Video: Dear Obama, “SIT. YOUR. ASS. DOWN.” From a Black Trump Supporter

Henry Davis(Twitter / Henry Davis)

Just another day in the twittersphere.

Henry Davis, a Twitter user and African-American Trump supporter, had a few choice words for former president Barack Obama, in response to the latest attempt by the jealous previous president to undermine the yugely successful current president. The following video was posted by Davis a few days ago, and has garnered over 267,000 views so far. Seeing it cross my timeline, I gave it a watch, and found it to be very interesting and worthy of a share.

For those who don’t know, Obama made a speech late last week at the University of Illinois. Launching a fiery yet pathetically passive-aggressive attack on President Donald Trump, one can see that Obama was up to his usual condescending, lecturing, and truth-bending ways again. Only now, after a year and a half of President Trump, and all of the accomplishments, breakthroughs, and truths brought to light by Trump’s leadership, the words of Obama don’t seem to carry much weight anymore.

Not only that, but the things that we the people were willing to overlook about Obama in the past, such as his patronizing demeanor, his reliance on rhetoric, metaphors, and flowery language to avoid accountability and addressing real issues, and his willingness deliberate distortion of current affairs to glorify himself, all of these things were on full display last Friday, only more blatantly and obnoxiously than ever. Watching Obama eloquently talk down to America as if we were children, and watching him stick up his nose while lying to my face, caused me to become even more fed up with him than I realized was possible.

So when I came across Henry Davis’s video, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Yes.” “This.”

I’m not saying I agree with 100% of what Davis is saying in his video, but I did find myself nodding along a lot as I watched.

If you’re interested, here is the video below (Caution: It comes at you quick, so mind the volume):

What I like about this video is that it really encapsulates the mood of what many people of color (such as myself) feel about Democrats, contemporary liberalism, and the current state of affairs today.

Now, I don’t want to speak for Henry Davis, so I will clarify that what comes next are my own personal views on the matter.

By my assessment, I get the sense that for whatever reason, because of my skin color, Democrats feel entitled to my vote. Just because of my ethnicity, the Democrats think I am automatically predisposed to vote for their party, regardless of what my views are. By exploiting the virtues of diversity, tolerance, and acceptance, the Democrats have watered down these values, turning them into mere buzzwords, slogans, and political leverage.

From the way they talk, one would think that liberals owned the idea of diversity, tolerance, and inclusiveness. They behave as if the only way you can be tolerant, compassionate, or accepting, is if you are a liberal, that you only vote Democrat, and that you wholeheartedly endorse the “progressive” open borders, anti-military, and pro-socialist agenda of the radical left. If you are white and you disagree with liberals, then you are labeled a bigot, a racist, a sexist, and a white supremacist, among many other names. If you are not white and you disagree with liberals, then you are an “Uncle Tom,” a sellout, a puppet, an idiot, a bigot, a racist, a sexist, and, hilariously enough, a white supremacist, among many other names.

They, the left, use identity politics, race baiting, and the self-victimization mentality to convince me that I need them, that they’re “fighting for me,” and that without them, I would be nothing. The whole “you’re a minority and you need my help” ideology of the Democrats and radical leftists is an insult, and a slap in the face of all hardworking people everywhere, whether black, white, Hispanic, Asian, or otherwise.

Modern-day liberalism is a joke, breeding mentally and emotionally weak people who are so soft, entitled, and easily offended that they are willing to relinquish their rights to the government in exchange for protection from hurt feelings and the promise that “no one will ever make you feel this way again.” It is a dangerous ideology that encourages dependency, disparages hard and honest work, and vilifies one of the most treasured principles of the free world: Equal opportunity for all.

Liberalism today not only scapegoats men, Caucasians, and heterosexuals, but also scapegoats strong and independent women, strong and independent minorities, and strong and independent LGBT people who choose to disagree with the leftist mob and think for themselves. It is a toxic ideology, one that breeds hate, division, and blame, transferring responsibility away from the individual towards an abstract other, a faceless bigot or bully who is the source of all of one’s problems – problems that Democrats promise to make go away, as long as we vote for them, as long as we depend on them, and as long as we do what they say.

Don’t fall for that trap anymore. Barack Obama is the last straw.

The days of the Democratic Party are numbered, and it is unknown yet what new movement will take their place in the future.

However, and this is merely a recommendation – for the short time being, I encourage everyone to vote Republican this November in the midterm elections. The Democrats have let us down for eight years and beyond, while politely talking down to us and lying straight to our faces the entire time.

Those days are over now.

We’re finally headed in the right direction with President Trump. And so, let’s keep the momentum going, and let’s make this a lasting change.

Let’s walk away from the Democrats, once and for all.

3 Responses to “Video: Dear Obama, “SIT. YOUR. ASS. DOWN.” From a Black Trump Supporter”

  1. I think the primary problem I have with this piece is you keep using the word liberalism and leftism interchangeably, politically speaking the democratic party is not the left. The democratic party, and yes that includes Bernie Sanders, is not even on the left side of the spectrum. They are imperialistic centrists, closer in alignment to Donald Trump then most republican candidates these days. This is why PragerU(Correctly) pointed out, despite being a Republican propaganda machine, that the term Liberal has never been left. Liberal was a term adopted by the democratic party to convince Leftists to vote for them, for all intents and purposes.

    And really you don’t need to look much farther then Donald Trumps political ideology and how he chooses to present himself to realize that he is in effect, just a less eloquent President Obama. Less dangerous because he’s business centric and focused on personal wealth, rather then the deconstruction of foreign regimes. Essentially pointing at the Democratic party and saying ‘Look how weak these socialists are’ is the functional equal of pointing at Pol Pot and saying look how horrific communism is while tacitly ignoring the backing they received from the United States and Margret Thatcher. It’s why John Bolten supports ‘Marxist’ extremists in Iran, the politics don’t line up in terminology, but what they want to do and the end result does.

    This is why the Republican party does pretty much the same thing in terms of discussion as the Liberal media. Instead of Black people it’s white people, instead of health care and education it’s the military and religion, which is not to say the Democratic party isn’t a mess of militaristic sociopaths with tactics ripped right out of Westemorelands playbook, it’s just they prefer drones and proxy soldiers to actual flesh and blood Americans.

    The core of Republican ideology, and Democratic ideology, is the transference of blame on to the other. The bigot of race, or the bigot of religion. The hatred of personal freedom, or the hatred of cooperation, and you can see this the most in how they choose to speak to one another. It’s abstract hatred, the creation of straw-man, the imaginary supervillians of flights and fancy designed to rob us of our individual freedom. Even if you’re right leaning, I can’t imagine you’d find the Republican party as anything but weak and impotent. It’s probably why the Alt-Right exists, before they were also subsumed by corporate media.

    If you want change, do not vote Democrat or Republican. They are virtually identical to one another. Vote for a third party of your choice, because there is nothing int eh two party system that will change America in any great way. The constraints of politics, of media, make it anathema, even for Donald Trump.

  2. Steffie Pham Says:

    Liked and shared!! Thanks Ian, keep up the good fight.

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