TREASON: Communist Government Leases VIETNAMESE Lands to China for the Next Century

Trong Lu the Bastard(Original photo via VOA)

The Communist Government in Vietnam has taken another devastating step in their quest to hand all of Vietnam over to China.

According to Asia News, the Vietnamese Communist Party, through its fake National Assembly, is preparing for a mock “vote” that will see the ceding of key Vietnamese territory over to China for 99 years, under the guise of what they are calling “special administrative economic zones.”

If the vote passes (and it will, because the communist voting process is a scam, and all decisions have been made beforehand by Party leadership), China will gain full access to several vital locations in Vietnam. These areas, which have been described as “Chinese economic hubs,” are Vietnamese territory that include, “Vân Đồn (Quảng Ninh province), Bắc Vân Phong (Khánh Hòa) and on Phú Quốc Island (Kiên Giang).”

Besides their historical significance, these regions also hold many important economic and strategic aspects, such as natural resources, tourism hubs, shipping lanes, trade routes, and border crossings. Furthermore, these three zones are evenly spread out across the northern, central, and southern regions of Vietnam, making Vietnam vulnerable on all fronts against Chinese encroachment.

The acquisition of these territories, under the pretense of economics, will give China free reign to exploit these Vietnamese lands and all of its resources, and to govern and enforce these lands as they see fit.

Many are warning that, “once in control of these three economic zones, Beijing could deploy armed forces to protect its interests. Once they have granted the concession, Vietnamese authorities will no longer have access to the territories.”

Furthermore, others fear that “By getting these territories, China could control almost all of Vietnam by 2020, exercising its ‘soft power’ on the local economy, finance and culture.”

In short, the Vietnamese Communist Party has, once again, taken a step that gives China a stronger chokehold over Vietnam and its people. The Communist Party in Vietnam are all traitors, cowards, and bastards, who have committed unforgivable crimes against the nation of Vietnam and all of its people, and will continue to do so until Vietnam is no more.

We must not let that happen.



For anyone who currently wants to take action, but is struggling to figure out how, I would like to share something with you.

The full idea is long, complicated, and the project is still in progress, but for now, here is an introduction.

We all have different skills, tools, and conceptions on how to combat Communism and bring freedom to Vietnam. This one is mine:

Vietnamese Republicanism (Chủ Nghĩa Cộng Hòa Việt Nam) is a political ideology, one that is founded on the three pillars of Democracy (Dân Chủ), Human Rights (Nhân Quyền), and National Defense (Bảo Vệ Quốc Gia). The goal of Vietnamese Republicanism is to destroy Communism and the Communist Party in Vietnam, and establish a free, independent, and strong Vietnamese Republic in its place.

The original English version of “Chapter 1” can be reached HERE, and the Vietnamese translation of the chapter can be reached HERE.

Please give it a read (may take 10-15 minutes per chapter), and if you see merit in what you read, please consider sharing it with your friends, family, or the public. Methods of sharing can begin with social media, word of mouth, and email, but I encourage you to think of other ways, unconventional ways to spread this information.

The more people know about this Vietnamese Republicanism idea, the stronger our position in the fight against the communists will be. We want to reach the people inside Vietnam, most of all, because they have the power to fight from within the country, which is essential.

This is not the only way to fight against the communists, but it is one way, and I believe it will be effective.

If you’re looking for a way to fight against the communists, then may I propose you help spread the word about Vietnamese Republicanism (Chủ Nghĩa Cộng Hòa Việt Nam).

You can start by posting the link of Vietnamese Republicanism / Chủ Nghĩa Cộng Hòa Việt Nam to any social media platform and hitting the “share” button. Then you can come up with more ideas from there. The means don’t matter, as long as the message is delivered. Keep that in mind as you get creative, innovate, and come up with awesome new ideas to reach our ONE objective: Freedom for Vietnam.

Let’s start now.

6 Responses to “TREASON: Communist Government Leases VIETNAMESE Lands to China for the Next Century”

  1. Steffie Pham Says:

    Greetings Ian,
    I am fighting back tears and shaking as I write this. I want to share this with you, as of 2010 we have secretly known about this through an ex Republican Senator (during the Reagan administration) who is our friend (and client) had told my husband in private that the VCP would ‘hand over’ Vietnam based on the secret criminal ‘contract’ between the VCP and CCP. That this traitorous action by the VCP would already take place at the earliest by 2014 but go public by 2020. My husband was in total shock and could not believe it. But our friend assured and confirmed my husband that this would unfortunately happen.

    I will get back with you on a second reply tonight as I have something to do.

    All best,


  2. Steffie Pham Says:

    Hi Ian,

    I’ve read your proposition of Vietnamese Republicanism and felt very positive about it so far and have shared with friends and family also various Vietnamese media Youtubers. This is only the beginning stages, but we must NOT waiver, and must keep the faith. Also, even though we are not inside Vietnam but we can pray, focus and send positive rays of energy to help from afar to support the freedom fighters and protesters.

    All best,


  3. Steffie Pham Says:

    Ian, you and others you know please call (202) 456-1414 to let the White House know that: VIET NAM NEEDS HELP! Please Do it now.

  4. Steffie Pham Says:

    Hi Ian,

    After many hours of discussions with my husband and close friends about the Vietnamese Republicanism that you proposed, well I never expected such strong differences of opinion and counter propositions to your Vietnamese Republicanism. In short, when you propose any thing that has “Chủ Nghĩa” as sub-text it touches on a very sensitive issue. You need to do further and more in-depth research about the historical context of it and how HCM used that same method of “chủ nghiã” to be borne what has become ĐCSVN. In short, please reconsider this VR proposal and am curious to the flag symbol as icon image next to the VR proposal…if you can explain, appreciate it.

    Thanks, and soldier on my friend.

    • Hi Steffie,

      Thank you for your feedback and sharing Vietnamese Republicanism with your family and friends. I’d be happy to answer your questions and concerns.

      The point you made about “chủ nghiã” is very insightful and one that I, to be honest, did not take into consideration when crafting Vietnamese Republicanism. How I came to use the phrase “chủ nghiã” happened by circumstance, I suppose.

      When I started brainstorming Vietnamese Republicanism, it was all in English. Though I speak both languages, English is my predominant language of communication, and thus, was the language in which I began creating this idea. And so, when it came time for me to translate Vietnamese Republicanism into Vietnamese, I translated the idea directly from English into Vietnamese (“Cộng Hòa” meaning “Republic,” and “Chủ Nghiã” meaning the “-ism” at the end of it).

      I really didn’t think much of it as I did so, and that is the gist of how the phrase “Chủ Nghĩa Cộng Hòa Việt Nam” came to be. Semantically, “Chủ Nghĩa Cộng Hòa Việt Nam” is just how I translated “Vietnamese Republicanism” from English into Vietnamese.

      To tell you the truth, I am open to dropping the phrase “Chủ Nghiã” from “Cộng Hòa Việt Nam,” while still retaining its English equivalent “Vietnamese Republicanism.” I predict that it may take some time and consideration before I find a suitable replacement phrase that will allow “Vietnamese Republicanism” to retain its meaning when translated into Vietnamese. However, I am open to doing so, and encourage suggestions, debate, and discussion on the matter.

      And to answer your question about the flag symbolism, I made that decision based on my desire to explicitly state whose side Vietnamese Republicanism stands on. In choosing to incorporate the three stripes into Vietnamese Republicanism’s symbolism, I want to make it clear that this idea stems from an allegiance and loyalty to the old Republic of Vietnam.

      It was a tough call, because to omit my explicit identification with the old Republic of Vietnam, I felt that Vietnamese Republicanism risked being ambiguous and wavering in regards to its allegiance. South Vietnam left behind a noble legacy, with countless priceless lessons in which future generations will undoubtedly learn from. By including the old Republic of Vietnam’s symbolism into Vietnamese Republicanism’s ideology, I want to place the noble legacy of the Republic of Vietnam at the forefront of this fight against Communism. I said in my first chapter that the legacy of the Republic of Vietnam is a guiding light for all Vietnamese people in our fight. Thus, keeping the Republic of Vietnam’s flag at the center of Vietnamese Republicanism’s symbolism is a way to send that message, and make sure that we never forget our past or lose sight of our objective: Freedom for our Country.

      To the concerns of my fellow Vietnamese who worry about my inclusion of the three stripes in Vietnamese Republicanism’s symbolism, I must say that I absolutely do not intend to change, replace, deface, or disrespect the Heritage and Freedom flag, otherwise known as the Republic of Vietnam (Việt Nam Cộng Hòa) flag. The Heritage and Freedom flag will always stand as the symbol of the Vietnamese people, the national flag of the former Republic of Vietnam, and, if so chosen by the future generations, the national flag of Vietnam once Communism is overthrown and destroyed.

      In crafting Vietnamese Republicanism, I believe it is important for me to define explicitly which side I stand with in this fight. By including Việt Nam Cộng Hòa and its symbolism in my work, it is my aim to declare clearly which side I am on. The three stars and three stripes I have chosen to represent Vietnamese Republicanism do not mean to serve as a national flag, but rather, a representation, a seal that clearly and concisely states the values and objectives of Vietnamese Republicanism.

      If you imagine a big American flag waving, with a smaller state flag waving under it, perhaps you can get a sense of my intention for the relationship between the greater Heritage and Freedom flag and the smaller Vietnamese Republicanism flag. The Việt Nam Cộng Hòa (Heritage and Freedom) flag will always be the national flag. Vietnamese Republicanism is simply a smaller companion to it, a proud offspring of this bright legacy. I hope that this, along with my discussion of Vietnamese Republicanism’s symbolism in Chapter 1 answers your question.

      Thank you Steffie for your dedication and support. Though I may not always get a chance to reply, I hope you know that I do read your messages and feedback, and am deeply grateful for your comments.

      I look forward to further discussions with you in the future. Keep fighting the good fight.

      All the best,

      • Steffie Trinh Says:

        Hi Ian,

        I was very surprised and excited when I saw your email. To tell you the truth, I did not expect a reply from you at all, let alone, in such a short time. For the last week my husband and I have been very absorbed and emotionally tired thinking about what is going on inside of Vietnam. Like all of us that have love ones, relatives and family still stuck in Vietnam, we have been extremely concern and extremely worried for the protesters.

        I tell you what, I promise you I will get back with you soon enough per your Vietnamese Republicanism in further discussion. As for now, can I please share with you a video clip of a modern day patriotic herione (one of several out there, Ms. Trang Lê is another, and of course, the one and only Lisa Phậm) in the vein of theTrưng sisters. Her name is Emily Page Lê. I hope you support their cause as they are the “real McCoy” so to speak among so many fake and phony “patriotic” Vietnamese in the mix. Btw, the troublemaker ones, aka, fake ‘patriots’, are CCP underlings. In Vietnamese, they are called: “Tình Báo Hoa Nam”.

        Click on the link attached, view and see for yourself. I assume you can understand Vietnamese, yes?!

        All Best,

        Steffie T.

        On Fri, Jun 15, 2018 at 1:27 PM, Freedom For Vietnam wrote:

        > Ian Pham commented: “Hi Steffie, Thank you for your feedback and sharing > Vietnamese Republicanism with your family and friends. I’d be happy to > answer your questions and concerns. The point you made about “chủ nghiã” is > very insightful and one that I, to be honest, did ” >

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