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One More Version of “DMCS” That You Need to Hear, It’s the Remix

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DMCS Remix Performed by LDleKINGImage via Youtube

I’ve shared two versions of the popular song “Fuck Communism,” or “DMCS,” on this blog already, so it only makes sense to share the last version for you all to hear. There’s one more out there, it’s the remix, and it’s performed by LDleKING, a fellow rapper and friend of the original version’s author, Nah.

This is technically the second version, since it was released shortly following the original back in January of this year, with the English version by Mondega released several months after that in April.

There are no subtitles for this one, unfortunately for my English listeners. But fret not, for the subject matter is still the same, and I will make a little summary for you all below the video. Vietnamese-speaking listeners should not have a problem understanding this song.

Here is “DMCS (Remix),” and since it is performed by a rapper from the same circle as Nah, and is recognized by Nah, I guess we can call it the “Official Remix.”

Summary: In terms of lyrics, the subject matter is similar to the other versions. LDleKING rips the communists apart, pointing out how stupid they are, how pathetic they are, how they are traitors to the nation, and how they are absolute losers. Like the other versions, LDleKING doesn’t pull any punches in verbally destroying the Vietnamese Communist Party, which makes this song fun to listen to as well. It’s fantastic.

Well, there you have it, people. Another fire track by another talented Vietnamese musician. Keep fighting the good fight, fellas.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

… And remember: Fuck communism.

I Don’t Know Who Mondega Is, But He Performs “DMCS 2,” It’s in English, and You All Should Listen

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DMCS 2 Performed By MondegaImage via Youtube

The headline pretty much speaks for itself. Rapper Nah’s Youtube channel has this alternate version of “DMCS,” aka “Fuck Communism” on it, performed by a rapper who goes by the name Mondega, and, great news, it’s all in English.

This track has a different beat and different lyrics than the original, but the subject matter is still the same. The communists are garbage, they ruined the country, and they deserve to die. It’s a good listen, and for my people overseas, the song, like I said, is in English, so you can all enjoy it! Sadly, there is no Vietnamese translation for those of you reading from Vietnam, but if you’re already reading this, then you can understand it anyways, so it’s all good!

(Note: I wouldn’t use the close captions (CC) button for this one, it’ll just make you laugh.)

Here’s “DMCS 2/Fuck Communism 2,” performed by Mondega. Enjoy!

Some notable lines from the song:

“… Communism sounds good until you grow up in this shit.”

“This is the predicament, underneath the politics.

I just think democracy’s a better way to live.”

“It’s about to be a war, I’m just raising my army.

I check my website and Hanoi seems to be on it.”

“If I should die a martyr, I just hope you see my vision.

I’m just a freedom fighter, disguised as a musician.”

Keep spittin’ that truth, Mondega.

Fuck communism.

This New Song by a Vietnamese Rapper Bashing the Communists Will Make You Want to Dance Like No One is Watching, Yell Out “F**k Communism!” With The Windows Down

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D.M.C.S.Okay, maybe not exactly, but there is in fact a new song out there that has been making waves on the internet. Written and performed by Saigon rapper Son Nah, “DMCS,” or “Địt Mẹ Cộng Sản,” which in English means, “Fuck Communism,” is an aggressive lyrical onslaught that completely tears the Vietnamese Communist Party to pieces. Corruption, cowardice, being morons that are unfit to govern, all of the things that we so often cover on this website in regards to the communists, Nah covers it all in “DMCS,” with his own poetic style, backed up by a hard and catchy beat.

Born and raised in Vietnam, the young lyricist Nah is currently studying overseas in the United States. Before coming to the U.S., Nah had already made a name for himself in Saigon’s hip-hop music scene. Even prior to his departure from Vietnam to the U.S., Nah had created music that brings to light the social decay that is rampant in Vietnamese society under the current regime. It was not until his arrival in the United States however, with the freedom of the press and absence of authoritarian censorship, did Nah see just how repressive and self-destructive the state of Vietnam currently is. With the free-flow of information, news, and unabated coverage of how corrupted, cowardly, and depraved the Vietnamese Communist Party truly is, Nah became inspired to speak about the matter in his new controversial track, “DMCS.”

