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Stay Out of Senkaku! Protests in Japan

Posted in Politics, Videos with tags , , , on November 20, 2010 by Ian Pham

This is a very recent event, happening less than a week ago.  The people of Japan will not stand idly by while the Communist Chinese terrorize innocent civilians in the Senkaku Islands.  I have to say, it is very admirable what the Japanese are doing, raising their voices and making the issue known.

The students in Vietnam have staged similar protests in the past, only to get crushed by the Communist government in Vietnam.  Whatever the Vietnamese people are trying to do in Vietnam, the Japanese people are able to do in Japan.  This just goes to show what kind of garbage government the Vietnamese Communists, and Communism as a whole, really is.

Right at the beginning, you will notice some yellow flags with three red stripes on them.  That is the national flag of South Vietnam.  It looks like there are some Vietnamese protesters among the crowd, a nice touch indeed.  This video is almost 18 minutes long, a newscast that mostly shows the demonstrations in the streets.  You don’t really need to watch it all, just check it out and see what the deal is!

Check it out!


Real Footage: Chinese Agression on the Senkaku Islands

Posted in Politics, Videos with tags , , on November 10, 2010 by Ian Pham

When China and Japan clashed over the incident on September 7, 2010, both sides had their own story to tell about it.  The Chinese claimed that the Japanese vessel intentionally collided with the Chinese boat, harassing the Chinese fishermen.  Japan’s response was quite similar, only they say that the Chinese were the real aggressors.

In any case, the Chinese “fishermen” were arrested and released after several days.  Even though both sides had their own take on the Senkaku Incident, I myself have already concluded which side was more truthful.  With clear evidence of heinous crimes committed in the Southeast Asia Sea and blatant disregard for international law, my judgement told me that the People’s Republic of China was the one guilty of naval aggression.

It has been two months since the incident and the PRC still accuse the Japanese of being the aggressors who wrongfully arrested the Chinese fishermen.  This video however, tells a different story.  Footage of the incident was recorded and documented by the Japanese Coast Guard, summing up the incident in a very conclusive way.  It doesn’t matter what claims the Beijing government make now, because this video says it all.

Japan’s Dispute With China

Posted in Politics with tags , , on September 29, 2010 by Ian Pham

For the last week or so, Japan and China have been feuding over an incident that took place in the East China Sea.  About two weeks ago, September 8, 2010, some Japanese fishing boats were rammed by a Chinese naval vessel.  In response, the Japanese government swiftly arrested the entire Chinese crew, infuriating the Beijing government.

Since then, Japan and China have been engaged in a diplomatic standoff.  China has urged the Japanese government to release the crew and give a formal apology to Beijing.  The Japanese rejected China’s demands at first, neither releasing the captives or giving a formal apology to the Chinese.  However, the Japanese government decided to release the crew, eventually letting the captain go as well.

After this, however, the Japanese demanded the Chinese repair the ships that were damaged in the incident.  Japan has taken a step towards making amends and are expecting China to do the same.  Since the incident, anti-Japanese sentiment has erupted in China, which is condoned by the Chinese government.  Since the incident, Beijing has cut off diplomatic ties with Japan, blocked export material headed for Japan, and detained four Japanese civilians in China.

The Chinese have accused Japan of wrongfully detaining their people, calling the actions “illegal,” “unreasonable,” and threatens to take “further action” if China is not appeased.  Beijing accuses Japan of committing a wrongful act, but how so?  Wasn’t it the Chinese who rammed the Japanese coast guards first?  Is it not they who lay claim to the Senkaku (Japanese) or Diaoyu (Chinese) islands in the Eastern Sea?

This is not the first time that China has shown aggression against its neighbors (remember Paracel and Spratly?).  This time however, they have been sadly mistaken.  No longer are the Chinese dealing with a bunch of corrupted dictators, as is the case in the Southeast Asia Sea.  This time, the group they’ve decided to antagonize are democratic and accountable to their people.  In no way will the Japanese government let the Chinese navy terrorize the people in the sea.

The latest incident against Japan is just part of a larger pattern of Chinese aggression.  I’m glad that someone, besides the U.S., finally has the guts to stand up to them.  The Communists in Vietnam surely won’t, they’re too busy counting stolen money and sucking the life out of their own country and the people.  Back in the day, 1974, Nguyen Van Thieu (Republic of Vietnam) fought to defend the Paracel Islands against China.  Today, Nong Duc Manh (Communist Vietnam) doesn’t even dare to open his mouth against them.