Ho Chi Minh: The Man Who Deceived the World

The Man Who Created “The System”

Ho Chi Minh, the man who brought Communism to Vietnam, kicked out the French, and liberated the country.  Sounds about right, too bad it’s mostly wrong.  I hope that by now, the positions that I have taken against Ho Chi Minh and Communism has become clear.  All the crimes committed by the Communists over the last 35 years, even up to present day, should paint a clear picture of what Ho Chi Minh has done to Vietnam.  The system created by Ho Chi Minh is autocratic, corrupted, and totalitarian.  Using ingenious methods of deception, Ho Chi Minh would lead the world on to think that he was a patriot, fighting with his heart and soul for the good of the nation.

Ho Chi Minh was a dictatorial, megalomaniacal, and extremely cunning man.  Behind that fatherly smile was a diabolical mind that was capable of deceiving the entire world, leading us to believe that he had the country’s interest in mind.  Ho Chi Minh claimed to live his life with only one goal in his mind: liberating the Vietnamese people from the grips of the French.  Apparently his one and only ambition in life was to free the country and lead it to prosperity.  Whether or not he meant it in the beginning is debatable, but the horrifying outcomes of his actions later on are absolutely undeniable.

The Viet Minh and the “Democratic” Republic of Vietnam

When he returned to Vietnam in 1945, he became the leader of the Viet Minh, a revolutionary organization that was determined to terminate the French invaders.  Despite what certain researchers claim, the Viet Minh was not a Communist organization.  In reality, they were a coalition of the many revolutionary groups at the time, joining forces to defeat the French.  They were freedom fighters who fought in the name of Vietnam, not Marxism-Leninism.  However, many of the leaders in the Viet Minh were slowly purged by Ho Chi Minh, elevating him to the top position.  When they defeated the French at Dien Binh Phu in 1954, it was Ho Chi Minh who received all the glory.  It was by now that the Viet Minh were dominated by pro-Leninist leaders.

In this, Ho Chi Minh established the foundations for his Communist movement, though the west couldn’t understand it at the time.  Under Ho Chi Minh, the northern half of Vietnam was under the rule of the Communists, while the South was under the rule of Ngo Dinh Diem and the republicans/democrats.  However, North Vietnam was not called the “Socialist” Republic of Vietnam as it is known today.  Ho Chi Minh used a different name, one more easy on the ears of Americans: the “Democratic” Republic of Vietnam.  In selecting this name, he gave the impression of a democratic society, though one will find out, his regime will be far from democratic.  Nonetheless, this strategic move, with many others, will give him an sharp edge in the eyes of the world.

The Viet Cong, The National Liberation Front, and the Labor Party

Throughout his entire rule, Ho Chi Minh labeled his forces the protectors of Vietnam, attacking the South on the pretext of “liberating our southern brothers from the American invaders.”  Instead of the name Communist Party, Ho Chi Minh named his group the Labor Party, looking to gain support from the working population.  This worked quite well, not only for the people inside Vietnam, but also to the observers from outside the country.

Besides the People’s Army in the north, Ho Chi Minh created another military force in the south, cleverly labeled as the “National Liberation Front (NLF).”  In creating this alternate force, Ho Chi Minh wanted to simulate the illusion of rebellion and revolt in the south.  Ho’s plan was to make the world think that Vietnam had two separate groups who fought for the same cause, defeating the Republic of Vietnam.  In reality, the NLF (aka Vietcong) were directly under Ho Chi Minh’s command and was not a separate entity in the war.

The Mind of Modern Vietnam’s Greatest Villain

As you can see, Ho Chi Minh was a political genius who fooled the world into supporting his cause.  Through propaganda, terror, and betrayals of his many allies, Ho Chi Minh formed the Communist movement in Vietnam, putting himself at the top of the pyramid.  He incited the patriotism of his soldiers, tricking them into thinking that what they were doing was best for Vietnam.  He used the entrance of the Americans to trash South Vietnam, calling them tools of foreign imperialism, and created anger and hatred in the hearts of his soldiers.

Many of his policies during the war were cruel and atrocious.  The land reform programs resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Vietnamese civilians in the north.  His murderous policies in treating southern civilians was also disturbing and destructive.  One such example was the Hue Massacre in 1968.  His soldiers captured the city of central Vietnam, brutally murdering thousands of defenseless people, simply because they lived under the government of South Vietnam.

Sympathy From the West

Even while he was committing these evil deeds, Ho Chi Minh was able to cultivate a positive image in the eyes of the world.  Throughout the 1960’s, many people in the west bought into his propaganda, protested the South, and praised the North.  They didn’t know of his brutal massacres or his selfish intentions.  They only saw what was on the surface, an elderly smile of a charming old man, backed by thousands upon thousands of biased media outlets.  The “experts” in America believed that he was a saint, comparing him to real heroes such as Gandhi, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King.  Judging by the evidence of all the Communists’ crimes, whoever made these comparisons should feel really stupid now.

Ho Chi Minh was such a devious man, successfully fooling the people of Vietnam and the international community.  There were several who saw past his lies, but the majority got caught up in the show, blindly jumping on the Ho Chi Minh band-wagon.  Today, the evidence of his cruelty has been verified.  He created a system where killing and stealing reigned supreme.  His offspring, the likes of Nong Duc Manh, Nguyen Tan Dung, and Nguyen Minh Triet occupy the Communist Party today, selling land to the Chinese and stealing money from the common folk.  It is clear that Ho Chi Minh has deceived us all.  His legacy has been stained with the blood of his own people.  The sad state of the Vietnam today is the direct consequence of his actions in the past.  Some idiots may still call him “Uncle Ho,” but I just call him a dirty old bastard.

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  1. Follow this post from SU. I’m reading more on your blog

  2. Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

    • Let me guess, you are Viet Kieu from America…

      • Dude, “Chris”, you’re hating on all comments that are against Ho Chi Minh…..

      • And youre not Viet Kieu? you said previously you are half viet..
        IF you love them so much, why dont you just go and live there with the communists?

      • John Pham Says:

        Chris, Get your head out your ass and see what happen to Vietnam under HCM regime.

      • Because Chris is a racist buttcrack

      • Sorry Let Me rephrase that you ” Racist Asshole”

      • Chris, You are very wrong to use the term “Viet Kieu” for the Vietnamese Americans. If you are Vietnamese and have some education, you should understand that the word “Viet Kieu” means the Vietnamese who live in another country but still are Vietnamese citizens, still under jurisdiction of Vietnamese government. The people who fled Vietnam after 04/30/1975 defied the communist government and became citizens of the nations they are residing. They considered Ho Chi Minh as the most treacerous traitor of the country.

      • cris, u’re a retard monkey and it’s very sad for your parents.