The powerful and provocative subject matter in Nah’s song is reminiscent of our courageous brother Viet Khang. The key difference however, is that Viet Khang’s lyrics, though equally passionate and forceful, are more restrained, elegant, civil. Nah’s lyrics on the other hand, are just straight up nasty. If I could use one word to describe his work, I would simply state it as raw. And man, is it ever raw. With the lyrical versatility that a musical genre such as hip-hop music provides, our guy Nah just unloads on the Communist Party in his rhymes, saying what we’ve already been saying all this time, but with a fearless and defiant flow.

I tend to limit the use of profanity on this blog, but in this instance, I will make an exception. And, if I do say so myself, even though it may or may not make you want to dance like no one is watching (it might), and/or yell out, “Fuck Communism!” with your windows down (it will), I would just like to say that this track is, and I’m not even sarcastic here, straight fiyaaa!

It’s pretty damn good, folks. Just check it out for yourself.

(Note to my non-Vietnamese speakers: This song is in Vietnamese, but Son Nah has included the English subtitles, so that all of us can appreciate what he has to say. Just click on the “cc” button at the bottom right corner of the video (after pressing play) to enable the subtitles. Alright, now just sit back, relax, and enjoy.)

This won’t be the last we’ll hear of Nah. From the looks of things, it’s only the beginning. He’s spoken in an interview on SBTN, he’s made an insightful video on Youtube commenting on why he believes Vietnamese society is in serious trouble, and in terms of music, he has been and continues to come out with fresh new material. This guy is going places.

On a related note, I just can’t help but think of this after listening to Nah’s song.

Flag Pull Down

Fuck Communism.

No Church In The Wild

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It may seem odd to see a Jay-Z and Kanye West video posted on a blog like Freedom For Vietnam, but bare with me.  This is Jay-Z and Kanye West featuring Frank Ocean, “No Church In The Wild”, off of Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch the Throne album.  The reason for the sharing of this video has less to do with lyrics, and more to do with the imagery.  This video shows the people rising up and waging war against police authorities, something that is perfectly applicable to Vietnam’s current situation.

Citizens of Vietnam are subjected to cruel and violent treatment by the Communist police 24/7, and are no strangers to police brutality.  In Vietnam’s police state, the authorities reign supreme over the population.  They terrorize the population for their own benefits, and they do so with impunity.  To this day, the people of Vietnam remain subjugated by the Communist Party, who tightly monitor and control their lives.  For these reasons, I find the images in Kanye’s video quite exhilarating.  One some days, I just want to see it happen to the Communist police in Vietnam.

What I like about “No Church In The Wild” is the raw emotion and sheer intensity evoked by its imagery.  I am not bothered that this song really has nothing to do with Communism or the nation of Vietnam.  The only thing I want to share is the footage of the people rising up and resisting repressive government authorities.  Kanye West and Jay-Z may be rapping about something else, but that is perfectly fine here.  As long as this message is delivered, my goal is met.  Enjoy the video, people.  Remember, use your imagination.

Editor’s Note: I’m sure many of you already know, but it is important that I address it.  This video is shared strictly for your entertainment, and should not be perceived as a swift change in attitude from this blogger or any of my associates.  I am, first and foremost, an advocate of non-violence and peaceful, yet forceful self-expression. I promote progress through knowledge, courage, and unity, and not through the unjust use of force (which the Communist police are guilty of).  Violence should only be considered as a last resort, when all other options are out of reach.

Furthermore, I do not share the views expressed in the lyrics of Kanye West and Jay-Z.  I do not preach anti-religious sentiments, nor do I care whether Jay-Z and Kanye are part of the Illuminati or not.  Frankly, my dear readers, I could care less what Jay-Z and Kanye’s religious views are or what they claim (remember, Kanye West did write “Jesus Walks”).  I do recognize that I said I hope this happens to the police in Vietnam sometimes, but that does not reflect my overall vision for moving Vietnam forward.

That statement is just my way of expressing my disdain for the Communist police, and that they do deserve to get some sense beaten into them (don’t you agree?).  If you haven’t noticed, this latest article is mostly satire at the expense of the Communist police, and also a little bit at Jay-Z and Kanye West.  As always, I appreciate your feedback and opinions, and look forward to hearing more from you all, in this post or the next.  Dear readers, cheers!