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A Song by Viet Khang – Anh La Ai (Who Are You)?

Posted in Democracy Activists, Music, Politics, Society, Videos with tags , , , , on February 1, 2012 by Ian Pham

This is the second song composed by Viet Khang, titled “Anh La Ai?” or “Who Are You?”.  The core issues tackled in this song involves the unjust repression of the people by the Communist police and, once again, the humiliating submission by the Vietnamese government to the Chinese.  As the title suggests, the question that Viet Khang is asking to the police is basically “who are you?” or more specifically, “who do you think you are?”.

The Vietnamese Communists have long been criticized for their suppression of the Vietnamese people for protesting against China.  Viet Khang also addresses this issue in his song, asking the Communists how they are able to condemn the patriotism of their own people.  In raising these issues, Viet Khang is courageously putting the Communist Party to shame and showing them how pathetic they really are.

I’ve shared the original version of the song, sang by Viet Khang.  It includes Vietnamese lyrics for my Vietnamese speakers who want to learn the song as well.  To all of my English and non-Vietnamese speakers, I have not forgotten about you!  There is another version of “Anh La Ai?”, sang by Vietnamese American musicians.  Though the video is still in Vietnamese, there are English subtitles, so that you too can know what Viet Khang wants to say.

I will share the English subtitled version of “Anh La Ai?” next time, which I promise you, will be very soon.  For now, please get acquainted with the Vietnamese version of “Who Are You?”, the second musical achievement of Viet Khang.  At this point in time, Viet Khang is still in jail, and the Communist Party is still losing their minds from the impact that his music has made.  We will continue to support Viet Khang, making sure that every Vietnamese around the world hears his music.

The Music of Viet Khang

Posted in Democracy Activists, Music, Politics, Society, Videos with tags , , , , on January 28, 2012 by Ian Pham

It’s been over one month since the Vietnamese police arrested Viet Khang, a musician who was brave enough to raise the crimes of the Communist Party to the public.  Through his music, Viet Khang questions the rule of the Communists and shames them for their long list of atrocities they have committed against the country.  Because of his music, Viet Khang is now in jail, but because of Viet Khang, the Communists are terrified.

There are two songs of Viet Khang’s songs that have caused quite a stir in the Communist country.  One song is titled “Viet Nam Toi Dau?”, which translates to “Where Is My Vietnam?”  The other song is called “Anh La Ai?”, when translated to English, means “Who Are You?”  Both of these songs raise some very core issues in Vietnam today, issues that the Vietnamese government has been trying to cover up for the longest time.

The song shared above is “Viet Nam Toi Dau (Where Is My Vietnam)?”, and raises the issues of the Chinese invasion and the islands of Paracel and Spatley.  Basically, Viet Khang just sings about all of the embarassing concessions that the Vietnamese government has made to China, and asking when it all went so wrong.  The answer is easy: The Communists ruined the country, and Viet Khang is saying it through song.

Unfortunately for all my non-Vietnamese speakers, there is no English translation in this video, so you’ll just have to bare with me.  Don’t worry though, I’ve already told you the gist of the song, and the video footage will certainly help facilitate your understanding, even if the words are foreign.  The next song, “Anh La Ai (Who Are You)?” which, in my opinion, is even powerful lyrically, will be posted in the coming days.  Enjoy!