    • Very True @Thydayhah

      • faction Says:

        dude you literally don’t know what you are talking about.if you pay more intention to his good side then you will know what kind of human he is.

      • Dude ! I am just being sarcasm , never like the dicccc .You the one who have no idea of what he is capable of and what he did to his own people , yep started with my grand father , being executed because he a catholic and have got money , yes he was a dia chu .
        Unless you are a Vietnamese then you, understand . If not just a bit of reading and you reckon he is a good guy!

  3. Tran Nguyen Dan Says:

    I like to call him ‘Minh Gau’ Everyone in my family likes too. It reflects him well. No offense to those with beards or moustaches

  4. I find your opinion interesting, but I don’t see any references to actual circumstances or murders caused by Ho Chi Minh. I’m not saying that people didn’t die, I just think it is interesting that there is no mention of the corrupt authoritarian regime of Ngo Dinh Diem, or any mention of Diem’s policies subjugating the Buddhist populations and the many deaths that he also caused in the South. I also disagree with your assertion that he “fooled everyone” into believing him. The United States as a whole did not agree with the way North Vietnam was run, but this was because of the Cold War. Opinion toward the state of Vietnam did not change until recently and was spurred by the major economic reforms that took place in Vietnam.

    • Stephanie Says:

      Both Diem and Ho caused death, I have to disagree that the America saw Ho Chi Minh as being equated to Vietnam’s Gandhi, as America supported the efforts of Diem until the protests of the Buddhists. It was then that Kennedy’s aides told the Generals in Diem’s army that Diem would be told that he had to get rid of his brother Nyu and that if he didn’t get rid of him the generals had the support of America to remove him from power….basically kill him. Ho Chi Minh was only an ally when we were both fighting Japanese.

    • My older relatives have told me that Diem only killed those Buddhists because they were actually communists who just shaved there heads.

      • And should I assume that your relatives were erudite historians who had full documented knowledge of the facts, correct?

      • During the Vietnam War, the Communists infiltrated and disguised as monks to carry out their plots against the government, even the terror acts, (It was very difficult to infiltrate into Catholic Churches) because most Vietnamese respected and obeyed the monks. When the War ended, everything disclosed.

      • Dong Tran Says:

        Absolutely correct

      • duyenpham Says:

        It is true , just like the Vietnam’s communist government is doing right now. In order to control their citizens, they use Công an , the police of VN. The police’s main duty is to bully the citizens. To avoid criticism, the police disguised in many different ways, that sometimes they aren’t in uniform and appear as gangster members, monks or as civilians to carry out the punishment on an innocent citizen. All the person did was asking for justice, his basic human rights, and equal treatment under the law. The govt. want to hide those evil acts from their own constituents by silencing opposition and suppressing news media, just like what North Korea is doing. The upper echelon gets richer while the people gets poorer and suffer.

  5. This is an article about Ho Chi Minh, if you want to see my take on Ngo Dinh Diem, feel free to search him up because I assure you that there is much written about him here.

    As for the murders, I can give you an example of the Land Reform programs, brainchild of Truong Chinh, approved and promoted by Ho Chi Minh. This program resulted in the execution of tens of thousands of landlords, entrepreneurs, business owners, and many people connected to them, even if they were innocent. Furthermore , the Massacre at Hue at the hands of the Communist North saw further deaths of many thousands Vietnamese civilians. These were not isolated incidents, but official government policies of Ho Chi Minh and North Vietnam.

    It was obvious that the U.S. government did not agree with Ho Chi Minh, he was a Communist and they fought against him. But to the American public, along with many other people around the world, he was a patriot first, and a Communist second. Through his clever propaganda, he succeeded in leading the world to support his cause. The North was portrayed in the media as brave, humanitarian, and patriotic warriors, contrary to their atrocious acts against their own people, which was never shown on TV. This is what I mean when saying that he “fooled” everyone.

  6. David Hadly Says:

    HO Chi Minh Assessment. Ho was a consummate actor on both the local and world stage. He was a political, organizational, strategic and tactical genius and a man of enormous personal charm, captivating charisma, kindly countenance, great simplicity and awesome affability. He was an anti-materialist who taught “dialectical materialism” and a cosmopolitan communist who spoke a dozen languages and shunned the crude and coarse personal conduct of Stalin and Khrushchev. Ho outwardly displayed a countenance of Confucian “benevolence” but inwardly entertained intentions of crass violence and one who flashed a warm Buddha like smile of “compassion” to hide his inner assassin. He was always a man with two faces – one that was outwardly benign and the other inwardly brutal. He was Nguyen the “patriot” who rebuked the French for killing Vietnamese “patriots” but who, himself, murdered tens of thousands of Vietnamese patriots and a man who never publically used the word terror preferring, instead, the euphemism – “armed propaganda.” Ho was a mendicant Marxist monk and cunning communist chameleon; a master of both manipulation and disguise who wore a mandarin mask to conceal his inner Marxist man; a clever counterfeit who contrived charades and false façades (i.e. as many as 15o or more aliases). Ho was a communist con man who fooled a gullible West into believing that he was a nationalist and not a true Marxist when, in fact, he was a self confessed “proletarian internationalist” who reviled nationalism as “chauvinism.” Ho was the “Asian fox” who knew exactly how to throw both the military and media hounds off his scent; a man who promised “liberation” and “liberty” but delivered only subjugation and tyranny; pledged “land to the tiller” but imposed tyranny on the “tillers”; cried crocodile tears publically but had admitted to his secretary privately that tears could prove quite useful in talks. Ho spoke (and cried) about unintended “excesses” of his mid 1950s “land reform” massacre but still privately called it a it a “success”; guaranteed “happiness” but brought only wretchedness; feigned the “mandate of heaven” but imposed the oppression of hell and publically proclaimed “nationalism” while he privately espoused “proletarian internationalism.” Ho was a brilliant and beguiling Bolshevik who once masqueraded as a Buddhist bonze; the “dear uncle” and “father” who mortared, rocketed and murdered thousands of his beloved southern “nieces,” “nephews” and “children”; the “enlightened one” who brought only darkness; a man who, in his last will and testament, stated his huge regret concerning not having met Lenin, a statement which “puzzled” many in the media even though he’d written a treatise titled “The path which led me to Leninism.” Ho was a tragic but brilliant man who wasted his colossal talent on the butchery of Bolshevism instead of the true “benevolence” of democracy. The tragic truth about Ho Chi Minh can be summed up in his own frank and honest words issued in France in 1946 when he was informed of the death of a rival Trotskyite at the hands of his Viet Minh in Saigon. For just an instant he let his mask of magnanimity slip and revealed, in just a few brief words, everything that anyone really had to know about him. They were chilling words that contradicted his ever smiling face, ominous words that cut through the facade of his ever affable rhetoric and dire words that foretold a terrible future. And, most importantly, they were prophetic words that foreshadowed his murder of hundreds of thousands of Bac’s own “nieces” and “nephews,” more specifically a dire warning to every Vietnamese anti-communist or non-communist nationalist or religious group leader or member, words which proved applicable not only the 1st French Indochina War (1946-1854) but also the 2nd American Indochina War (1955-1973) – “All those who do not follow the (communist party) line which I have laid out will be broken.” Ho once told soldier-journalist Bernard Fall: “I am an old man… and an old man likes to have an air of mystery about himself. I like to hold on to my little mysteries.” Ho was, indeed, the communists’ “Internationale Man of Mystery.” But that “mystery” just may have been iniquity.

