the last.  With time, all the facts will come out.  In the meantime, just think about it.

Here is a link to Joel Brinkley’s article:–tms–amvoicesctnav-c20130129-20130129_1_dog-meat-da-nang-meat-eaters

Petitions for Brinkley’s removal have also been resoundingly successful, yet he refuses to resign: