Bitter Democrat Posts Misleading Tweet About Trump Rally in West Virginia, Is Sad

Trump Rally WV Meme(Artwork 😂 by Freedom For Vietnam)

This isn’t really news, because outside of Twitter, no one really cares. Plus, the guy who posted this isn’t what one would call “relevant,” either. But regardless, I observed the guy doing the deed, and decided to write about it for you all, as a reminder of what Democrats are all about.

The story goes something like this.

President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America (I love saying the whole thing because it still makes liberals very, very angry 😡) held a rally in West Virginia last week. The stadium was packed, the crowd was energized, the atmosphere was electric, and overall, the event was a rousing success.

One can easily see from these pictures tweeted by the president himself:

Trump Rally - WV (Aug. 21, 2018) (3)Trump Rally - WV (Aug. 21, 2018) (2)Trump Rally - WV (Aug. 21, 2018)

Filled to the brim. Another great rally for America’s yugely successful commander-in-chief.

But one Democrat is telling you otherwise.

Take a look at this tweet from Scott Dworkin – Democrat strategist, Trump hater, and professional bullshitter – to see for yourself.

Yeah, he lied. This guy took CNN crybaby Jim Acosta’s video prior to the rally, when the stadium was only half full, and tried to make it seem as if no one showed up. He knew he was full of shit, and that he was misleading the public by posting the tweet, but went ahead and did it anyway.

One Trump supporter decided to fight back on Twitter, in response to Dworkin’s deliberate misinformation.

And there you have it.

This isn’t the first time that Democrats have tried something like this. Dave Weigel of the Washington Post did the exact same thing back in December 2017, looking like a jackass then too.

Weigel Tweet

One must wonder: What the hell are these people thinking when they pull crap like this? They’re idiots before they post the false reporting, and they’ll remain idiots afterwards, just even more so for lying to the public (… and probably to themselves 😂).

And they wonder why the public doesn’t trust them. And they wonder why people call them #FakeNews.


Vote Republican this November for more law and order, economic prosperity, and liberal tears 😭. #MAGA


3 Responses to “Bitter Democrat Posts Misleading Tweet About Trump Rally in West Virginia, Is Sad”

  1. Here’s the principle problem I have with Donald Trump, I…don’t really see him as a Republican? Frankly, half the time I see him as closer to the democratic party then the Republican. A couple years ago I might of said that i’d vote for the likes of Sanders, but Centrist rhetoric doesn’t really cut it with me. I kind of view as both sides of the political spectrum(In the United States.) as basically the same side these days.

    The only real difference is that Trump Plutocratic and Authoritarian(Which is not to say Sanders, or ESPECIALLY Hilary Clinton aren’t, they are, and it’s telling.) and Democrats/Republicans sort of go around in circles posting these fake or exaggerated stories with one another, but don’t actually tackle real issues. People are more fixated on who had the bigger inauguration, who said the N-word on a tape, etc, etc, rather then talk about real issues like immigration policies(No, I don’t mean sensationalist stories about kids being stripped from their parents, though that is a problem.) or how our education system has plummeted to like 39th in the country right now.

    So speaking candidly here, as a Vietnamese and as anyone who read my other post here, I am a liberal. Call me a communist sympathizer, whatever, I actually do like some of what the PAVN did so there ya go, Son of a soldier in the ARVN who I sometimes agree with, sometimes disagree with. It might surprise you to learn that I basically, abstained from voting in a moral capacity, but my preferred outcome for the election these days was Donald Trump. Why? Right now we have a number of wars in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, funding many of the operations undertaken by the IDF, the list goes on, and on, and on. Hilary, in the style of the democratic party, is a rabid regime changing warhawk.

    Donald Trump when he first came into office might of been a sexist, racist, whatever…at the very least if you’ve watched his speeches it’s hard to deny the man has a couple screws loose. But he was going to get us out of all the bad deals, that includes troop withdraws and probably getting out of the insane forever war we’re stuck with in Afghanistan.

    This week has really shaken my…not faith, but um, I guess, pragmatism in cheering the Republican party on to an extent? Sure Donald Trumps done a few snubs to John Mccain and he’s not going to be invited to the mans funeral, but it really concerns me how fast and how consistently both Democrats and Republicans are churning out to lionize Mccain.

    Now i’m no expert on much of anything really, but even among Republican Vietnamese I think it would be a hard sell to find people who would advocate for the USA to intervene to the extent they did, or even at all. It forced the hand of the Chinese and Russians, caused enormous collateral damage, and killed a lot of people on the South as well as the North, and rendered many more homeless. John Mccain is, besides my engraved distaste for anyone who participated as a ground bomber in operation Rolling Thunder, an extreme interventionist and I am mildly concerned that a lot of the micro military campaigns right now are going to get worse.

    So far Trump hasn’t been as extreme of a warmonger as i’d expect out of Hilary or even Sanders(if in part due to the fact Trumps outsider status keeps him from towing the party line effectively.) and i’m worried that after this Trump may of turned around on intervention, some of his policy choices certainly reflect that as of late. Both Rudy Juliani and John Bolton have supported ultra-extreme Marxist-Islamic groups in Iran, and whether you are republican, democrat, or independent that should bother you.

    I just worry that all the Vietnamese voters churning out for MAGA last year might of made a huge mistake, but it’s a complex issue.

    • I like Trump because he is REAL, he is courageous, and he is smart. Clinton, Bush, and Obama was NOT.

      • Real? Pre-election, for better or worse, Trump was very real and outspoken on various issues that most Republican candidates would not touch. Smart? Let’s be candid, no one who made it to the highest office in the United States is stupid, it would be madness to believe so considering all the hoops between any one individual and the oval office. What really matters, more then anything is where that intellect is directed.

        The courage part is what worries me, because I see Trump making a lot of backdowns lately. He identified, rather correctly, that as it stands the United States could split it’s budget in half and still have the largest spending of any defense on earth and at least, his campaigns original iteration, he wanted to back out of the pointless interventionist wars the United States had involved itself in. We’ve gotten entangled in like, a dozen mini-Vietnams at this point and it’s tearing apart our economic structure.

        Unfortunately troops have not been withdrawn from Syria, Iraq and Libya have no real plans to combat the terrorist hives they’ve become and America is not willing to let it’s mistakes be and pull out. Afghanistan remains a forever war, seemingly championed as a ‘Good War’ in the same style as Obama. Trump now openly celebrates the lives of war criminals like Mccain beside the likes of Sanders and Clinton, and most tellingly he move our embassy in Israel even though he said and knew back during the election that siding with either Israel or Palestine would break any peaceful resolution.

        Trump is no longer a straight talker, his mind on China and NK was changed in ten minutes of talking to Xi Ping and daily schooling by generals and advisers on the importance of America’s physical supremacy as a military, rather then a focus on cyber-warfare or the economic threats China poses with it’s new super trade route, seems to be taking root in his head as of the last year.

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