  7. David Hadly Says:

    NATIONALISM, Vietnam. Patriotism. The collective identity of a “nation,” such as Vietnam, based on the unique characteristics, traits and commonality of its people. Such mutuality would including its common language, customs, culture, values, philosophy, history, heritage, economy, ideology, politics and ethnicity. Marxism-Leninism has absolutely nothing in common with any of these Vietnamese identity indices. It is, in fact, a totally foreign and unfamiliar ideology to Vietnam, completely antithetical to Vietnamese cultural, spiritual, philosophical, historical, financial and political heritage. In the spiritual arena alone, Communism’s Bolshevism is intrinsically incompatible with Confucianism’s “benevolence”; Buddhism’s “compassion; Catholicism’s and Protestantism’s transcendent Trinitarianism; Taoism’s “humanitarianism;” Ancestor “veneration” and Animism’s “mysticism.” In short Marxism-Leninism’s this world “atheistic-materialism” is inherently irreconcilable with Vietnam’s other world “supernaturalism.” Vietnam has a long history of resisting and overthrowing foreign oppression be it Chinese, Japanese and Mongol imperialism or French colonialism. but nothing in Vietnam’s long and tortured multi-millennia history of ongoing intermittent repression has even comes close to the brutality and barbarism of Bolshevism.
    NATIONALISM, Marxism-Leninism. To even argue that Ho Chi Minh, an undeniable confirmed convert to Communism (See under “Communism, Vietnam 1920-60s”), was a “nationalist” is completely contrary to reason. Not only is such a characterization completely divergent from the very definition of “nationalism” as shown above but it is also absolutely contrary to Ho’s Jacobinist-Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist ideological identity. Why? Because, according to Marxist-Leninist theory, both “nationalism” and “imperialism” are intrinsically linked and equally heretical to the communist creed. Why? Because they are not only doctrinally defined political enemies of the collectivist global state but they are also pro-generators of world capitalism because they, according to Marxism-Leninism, “gobble up” all of the earth’s raw materials for the perpetuation of the capitalists’ “bourgeoisie” bazaars. But such argument isn’t even necessary on this question because Ho Chi Minh, himself, conceded the issue when he stated in his “On Revolution” that “Genuine patriotism is altogether different from the chauvinism of the reactionary imperialists. It is part and parcel of internationalism.” And Ho even flunks the “nationalist” test according to the squishy soft definition offered by many of his apologists i.e. “One having great affection for his people.”Why? Because what kind of loving and caring “uncle” or “father” would show his “great affection for his people” by first murdering hundreds of thousands of his northern “nieces,” “nephews” or “children” and then, subsequently, raining down thousands of barbaric barrages of rocket and mortar rounds on his dear SVN urban “nieces,” “nephews” and “children.” But, perhaps most ironic of all, was the fact that, although “nationalism” was the theme most often preached to SVN’s hamlet and village “masses” by the VCI Party cadre “agit-prop” teams, it was banned from the education courses for Party members because it was completely contrary to the Marxism-Leninism canon of “proletarian internationalism,” a doctrine expressly embraced by Ho Chi Minh and promoted during his some 20 years as a Lenin founded and Stalin continued “Comintern” agent

  8. Creator and Destroyer Says:

    Even you say that he is a cunning man, i still think he is a great person who is so great that can deceive the whole world, lead millions people believe in him.

    What you say may be right but i am here to tell you one thing, sometime, the true should not be uncovered. I know that everyone have the right to acess the true but it isn’t always a good thing. He had already become a statue, a legend, a symbol for the Vietnamese and we need that symbol to unite the people, to encourage the people. So, please don’t destroy that symbol.

    Do you know how many people in this world can make such great effect even that person was dead? I beg you, i beg anyone who are doing this to stop, i don’t want to cover the true but this isn’t the right time. The true can wait.

    • I find that shallow. We need to uncover the truth no matter what. It must be demanded. Should we hide the fact that Stalin killed more people than Hitler, or deny the fact that Hitler killed millions of innocents? Why should we do otherwise for Ho who had sacrifices thousands and millions of innocent people who has relatives that are still alive today. The principal demands the truth must be revealed. I think it is utterly disgusting and almost immorally wrong to continue claiming that he was a great man when he murdered so many.

      • How many peoples did the American killed??? start counting..

      • Nate Mark Kaufman Says:

        Chris, the U.S. did not kill any civilians on purpose except Son My, and the Agent Orange, while obviously an evil mistake, was only dropped on areas under the control of the Viet Cong.

      • Wow Nate you are either a troll or u need to read some books mate. How about My Lai massacre? How about the continuous bombing using napalm b and cluster munitions not only in Vietnam but also in Laos and Cambodia. How about the so called free fire zones between the front lines where literally anyone was fair game?
        No one kills over 3 million people ‘by mistake’.

      • duyenpham Says:


  9. This has to be one of the weakest arguments I have ever heard. How can you claim that Ho Chi Minh is murderous. Esentially what you are doing is disguising your hate fo Communism by covering it and blaming it on Ho Chi Minh. Firstly, if he did all these terrible things that were so bad for Vietnam, why did they rename Siagon after him? Secondly, many people believe that Ho Chi Minh wasn’t even a true communist. Many people say he was a nationalist first and a communist second. Finally, how can you say all these terrible things about what he did to the South when you have not once mentioned the attrocities that the Americans committed in Vietnam?

    • Firstly, the Communists named Saigon after Ho Chi Minh when they rolled into the city, massacred Southern officers, workers and professionals, and shipped countless others off to labor camps. The people of Vietnam never named the city after him, the Communist Party did.

      Secondly, he may have claimed to be patriotic, but his actions speak louder than words. He pledged his loyalty Stalin, accommodated Mao Zedong on many visits to Vietnam, and purged many nationalist people from the Party who were “counter-revolutionary.” Furthermore, he authorized his minister Pham Van Dong to sign a treaty with China in the 1960’s, giving the Chinese Paracel and Spratly. Ho Chi Minh a Communist, and a traitor.

      Lastly, what the Communists did to the South was much worse than what the American did during the My Lai Massacre. My Lai was heinous, but it was jsut the act of some rebellious, frustrated, and vengeful generals who exercised poor leadership, not the policy of the U.S. military. Compared to the Land Reform programs of Ho Chi Minh, the Hue Massacre, and the numerous other act of violence committed by Ho Chi Minh and the Communists against, not just to the South, but also the people in the North, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese, My Lai is no comparison. This is why Ho Chi Minh is murderous.

      I don’t get how you can blatantly disregard all the evidence I have presented and make false accusations about “disguising” hatred for Communism, and “covering” things up. There is a reason why the Communists are hated, and here they are. The evidence is damning, and my assertion is strong. So, I stand by my argument. If you still don’t get it now, that’s unfortunate.

    • So true!!! quote from Ho Chi Minh.
      “It was patriotism, not communism, that inspired me.
      Ho Chi Minh”

    • Everything he say…

  10. At the end of the day, Ho Chi Minh liberated Vietnam from the foreign oppressor, yes war is a bad thing, and people do crazy stuff, wouldn’t you after seeing so much atrocities,the French starved the Vietnamese people ,used and drugged them, brough the opium and heroin to Vietnam. American came over and killed/raped indiscriminately, innocent farmers, children and women, Monsanto sprayed the agent orange which is still affecting children today (2012). all your evidence are from history (his story) book from the western side… it’s was never about communism, but patriotism..
    Ho Chi Minh gave back Vietnam to his peoples… I am only half Vietnamese… you talking about My Lai, which is only a small part of the atrocities… Don’t you know that the American started the Vietnam war based on a LIE (gulf of Tonkin).

    • HOW CAN YOU SAY VIETNAM IS FREE?? that would mean you side the communists, the current corruption, and everything else bad. yeah, there is no more foreign rule, but there is tremendous horrors in Vietnam now. the police force make more money from blackmailing citizens than their salaries. the poor continue to get poorer, and the greedy rich, richer. Ho chi Minh “liberate” the country, but replaced it with the worse: communism. even if the state of vietnam is technically “free” , the general people are in chains. Just because You don’t see these things in the news, that doesnt mean there not happening. I’ve been to Vietnam a bijillion of times, and seen things that are just…

      • As someone who just recently went to Vietnam, I can’t help but disagree with your opinion. Far enough, I will give you that the police force is fairly corrupt but Vietnam has at least currently one of quickest growing economies in the world. Also the poor get poorer while the rich get richer, that isn’t communism, that’s capitalism. Vietnam isn’t even really a communist government anymore, it is more of a socialist state. I don’t know where you got this information as the Vietnamese are also some of the happiest and friendly people I’ve ever met.

      • You are correct Greg, there is no freedom from Vietnam, they have got 1 secret for every 100 citizens , as soon as you step off the plane , they know exactly where you are etc….
        They have got five levels if government , from federal , state , city , province , and small town . So things are usually very tight . So freedom , what freedom? . All top official children gone oversea bringing money out of the country , just in case there no opportunity for them vc life in vn , they are fighting among themself over money , the the rich are only government officials every body know that, and if you wanted to have a pieces of cake you have to know who to bribe else you fffffff. The poor are the southern farmers , who after 40 years still believe communist is the best for them.

      • Greg,

        “Vietnam has at least currently one of the quickest growing economies in the world”. It is true Vietnam has 5.7% annual growth rate for the past 20 years and it is the second fastest country in the world in economic growth and only behind China. But what does that mean? Let break down the information:

        1 Vietnam GDP is about $171 US billions; with 5.7% growth, it would contribute about $9.5 US billions in growth for 90 million people which is a very small number.
        2 Where the growth comes from? mainly from exportation of raw material and cheap laboring. Resources will be run out some days.
        3 Foreign reserve is about $40 US billion for a country of 90 million people, which is very little.
        4 25% revenue uses to pay debt; 73% to pay salary for state employees, including police and army, Party members; and only 3% of revenue left for investment/development, which is a meaningless number for development.
        5 Vietnam continues to borrow new money to serve old debts and new development. Vietnam today earns $1.00 US and its expense is $1.5 US. That means Vietnam borrows money to live which will be bankrupt some days when no one wants to lend to her any more money.

        By now I hope you understand what it means ” the quickest growing economies” of Vietnam.

    • Not true, America took great pains to avoid civilian casualties, a costly but moral practice, pioneered by America in warfare. The North Vietnamese slaughtered civilians at random, including over a million civilians after the fall of Saigon. Vietnam is not at all free and Ho Chi Minh was a communist war criminal.

      • Total US propaganda.
        Vietnam is not free because it now is riddled with capitalist countries making billions from cheap labour after the country was on its knees from fighting US and China. There are demos every day against work conditions employed by these multinationals.
        The US killed millions of people not only in Vietnam but also neighbouring countries of Laos and Cambodia using munitions that still cause misery to this day through unexploded ordinance and the legacy of dioxin poisoning.
        And let’s not forget the US was a long time supporter of the khymer rouge even after the horror of the regime had been revealed.

    • Wrong. Vietnam was not free and is not free and will never be freed. It is under control of China. ..

      • You are correct John, When Vietnam will found a true leader, who does not care for his pocket but for the country and its people , that is when Vietnam will be free . At this stage almighty US dollars that China have under Vietnamese leaders nose , will do as thay says . and a poor that suffer…

    • Gregory Says:

      Vietnam free? Have you read about the recent protests against mass fish death caused by Formosa Steel? It’s still a police state with undercover informers.

    • I like this comment. The world is enough intelligent to know who is the actor, who is the hero.

  11. How dare you?! I’m assuming you’re American and have been fed lies. Vietnam loves him. It is only the men in black that do not. Those who did not wish their riches to go away were against him and sided with America who promised them goodness and were fed lies, riches and titles (It was the French first though). If you go to Vietnam now the country loves him dearly and the only ones who don’t are the ones who lost all their titles after the war. Yes because I know one of these people who lost their title and his wife was using it to trade ‘stuff’ for riches. Let me ask you one thing. Where did you learn this crap? People saying they were his offspring used it for means of attention. Americans..thinking they’re the top dogs

    • Can you prove to the world that 90 million Vietnamese love HCM? What I know now that is the people who hated HCM are now justified; and the people who loved him, supported him now feel remorse. Recent research has confirmed he is a cunning individual but very treacherous. Information about him during the war was just lie and for propaganda purpose only. Truth will be true. Sometimes, one case takes less time to reveal, other take more time. His deeds in the past was only recreate a feudal system for Vietnam only and lead Vietnamese to a slavery path again. Wake up girl.

    • As a full north viet, I can tell you that many people do not love him. Most people pretend to out of fear. And I have heard of the atrocities caused by him.

  12. When it comes to war, both side are evil! I bet both side killed many innocent civiliant.

    • The government calls it the collateral damage. The difference is ” one is intention and the other is not”. One with intention, meaning that is the policy, is regarded as genocide.

      • whether or not it’s intentional, the mass killing of civilians is wrong. if you kill someone by accident, you’re still accountable, at least according to the law.

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  14. […] part of the country, and noticing the communist hats and flags everywhere, my dad told us who Ho Chi Minh was, and how everyone in the South part of Vietnam still called the city in the south Saigon because […]

  15. I’m a Vietnamese and and I confirm what you said. They were true. Living in VN is no different than hell. Ho’s deception is so good that most of Vietnamese people respect him even though some of them are against Communist Party.

  16. conspicuously absent from ALL of these assessments are factually verifiable or peer-reviewed sources. i’m not saying they’re not out there, but typically it’s polite within a debate to back up what you’re saying with evidence (a link, a book recommendation, something!). also missing is a balanced analysis of atrocities committed by ALL sides in the conflict.

  17. Conspicuously missing from ALL of these analyses is the presentation of factually verifiable or peer-reviewed evidence. I’m not saying it’s not out there, I’m just saying that typically it’s polite within the confines of a debate to provide evidence or references (a link, a book recommendation, something!), especially for claims of this magnitude, and if one’s position is tenable then it would not be a problem to do so. Also absent is the consideration of atrocities committed by ALL sides, as if a particular murder could be lesser or greater than another (one is too many). It certainly doesn’t seem like anyone is interested in a full objective analysis, but merely the justification of opinions. This is all very disappointing and I somehow feel stupider for having indulged it.

  18. I have lived here in Hanoi, for nearly three years as a teacher. It is 2013, and the people are still indoctrinated into the Ho Chi Minh myth. Heck, a job interview (for Viets) is based upon a test on how much one knows about Uncle Ho, nothing on actual skill and professionalism.
    Until this false icon is torn down Vietnam will remain what it is today; just another down trodden and corrupt excuse of a country – Did you know Vietnam is actually BEHIND Cambodia in educational standards? Cambodia only has one university I think. How the hell can that be possible?

  19. My only comment is that I have learned that there are 3 sides to every debate. Yours, mine and somewhere between the two lies the truth. I myself am not learned enough to comment on the man either way but I am grateful that we live in a world were both sides can debate the issue freely. Thank you all for the wonderful insight.

  20. Ian,
    When was the last time you have been to Vietnam? Have you ever? I’ve read many of your posts on this blog, and they are smothered in butt-hurt. In some of your posts, you can easily substitute the words “Vietnamese government” with “American Government” and “China” with “Mexico” and they’d be equally as true. Take this from an American who lives in Vietnam: I feel more free in Vietnam than I ever have in the US. You obviously don’t keep track of current events. The NSA gathers your data in ways that would make the KGB blush. You live in a police state. Your country has banana republic levels of income inequality. Your currency is printed by foreign banks, and your politicians have sold their people out to corporations, turning the US from a manufacturing economy to a weak service economy. If that wasn’t bad enough, the US continues to play “world police” and instill fear by murdering thousands of innocent lives across the globe in the name of “freedom” (read: military industrial complex). Any any people who tell the truth about the crimes the American government commits against it’s own citizens are put though a Kangaroo court and imprisoned for years, exiled, or murdered (do the names Bradly Manning and Edward Snowden ring a bell?)

    Furthermore you are absolutely delusional if you think that the United States’ occupation of Vietnam or Cambodia did any good, and that heinous crimes like My Lai mean nothing compared to “land reforms”. Vietnam was not free prior to Ho Chi Minh’s driving out of the French and American imperialists. I suppose you also think the original US colonies were also murderers when they killed thousands of British red coats in order to gain their independence? I hope you really aren’t that dense to see where I’m going with this analogy: revolutions aren’t easy. The current independent state of Vietnam, imperfect and young as it is, took years of fighting against imperialists and foreign invaders. Vietnam is free, independent, and improving, even despite the sore loser murdering imperialist Americans putting trade embargos on Vietnam for years making it difficult for their economic condition to improve after the war. Change is coming, slowly, for the better in Vietnam. I wish I could say the same for the US, but unfortunately in that nation’s case, the worst has yet to come.

  21. My spouse and I stumbled over here coming from a different website and thought I may as well check
    things out. I like what I see so now i am following you.
    Look forward to going over your web page for a second

  22. “In some of your posts, you can easily substitute the words “Vietnamese government” with “American Government” and “China” with “Mexico” and they’d be equally as true. Take this from an American who lives in Vietnam: I feel more free in Vietnam than I ever have in the US. You obviously don’t keep track of current events”

    I just could not read any further of your opinion after noting of the above noted comment. I do not know how long you have been living in Vietnam but to say that the US government is behaving as bad as the Vietnamese government is incomprehensible. It is nothing but trash. You appear to be being brainwashed by the communists or just do not have the intelligence to make an observation, comparison, and analysis.

    • Dong,
      Besides your ad hominem attacks against me, you have not addressed any of the points I made. Are the things I said about the US untrue? I can clearly think for myself and have a civilization, but besides the shrieking of “communist bad!”, nobody here seems to acknowledge the fact that each day the US is becoming more and more like a totalitarian dictatorship, bought government and all. The only difference is that instead of soviet style system where the government owns all of the companies, it’s just the other way around.

      Tell me what is more Orwellian than having a government which spies on it’s citizens electronic mail in MASS, uses flying drones to spy on them, CCTV and photoradar everywhere, police who shoot first and ask questions later? How about a government who has enacted legislation like the patriot act, indefinite detainment without a fair trial in secret prisons for “dissidents”, SOPA, and ever increasing gun control laws which turn the Bill of Rights into not much more than old wilted toilet paper? At least Vietnam keeps it’s nose out of the rest of the world’s business; the US is pretty much despised around the world for it’s past and present atrocities and it’s overweight, poorly educated and ignorant citizens. Vietnam is not the imperialist thugs who kill invade other countries regularly to rob their resources and kill their civilians.

      Maybe the Viet Kieu need to stop behaving like hateful, stubborn children and get over it. The South lost, and now Vietnam has moved on and it’s own free country. Move on. Maybe instead of worrying about another country’s problems, the Viet Kieu should instead pay attention to the rights and freedoms which are being taken away from you one by one, and do something to fix it before your country is a complete totalitarian police state.

  23. Paul;

    Firstly, I do not see any relevant information you had here for me to mention; they are nothing but propaganda information written by the leftists in the 1970’s. If you are not a brainwashed person, the following are facts for you to think of your conclusion that the US government is behaving as bad as the government of the socialist republic of Vietnam:

    1, Do the Vietnamese people have the right to vote? (another word has the government of VN been elected by the people? Nowadays, with the advance of information technology, people who live outside of VN all know that people who run VN, from local to central government, are not elected people. A person who claims to live in Vietnam must know that. Your comments did not show that.

    2, Do the Vietnamese people have freedom of expression, movement, religions, association, press? countless cases of Vietnamese who speak their own mind peacefully but not in line with the government have been jailed every day. The crime they been convicted are endangering of national security, although there were nothing to do with security. The people’s properties were taken away by the government without proper compensations and there was no justice system to resolve their appeals. ( in fact the VN government has a faked justice system that exists to protect communist officials, not the people). Many people got killed by torturing at police stations for no reasons at all. They arrested people arbitrarily. But there was never an investigation for the matter from the responsible authority. This government in the past, now and the future have never respect human rights or the lives of their citizens.

    People got suppressed, physically and psychologically insulted, tortured, and arrested for distribution of UN Human Rights information in VN, even though Vietnam is a signatory and an elected member of Human Rights protection. Many people like you who read VN government human rights report and actually believe that the communists respect human rights of her citizens.

    Union official (you may know that union in VN is formed and run by the government, often time defended corporations instead of workers. people who attempted to form union and union for the workers were punished with long jail terms and forced laboring. You also may know that when a person of interest get punished, his or her immediate family members also get punished, although these family members have nothing to with his or her action. That is the communist VN justice system; it is the law of the jungle.

    Secondly, you are really out of touch with reality of the 21st Century here. you have to recognize that there is no perfect system of government exists on the planet earth. However, at least the US government has been elected by the majority of the people and they have opposition. From time to time, people elected a wrong government/leader but at least the people in the US have a chance to correct that four years later. Vietnam for the past 80 years has not had that. You said that Ho Chi Minh and his gang fought for Vietnam freedom and independent. Wow. men the Vietnamese people had been cheated by HCM by this in the 1940s and now with the help of the technology they know they were cheated. Do you know that one of the Vietnamese communist leaders said in around 1976 that VN was fighting for the Soviet Union and china, not for Vietnam’s freedom and independence. More information about communist vietnam’s atrocities now revealed and with the internet more and more people of Vietnam realize they have been cheated. That’s why VN government is trying to control the internet now.

    Many points you brought up such as the police in the US shot first and asked question later and Snowden case to conclude the US government is a totalitarian dictatorship government is really childish, to say the least.

    Thirdly, you do not know what “Viet Kieu” means. This is the term the communist government used, and you used it. I know who you are, and you are a person of the 1970’s, who only believed in the left, a brainwashed person. This is your comments: “Maybe the Viet Kieu need to stop behaving like hateful, stubborn children and get over it. The South lost, and now Vietnam has moved on and it’s own free country. Move on. Maybe instead of worrying about another country’s problems, the Viet Kieu should instead pay attention to the rights and freedoms which are being taken away from you one by one, and do something to fix it before your country is a complete totalitarian police state”.

    I am not surprised of your opinions at all. I know a portion of the population who are like you always believe in ABSOLUTE and never satisfied of any good system of government. Thanks god that the US is still a leader of the free and democratic government.

    • I like your point of view. Obviously

    • Thank you for answering this liar.

    • Dong,

      I appreciate your lengthy reply. You have made assumptions about my age and political ideologies based on my comments about Vietnam’s current and past government, and while I will briefly reply I’m not from the 70s or identify as a leftist (I’m 29, identify as conservative, and identify politically as a anarcho-capitalist), I will go ahead and make my own judgement about you, and say that if you are not a baby boomer “boat people” who came to the US sometime between ’75 and ’89, you are first generation US who was born sometime in that post-war era, and have received most of your political beliefs from your parents.

      Unlike Hispanics which have come to my country in mass and have contributed greatly to the financial crippling of my country’s economy by overburdening our schools, hospitals and government agencies with illegals who are not insured, do not pay taxes, and who need special translators and documents translated into their language, I respect overseas Vietnamese who have come to my country, assimilated into my culture (at the unfortunate cost of course, of losing their own), are hard working, and are good contributions to American society. I believe that Vietnamese immigrants in the US are good hearted people.

      However, I think that there is a serious problem that lies in them that hurts two different groups on two different fronts.

      For one, they are often politically ignorant to the realities of socio-political issues which people face around the globe and have affected countries and their people throughout history. Everything with them is black and white. Good or bad, right or wrong. They are stubborn, and can never admit when they are wrong. They are also dinosaurs, who are still living in a history which ended over 40 years ago while the world around them continues to change and different issues are at hand which are more important face us all. They complain about a country which they no longer belong to as being totalitarian and spirit-crushing, yet they are disillusioned, ignorant, and stubborn in not contributing to political issues which are destroying us in America and which are quickly spreading across the world.

      I’ll address your statements first: No, the Vietnamese do not have the political freedom nor the same freedom of expression that we have (or used to have) in the United States. Neither do many countries, including those in Europe, which I will remind you that aren’t communist. These things have nothing to do with communism in itself completely, as any time of government can be repressive to it’s citizens and crush any dissidents which oppose it. I am not condoning it. I am merely stating that for as much as they have ass-backwards, they have made a lot of progress in the past decades, and it is easy to see by the growing number of outside companies and investors settling in Vietnam that the financial and political climate in Vietnam is improving, and the old guard which has ruled for years is dying out, and changes are being made, albeit at a snails pace.

      However, I laugh at how “blue-pilled” you are in actually believing that the United States citizens actually elect their leaders and have any say whatsoever in what our elected leaders do. How naive of you to believe that the United States of the year of our Lord 2014 resembles anything to what it was even 25 years ago! Turn on your government controlled electronic media box, man! Every day you hear about para-military police making raids into innocent people’s houses, kicking down their doors without warrants and shooting and killing innocent people, all without losing their jobs. Whistle-blowers for the past 5 years have been continually revealing evidence of how the United States government spies on it’s own citizens in mass, collecting data such as texts and phone calls, storing them in a facility so they can in the future, retroactively punish people when a new law is made. DHS has put people on watch-lists just for criticizing Bush or Obama’s presidency, and now, people can now be held indefinitely without trial, so long as it is in relation to “homeland security”.

      I just want to know, do you really believe that the US is not a totalitarian police state today? Do you really believe that they are no better than the former Soviet Union? For a group of people so butt-hurt on what aging or dead communists did over four decades ago, none of you seem to give a damn on what is going on in our own country! Your people destroyed an innocent man’s business in California because he had a Vietnamese flag and a picture of Ho Chi Minh in his video store! Yet you cry of oppression? You should be ashamed of yourselves. My country is one that supposedly supports free speech. How hypocritical of Viet-Kieu to decry Communism, but use it’s tactics in a land which actually gave you the ability to do so!

      You rally outside of the White House when the president of Vietnam visits the US, but where were these “Vietnamese American” activists defending persecuted Americans such as Bradly Manning, Edward Snowden, the Standoff at Bundy’s Ranch in Nevada, or in any of the campaigns against the DHS and it’s ruthless “big sis” Napolitano? Viet-Kieu are almost non-existent in these important matters. They are caught up in their own world, the world of 1950-1980, the world of Red Communism, the world of a Free-America. All of these things have past you, my friend. My how the tables have turned!

      May I suggest you let the past go, decide where your loyalties lie, and make the right decision to support those people in regaining their freedom. Are you American? If so, let Vietnam iron out their own issues. Right now, they are not hated the world over for their Imperialist military who kills millions of innocent women and children over false-flags and political agendas. That’s just the United States. Vietnam is improving it’s economy, while the US’s continues to crumble. Let us look to today and to the future, and attempt to rally against the oppression we face in our home today, less we leave permanently for a place with more freedom in the future… such as Vietnam.

  24. Paul;
    I am glad that you agreed Vietnam today is a totalitarian regime, although hesitantly. You are side tracked of what we were debating. But it is O.K. I will address your points, old and new, in this response here.

    1. Who carries the hatred?

    I want to tell you this: the only one who still carries the hate is the Vietcong. The evidences are unarguable. For forty years for god’s sake, the Vietcong government still discriminates against the South Vietnamese people, including the family members, who were associated with the South Vietnamese government. Not even that, they still hate the dead South Vietnamese soldiers and the wounded disable South Vietnamese soldiers who survived after the war. Look at how they treated the cemeteries where the dead South Vietnamese soldiers were buried and their surviving children. Approximately two years ago the US government agreed to finance a project to search for MIAs of the US, North Vietnamese, and South Vietnamese soldiers. Because the US wanted to include the MIAs of the South, the Vietcong government rejected it. Also, approximately two years ago, a Colonel of the communist forces, who was also a Professor, made a speech in Hanoi University in front of the University staff that China is their friend and “brother,” and the US and her South Vietnamese government is their enemy. He said whatever the US and already dead South Vietnamese government did was unforgiveable, and I quote, “Heaven and earth will not forgive them.” If you do not call it hatred, I do not know what that is. Countless acts that the VCP committed against the south veterans constituting as hatred are too long to list here. I know Vietcong nowadays, they do not want people to call them “Vietcong”. If you are closed to her (whoever that is), do not take whatever information blindly from her or him and must ask her openly and honestly. I have been here for more than twenty years, I have learned a lot about Americans and I have high respect for the American. If the Vietcong treated the South Vietnamese soldiers, both alive and dead, in 1975 as the US treated her lost side (Southerners) after the US civil war, I would be very proud of them. But VCP was built on violence and hatred and that has shown throughout the history. Just for you, I learned this here. The Vietcong never told any good things about American.

    2 Protesting Vietcong’s Head of State Visit

    You criticized Vietnamese Americans for protesting the head of state of Vietnamese Communist government visit in Washington two years ago, and you accused them of still carrying the hatred after forty years. Again you are wrong on this. The overseas Viets protested because they wanted to support their people in Vietnam who are struggling for dignity, basic human rights, freedom, and democracy. Vietcong are afraid of these words. Every time someone in Vietnam protested and demanded for the respect of human rights, elimination of corruption, defending the country from expansionist China, freedom and democracy from the country, the government crushed mercilessly. You forgot the Vietnamese Americans are Americans who live in a free and democratic society and who have every rights of the land allows, including the rights to protest a head of state of a repressive regime (Vietcong). I have learned a lot about Americans who really respect the truth, who are not afraid of their government and are ready to raise their voice to fight for fairness and justice, who are willingly providing moral support for people fighting for a just cause, including dignity and liberty, and who have contributed most to the world charitable foundations. And I personally have high respect for that. Are you an American who opposes what the Vietnamese American are fighting for? You are a lonely American here.

    Furthermore, you accused the Vietnamese American of bankrupting a guy in California who propagated for Vietcong by exhibiting a killer’s photograph (Ho Chi Minh’s photograph) and a repressive flag (red flag) in his video renting store, in a place where many victims of the Vietcong regime live. Is this the guy you are talking about? You are wrong again, Paul. After the protesting from the Viets, this guy packed up and left the US for Vietnam. Ironically, the Vietcong bankrupted him in Vietnam in a short time as well. He then came back to the US and made an apology to Viet people in the US. Please do proper research before accusing anyone.

    Your comment on our loss of Vietnamese identity in the US is dubious, and something I would not worry about. We have learned a lot of good things about Americans but the Vietnameseness will be never gone. In history, we were under the occupation of the Han (Chinese) people for about 1000 years. They tried to eradicate us relentlessly but failed. We are now living in a civilized society of the US, and I have no reason to worry about us losing our identity. But thanks for the reminder.

    3 The US issues

    You brought up the illegal immigration of Latino kids in the US soil here, so I will add my opinion on this. I want to let you know I am against illegal immigration. To be honest with you, I do not know how to deal with this. Because they are kids; it seems to be inhumane to deny them. But if we accept them, we will send a wrong signal to the potential illegal immigrants, which would generate a huge wave of new illegal immigrants to the US. There is a catch 22 here, is it not. This also proved my point from the beginning that the US system is not perfect, but still, it is much, much better than many system of government around the world.

    I believe in the law of the land. Any wrong doing of any citizen in the US soil, whether he or she is a police officer, a soldier, an elected member, will be and must be dealt with according to the law of the land. Period.

    Regarding Snowden case, I am in the camp of agreeing that Snowden is a traitor. Look where did he go? He went to China and Russia? I do not need to explain here, don’t I. I believe that the protection of security and peace of the country and her people must be top priority. Intelligence for that purpose should be acceptable as long as they do not use them for malicious purpose on the people. A law abiding citizen has nothing to worry about on the US government’s intelligence. That is my stand.

    4 Others

    You said you are a business man. Good for you. Hope you are a good business man, not like the guy who propagated for Vietcong and then winding up being bankrupted by Vietcong.

    About your age, I am not interested. In the previous comment, I was referring to the mentality and attitude of the leftist people in the 70’s. You know history was written by the winner. Forty years after the war, more and more information have emerged. The propaganda machine of the Vietcong has become ineffective in many ways. Some leftist people who supported the Vietcong regime have displayed regret for what they did when they were young. I hope as an American, you should respect the truth, stop being a lonely American, and lastly, not be a tool for the Vietcong. I am aware that the Vietcong has mounted a propaganda campaign (the so called Resolution 36) with the purpose to dye red the free oversea Vietnamese community on the subject of reconciliation. The overseas Viets had a life and death experience with the Vietcong, and they are very educated to easily recognize the Vietcong’s trap. The campaign has failed miserably so far, although I noticed that some overseas Viets have fell into their trap. That is normal.

