A Commemoration of Viet Dzung: The Icon, The Activist, The Leader

Viet DzungI know I won’t be able to do justice for the memory of Viet Dzung in just one blog article. He has done so much for the Vietnamese community, both abroad and domestically, that it would be impossible to capture the man’s greatness with so few words. Not only was Viet Dzung a philanthropist, he was also a leader of his community, and an entertainment icon beloved by almost all members of the Vietnamese community overseas.

The late musician was born in Saigon on September 8, 1958, when the Vietnam War was heating up. He came of age throughout this time period. By the time he was a young man, Viet Dzung left Vietnam following the Communist takeover, arriving in the United States in 1976.

During his time in America, Viet Dzung utilized his talents as a singer and songwriter, composing songs about his love for Vietnam and his longing for the country’s freedom. The young musician wrote music in both Vietnamese and English, and was interestingly good at writing country songs.

Viet Dzung StageIn the 1990’s, Viet Dzung gained popularity through his programs on Little Saigon Radio, and subsequently Radio Bolsa as well. Concurrently, Viet Dzung became the host of Truc Ho’s Asia Music program, making him a sensation among Vietnamese listeners and viewers. Viet Dzung’s prominence in the entertainment business has made him a Vietnamese icon.

Viet Dzung flourished in the entertainment business, but that is not the main reason he is so loved by everyone. The boundless admiration and respect that Viet Dzung commands stem from his selflessness, his devotion, and ingenuity as a leader of the Vietnamese community.

Mr. Dzung was very active in his community, volunteering in charity events, organizing many of his own, and teaching as a guest speaker at many local schools and youth shelters. He was also a prominent catalyst for the struggle for human rights. Viet Dzung played a key role in organizing many protests and awareness campaigns against the Communist Party. Moreover, Viet Dzung’s charisma and communication skills helped gain the attention of many politicians and business leaders in the U.S.

As a close friend and ally of Mr. Truc Ho, Viet Dzung played a prominent role with Truc Ho in planning and executing the countless human rights campaigns that we have witnessed over the past decade, but especially in just the last few years. Viet Dzung is a staple leader of the SBTN television Network, and has been a mentor to so many young professionals and emerging leaders throughout his lifetime.

Viet Dzung, 1958-2013It is for this reason, his willingness to give, and give, and give, all without asking for anything in return, that has gained him the love and admiration of so many Vietnamese overseas. It is for this reason that his death, two Fridays ago, on December 20, 2013, at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, sent shockwaves throughout Vietnamese communities in the Western Hemisphere.

Viet Dzung was only 55 years old when he passed away. The cause of his death was a longtime heart ailment that finally overtook him. I think it is safe to say that with the loss of Mr. Viet Dzung, the people of Vietnam, overseas and within have just lost a great man. He gave us so much and changed the landscape so profoundly that it is still unclear the extent of his legacy. Thus, we must bid a warm and tearful farewell to one of the greatest examples of Vietnamese resilience and compassion. Bless his wonderful spirit.

8 Responses to “A Commemoration of Viet Dzung: The Icon, The Activist, The Leader”

  1. As usual, your tribute to Viet Dzung is eloquent and befitting Ian. I don’t have the fortunate to meet Viet Dzung in person, but only know of him through his works from the music he produced, his love for the country, and his relentless caring for the Vietnamese people at home and abroad.

    I personally feel that Viet Nam has lost a great son. Instead of guns and ammunition, Viet Dzung used his pens and inks; Instead of hatred, Viet Dzung shared his loves; and instead of oppression, Viet Dzung called for freedom. Most of all, he expected nothing in return!

    Farewell Anh Viet Dzung. We shall all miss you. And we shall all try to follow your footstep however insignificant they may be.

  2. His legacy and spirit will always be with us! We miss him dreadfully.

  3. We love you anh Viet Dzung! We love anh very very much!!

  4. […] A Commemoration of Viet Dzung: The Icon, The Activist, The Leader […]

  5. My deepest sorrow and great sadness. The lost of anh Viet Dzung’s will be a big hole for our Vietnamese people around the world and his family. We will forever greatful for the work well done. Thank you anh Viet Dzung. Thank you his parents for creating a super human like no other. I wish to celebrate his life even through sadness and broken heart. My Gods bless him and may he rest in peace forever.

  6. The first time I heard the song “Mot Chut Qua Cho Que Huong” (A Little Gift for My Country), I was seven years old, and I cried. Viet Dzung encapsulated all of the struggles the South Vietnamese people had to endure after the VietNam war in this beautiful song. The song touched me personally because my grandfather was imprisoned for more than thirteen years in North Vietnam. And there were countless other families who were in the same situation as mine. I am now thirty nine years old and living in America, but I still become very emotional every time I hear that song again.

    R.I.P, Viet Dzung! May the Vietnamese people enjoy freedom and democracy soon.

  7. I visited many web pages but the audio feature for audio songs present at this website is really marvelous.

  8. YES… yes yes ..Viet Dzung’s legacy is truly boundless, genius. I can not stop yet myself thinking and searching his name on internet.
    his legacy is real, physical touched to every Vietnamese (overseas and mother land Vietnam) yes, his legacy is striken sharply to our head, our heart.. and can not stop crying and chocking. I personal feel like I lost my own child, or my parent. I believe that Vietnamese loves for Vietdzung will be never ending.. yes,,, his life on earth was a celebration… VietDzung nguyen xin Chua ban anh giat ngu day binh an, ngan thu

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