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Further Aggression in the South China Sea

Posted in Politics with tags , , , on June 2, 2011 by Ian Pham

It seems that the PRC is at it again, engaging in acts of terror, sabotage, and harassing innocent civilians.  This time, the victims are the members of a Vietnamese survey boat.  It is alleged that three Chinese military vessels entered Vietnam’s territorial waters, 120 nautical miles off of Vietnam’s central coast in Phu Yen province.  The Chinese vessels then followed through by cutting the research cables of the survey ship as an act of intimidation against the Vietnamese vessel.  This said vessel is the property of PetroVietnam, a Vietnamese oil and gas company conducting research in the Southeast Asia Sea.

The government in Beijing has accused Vietnam of violating China’s territorial rights, complaining that the place of the incident was within China’s jurisdiction.  This claim, along with many of the other territorial claims made by China, is completely bogus.  This confrontation happened only 120 kilometres off of Vietnam’s central coast, compared to the 600 kilometres it takes to even come close to Hainan, an island currently under China’s control.  The only argument China has is that the whole sea of Southeast Asia belongs to them, so any type of operation that any other country conducts is in violation of their “indisputable sovereignty.”  It’s obviously bogus, but that’s what the Communists in China are saying.

Relative to previous instances, Hanoi has taken a surprisingly stronger stance in response to China’s latest act of aggression.  The Vietnam government has actually called China out on their recent attempt to intimidate the civilians of Vietnam.  In an uncharacteristic move, Hanoi has proclaimed that they are prepared to use force to the utmost capacity if a similar incident were to occur in the future.  Meaning that if China were to attack again, Vietnam will be prepared for war.

Though I do not advocate a war between Vietnam and China, or any type of war, for that matter, I am in 100% support of fighting to defend one’s country.  It is obvious that the Communist Party of China plans to invade Vietnam at some point in the future.  Thus, it is a must that the people of Vietnam prepare to defend the country against a future conflict with the Peoples’ Republic of China.  The young people of Vietnam are now becoming aware of China’s intentions to invade and are preparing to protest these acts of aggression.  It is my hopes that the Vietnamese government let the young protest against China, and for the VCP to understand that patriotism is not a crime.

Real Footage: Chinese Agression on the Senkaku Islands

Posted in Politics, Videos with tags , , on November 10, 2010 by Ian Pham

When China and Japan clashed over the incident on September 7, 2010, both sides had their own story to tell about it.  The Chinese claimed that the Japanese vessel intentionally collided with the Chinese boat, harassing the Chinese fishermen.  Japan’s response was quite similar, only they say that the Chinese were the real aggressors.

In any case, the Chinese “fishermen” were arrested and released after several days.  Even though both sides had their own take on the Senkaku Incident, I myself have already concluded which side was more truthful.  With clear evidence of heinous crimes committed in the Southeast Asia Sea and blatant disregard for international law, my judgement told me that the People’s Republic of China was the one guilty of naval aggression.

It has been two months since the incident and the PRC still accuse the Japanese of being the aggressors who wrongfully arrested the Chinese fishermen.  This video however, tells a different story.  Footage of the incident was recorded and documented by the Japanese Coast Guard, summing up the incident in a very conclusive way.  It doesn’t matter what claims the Beijing government make now, because this video says it all.

Despite China’s Claims, the “Released” Fishermen Never Made it Home

Posted in Politics, Society with tags , , , , on October 21, 2010 by Ian Pham

The fishermen that China promised to release from custody last week never made it home.  The nine fishermen detained by China on September 11, 2010, were expected to reach Vietnam on Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest.  Their non-arrival was quite a shock, since the fishermen have been “released” by the Beijing government quite some time ago.

At the moment, there is no news of their whereabouts.  According to AsiaNews, the fishermen’s families have tried contacting their boats, but didn’t get a single response, even after numerous tries over the past few days.  The fishermen’s families, along with the officials in Vietnam, are questioning China’s efforts in ensuring the safety of the fishermen.

