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Praying For Japan

Posted in IV. Columns, Society with tags , , , , on March 12, 2011 by Ian Pham

By now, most of us have heard about the catastrophe that has taken place in Japan in the past day.  Just a day after a major earthquake had devastated many Japanese cities, a massive Tsunami struck, destroying thousands upon thousands of houses, stores, factories, and everything else in its path.  Many people are stranded in areas like flooded homes and schools, while many others are waiting to be rescued from various locations spread through the rubble and debris.

Currently, the number of civilian deaths is believed to be around 1000, though that number will probably change as relief teams continue their search and rescue mission.  The earthquake in Japan happened on friday afternoon, the Tsunami occurred shortly after.  The magnitude of the earthquake was 8.9, the strongest to ever take place in the history of Japan.

As a result of these disastrous events, thousands of homes are destroyed and many lives are lost.  The Japanese government is trying everything they can to bring the survivors to safety, the rest of the world should participate as well.  Our thoughts go out to the Japanese people, and anyone who is at risk in Japan right now.  We must mourn for those who have lost their loved ones, pray that all the survivors return safely, and send our best wishes for anyone and everyone involved in this catastrophe.  One love.