The Tweet That is Winning Me Over to #TeamTrump2016, But Only Kind Of

Donald J. TrumpPhoto via Twitter @TIME

Before I get back to writing about Vietnamese politics and history, I want to take a minute and turn our attention to the U.S. presidential race. More specifically, I want to briefly discuss the current contest for the GOP leadership nomination, and its eccentric frontrunner, Mr. Donald J. Trump.

See, throughout the Republican leadership run so far, Trump has been making a spectacle of himself at every single turn. From riling up the Hispanic voters with his polarizing remarks about Mexican immigrants, to taking shots at Senator John McCain and questioning his war hero credentials, to bumping heads with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly on the Republican debate and thereafter, the GOP candidate and real estate mogul Donald Trump is causing a raucous everywhere he goes.

It’s entertaining, no doubt, but it does raise the question of whether Trump, given his character, is legitimately qualified to be the next president of the United States. At the start, I was one of the many to say no, he’s a buffoon, an imbecile, there is no way he is going to win the election come November 2016 and become the 45th president of the U.S.A. I’m still not exactly on board with Mr. Trump, but I have to admit, though, that watching him over the past few weeks, this guy is slowly starting to win me over, if only slightly.

One of the main reasons that is drawing me over to Team Trump stems from a tweet that The Donald posted on Twitter just a few days ago:

He just called out China directly in a tweet. I respect that. It’s no secret how I feel about Communist China, in regards to its economics, politics, and overall conduct on the international stage. The People’s Republic of China never plays by the rules, in economics or in foreign relations. It’s refreshing to see someone like The Donald speak out and address the problem openly and in a forward manner. He just tells it like it is. I like that.

In this case, he is talking about economics, but I would like to see what Trump’s views are when it comes to China’s cyber espionage and plagiarism of American technology and expertise. Furthermore, I want to see what The Donald has to say about the shoddy and toxic “Made in China” products, the communist nation’s blatant manipulation of its currency, and its overall belligerency in the Pacific. I know, I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. I’ll just pump the breaks on all these topics, at least until there are further developments, if there is even any.

The point here is that Donald Trump has the cojones to speak his mind and address the issue. He doesn’t beat around the bush, he gets straight to the point. Not only that, but he is not afraid to tackle any issue he deems relevant, and that to me, is a respectable trait in a presidential candidate.

It’s still early, there is more than 14 months left until the election, and the momentum can shift in any direction. I’m not saying that I have already pegged Trump as the leader of the Republican Party, or that I’m even supporting the Republicans, for that matter. All I’m doing here is weighing in on the current discussion, and pointing out some notable developments which I think are important. We’ll have to see, as the presidential race goes on, which candidate I will stand with (Stand With Rand? No, probably not.). Like I said, it’s still early, and anything can happen.

It’ll be an exciting race, that’s for sure.

5 Responses to “The Tweet That is Winning Me Over to #TeamTrump2016, But Only Kind Of”

  1. If (or when) China and Viet Nam go to war over the South China Sea, whose side would you be on and what would you like to see the U.S. do in such a war? China is becoming very aggressive there, even going so far as to create completely artificial islands to extend its territorial claims and also ramming Vietnamese fishing boats.

    • I could write a full length article based in this question, but in short:

      1. Since China is and will be the belligerent, I definitely would not side with them. Absolutely not.

      2. As much as I hope Vietnam would fight back against China’s aggression, the VCP are cowards, and firmly under China’s thumb, so we know that won’t happen, sadly.

      3. If a war between Vietnam and China were to occur in the Pacific, I would like to see the U.S. play a role in opposing China’s expansionism in the seas. It probably won’t be a military role, realistically, unless China has the audacity to provoke the U.S. militarily. At the very least, though, I would hope that the U.S. takes a moral and economic stand against a belligerent China in the region.

      4. From the looks of things, it does not seem likely that a “war” would breakout between Vietnam and China, because it takes at least two sides to fight a war. My prediction in this situation: China moves in, Vietnam communists rolls over, just like they always do. It’s sad, but true.

      That’s my brief observation. Good question.

  2. Michaela Smith Says:

    I think it’s only fair that you should give CSVN the benefit of the doubt. Why? because VN’s economy depended a great deal on China; also, China’s military is more powerful than VN. So confront China straight on is a death wish. Also, two wrongs don’t make a right and if this wasn’t so apparent, VN wouldn’t have the support of the majority now. It’s easy to criticize when you are an outsider with an agenda. I want VNCH back in charge too but NOT at the risk of dividing the country again. CSVN recent alliance with US is a great move in the right direction. It’s only a matter of time before VN becomes more democratic and with TPP on the horizon, human rights must be respected too. Vietnamese, united we stand! Our enemy is China not with each other.

  3. @Smith
    I like to share my thought in response to your comments:

    1. “Giving CSVN the benefit of the doubt”: It is very kind of you. Vietnamese as a whole had given VC the benefit of the doubt since 1970. For the past 40 years, what the VC has done is commit crimes against humanity, terrorism, and selling out the country to China for the leaders’ personal gain. It is unjust to provide “the benefit of the doubt” to a well known and dangerous criminal, CSVN.

    2. “I want to bring VNCH back in charge too but not at the risk of dividing the country again.” Interesting thought. I do not know where you got this idea from. I do not believe that establishing a just, free, and democratic society means risking dividing the country again. There are about 8 million party members and affiliates, who benefit under the current totalitarian regime, who may oppose establishing a just, free, and democratic society. So let it be. That is what democracy all about.

    3. “CSVN recent alliance with US is a great move in the right direction”: That is a right move… if it were true. To be honest with you, I do not trust this alliance. Seriously, Trong went to the US because as a response to the Chinese leadership looking down on him. In fact, Chinese leaders treat the VC leaders like a bunch of stupid kids. The visit Trong made to the US is comparable to an act of an upset kid, not the action to make an alliance with the US for VN’s interest, or to embrace freedom or democracy at all. The day Trong made a visit to the Whitehouse; Dung’s speech still treated the US as enemy and China as their comrades and friends. Since coming back to VN from the US visit, Trong has made numerous speeches to inform the party members that the authoritarian regime is here to stay. That means no respect for REAL human rights or democracy. They will do some superficial and fake things to satisfy Obama-Kerry for TPP’s requirements. In short, there is NO ALLIANCE between VN and the US.

    On the US side, it appeared that Obama and Kerry are desperate to embrace VC unconditionally for the policy “Pivot to the Asian Pacific,” even at the expense of the so called American principles of “human rights, freedom, and democracy”. To me Obama-Kerry has given the VC a license to crush anyone in VN speaking out and promoting human rights, freedom of speech, and democracy. It a shame, really.

    4. “Vietnamese, united we stand! Our enemy is China not with each other”: You are right. “United” is one of the requirements for VN to successfully drive out the Chinese invader. You definitely can say that “united” is a “necessary” condition; we now need a sufficient condition, which is a “bright leader”. For the past 2000 years, Vietnam has been always the underdog compared to China’s military might, may be ten times or more, but we have successfully crushed the Chinese invaders every time because Vietnamese have been united under a “Bright Leader”. None of the 16 guys in the Politburo of VC has that quality, to say the least. I have been waiting for someone to emerge from these 16 guys to take the lead and transform the country, but I have been disappointed, time after time after time. To me in order to defend our country effectively and build a prosperous society, the VC regime has to go. No other choice.

  4. […] months ago, when the GOP leadership race was just kicking into high gear, I wrote a column expressing my unexpected support for billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump. I praised his willingness to tackle the difficult issues, to speak his mind, and to get straight […]

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