Many believe that it was never China’s intention to let the fishermen home safely.  The adequacy of the boat, along with the amount of fuel and communication devices provided by the Chinese have been put into question.  The situation is horrid for the families of these fishermen as they wait for their main supporters to return.  Our thoughts should go out to the families of these fishermen.  Let’s hope that somehow, they will make it back to Vietnam.

This is unacceptable on China’s end.  It is obvious that they only said they would release the fishermen to appear humanitarian for the meeting of the defense ministers last week.  It seems that they had ulterior motives, planning to let the fishermen get stranded at sea.  This is China’s way of retaliating for Vietnam’s objections against the crimes of the Chinese navy.  This just goes to how cruel, yet cowardly, the Beijing government really is.

Just two weeks ago, China was protesting Japan for detaining Chinese naval officers, only to turn around and murder the fishermen of Vietnam.  The difference is that the Vietnamese detainees are innocent civilians while the Chinese detainees are not.  Those who were arrested by the Japanese were members of China’s military, attempting to bully the civilians of Japan.  It is an understatement to call the Chinese’ actions ironic, killing innocent people of their neighboring countries, and then blatantly placing blame on those who are unafraid to bring them to justice.

They prey on the innocent, then play the victim when challenged and embarrassed by the individuals who are capable of fighting back.  It does not matter to me how strong their economy is, or how powerful their army and navy are.  If China does not respect international law, disregards the livelihood of weaker nations, and lies shamelessly in the face of the world community, why should we respect them?  They are truly pathetic, just like the Communists in Vietnam.

Vietnam Raises Issue Over Chinese Piracy

Posted in Politics with tags , , , , , on October 8, 2010 by Ian Pham

On September 11, 2010, the Chinese navy captured several more Vietnamese fishermen in the Southeast Asia Sea.  The civilians are currently detained by the Beijing government, possibly awaiting ransom from Hanoi.  The incident took place in close proximity to the Paracel Islands (Hoang Sa) where the Chinese claim to control.

Days ago, October 6, 2010, Hanoi published statements demanding the release of the fishermen from Chinese custody.  The Chinese accuse the fishermen of carrying explosives on their boat and refuse to release them until a fine is paid (remember the “ransom” that I previously mentioned).  Hanoi, however, states that there were no explosives, no law has been broken and that the fishermen are not at fault.  The fishermen are still in Chinese custody and are yet to be released.

For the first time, the Vietnamese government has taken a less-than-shameful stance on behalf of their citizens.  A regional security meeting is to take place in Hanoi next week.  High-ranking Chinese officials will be there, U.S. Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, will also be attending.  What this means for Vietnam-China relations is still yet to be determined.  The situation has been quiet in Vietnam lately, hopefully something good will come in the near future.

Piracy in the South China Sea

Posted in Politics, Society with tags , , , , , on June 30, 2010 by Ian Pham

The Chinese government has been committing heinous crimes against many of their neighboring countries.  One such example is the harassment of Vietnamese fishermen in the Southeast Asia Sea, better known as the South China Sea.  Vietnamese fishermen today are constantly harassed and abused by the Chinese Navy, with little protection from the Vietnamese government.

Here are just some examples of the crimes committed:

The body of a Vietnamese fisherman who was robbed and killed by Chinese Communist Naval forces in the Gulf of Tonkin.  The murderers stuffed his body in a fishing basket, filled it with ice, and sent it home to his family.  This incident occurred fairly recently, although the date is unclear.

This incident occurred on June 12, 2010 while the fishermen were still sleeping.  The fishermen’s boat was rammed by a larger boat believed to be under the control of the Chinese Navy.  The attack caused significant injuries to the fishermen.

A similar case happened three days earlier on June 9, 2010.  Vietnamese fishermen were attacked by a large boat that appeared to be controlled by Chinese Naval forces.  This attack also occurred when the fishermen were asleep.

Source: Nguyen Thai Hoc Foundation