    To me, Vietnamese people as a whole have never had any friction bad enough that it requires reconciliation. I am a free Viet, I will support anyone, regardless of name, who can achieve in providing true dignity, independence, freedom, and happiness to the people of Vietnam (remember Vietcong has cheated the Vietnamese people on these promises). Recent history has shown that after eighty years under the Vietcong government, they’ve been nothing but a bunch of thugs, who will never deliver what the Vietnamese people wish. You can call me naïve on that and it is O.K.

    Your assumption about me was incorrect. I came to the US as a young man. I learned to become a P.E. I gained my critical thinking ability through my education in the US. My opinion/comments are from thorough analysis of information of various sources and real life observation. Not based on hatred, my grandpa was a fighter against French colonialism in Vietnam. When I was a kid in Vietnam, I was being brainwashed by the Vietcong, told to think that the VCP was the representative of “zenith of human intelligence” Their education material was full of hatred and lies for the purpose of brainwashing the entire population. You can find that easily in their textbooks. Pay attention to TO HUU’s poems and writings, etc., and you will see how hateful that is. To Huu was in the 80’s a Deputy Prime Minister of Vietcong government.

    5 Summary

    I have a lot more to tell you, but my reply is already very long. To sum it up, I provide the following recommendations to you:

    “Trust, but verify”: as President Reagan said. Prior to that, our former President Nguyen van Thieu said “Do not listen to what Communists say, but watch what they are doing,” and do not become a tool for the Vietcong’s propaganda machine. You can call me naïve if you want. Be a good business man, and not Tran Truong one.

    I would appreciate it if you helped the people in Vietnam gain their freedom and basic human rights. That is what they really need.

    • Viet Nguyen Says:

      Awesome reply Dong! I learned a lot from this post and everyone’s replies. I’m trying to learn everyday. My parents taught about their gruesome experiences with the Vietcong and I’m so happy for them that their stories are being verified now a days. I want my kids to not forget their history either. This isn’t about hatred I agree. It would be easier to let go of the past like Paul said, if Vietnam today isn’t still such a hell hole. I still have many relatives and family over there. It would be inhumane and self-ish of me to live peacefully in America and forget about them.

      About the education in Vietnam and brainwashing. About a year ago, I made friends with a young Vietnamese girl over here who was from Saigon and married an American before coming to California. She was really shocked that I didn’t think Ho Chi Minh was a hero. Everyone there her age praises Ho Chi Minh. At first, I thought she was part of a communist family, but unlike real Viet cong families who will get violently angry with you if you disagree, she was just shocked like she learned something new. I told her to call her mother in Vietnam if she doesn’t believe me. Sure enough, her mother confirmed everything I said about Ho Chi Minh but they never taught her that because they didn’t want her saying stuff that would get the family executed.

      It’s the same with my uncle who lives over there. As a son of a former South Vietnamese commander in the war who escaped imprisonment, none of his children know anything about their history. They didn’t even know their grandpa was once a proud commander who was later captured as POW for years, being tortured inhumanely and ate cock roaches to stay alive. No matter how my uncle feels about it, he can’t say anything even if it meant one of his daughters marrying into a Vietcong military family. Ironically, that’s how his children found out. Of the girl that was about to get married, the Vietcong did her background check and the boy and his family rejected her after they found her connections to my grandpa. This is TWO generations later and Paul was indeed wrong if he thinks we’re the ones holding onto old grudges. This just happened two years ago.

      Of course, I think Paul as an American gets treated very well by the Vietcongs over there so he spreads their propaganda for them in return. Vietcongs talk bad about Americans behind their backs, while sucking up to their faces.

      I hate to say this as an attack on him, but it’s too true: Any American who values their dignity won’t let themselves be bribed by Vietcongs flatters. I doubt Paul will change his mind until he gets betrayed by them.

    • Dong,

      I understand fully that you do not in any way support Communism in whichever form it takes. I can respect that, and I will be the first to tell you that Communism is a failed system. I’ll also be the first to tell you that Capitalism, as in it’s current form in the United States, is an equal failure, only it’s not quite as obvious when comparing it just face to face with a country like Vietnam. But Capitalism and Communism are first and foremost socioeconomic systems, and each countries’ leaders determine where the boundaries of an individual’s “civil liberties” may lie.

      My main issue with you, my friend, is that while you stand on my country’s soil, you point your finger with bitterness to a country who has stood without a foreign military occupation for forty years, which is an incredible feat with the US and it’s imperialistic campaigns which cover the globe. You claim they deny their citizens right to free speech, which is true. You claim they are held in trial for kangaroo courts, which I’m sure happens. You acknowledge that it is unfair and unjust to not be able to say what is true about your leaders without being punished. You understand that a government who spies and denies it’s citizens the right to privacy is a corrupt and malicious one which needs to be dismantled.

      And I’d agree with you. However…

      What I find disturbing with you as that as you stand and point across the sea to a land which you do not call your own, you stand on a land who’s government commits atrocities against it’s people which are comparably vile, yet you are oblivious to these truths. You stand in denial as the United States’s leaders becoming increasingly corrupt and government size increases exponentially. You cry about communist gulags as American citizens are rounded up without fair trial in the name of “national security”, not even admitting it exists.

      Furthermore, as you pursue your quest to inform others about a corrupt dictatorship which robs it’s people, you actually have the audacity to denigrate an American citizen who risked his life to expose the truth about the NSA’s overreach into the lives and privacy of innocent citizens who have had their phones tapped and email collected in MASS. What it’s even more sad is that you don’t see the irony in that a man like Edward Snowden had to hide from what you call a “just and fair” government in a country who adopts what you call a “crooked and unethical” one.

      While you may be articulate, and while you may be well versed in the unscrupulous ways of a foreign government, you are not a very good American and are divorced from reality. You are a statist, and a quite “blue pilled” one at that.

      I digress… Ho Chi Minh was a leader, and though we may never know the truth about this man and continue to debate his merits and alleged faults against his people, it is through him that Vietnam had found independence from the occupied French. He was highly intelligent and influential, and I believe that he meant well for his people and did what he could. NO revolution will be without bloodshed, and unfortunately drastic measures will be taken by both sides of such revolt and lawlessness. You may soon even see it first hand in your lifetime here in the US.

      Yes, Ho Chi Minh allegedly killed people in the land reforms and had French sympathizers and who he felt were the bourgeoisie “boat anchors” against the revolution. Might I remind you that Vietnam was not a very “free” place under the rule of France, (a parliamentary government, not a “RED Commie”), and that there were more peasants, much more rampant illiteracy, and wealth inequality under French rule as there ever has been since the victory of the Viet Minh in the 1950s. So tell me, what’s the difference in morality between the exploitation of a small yellow people’s labor when the regime stands behind a supposed “democratic” government and one who waves a red flag?

      Protip: there is no difference, the Vietnamese have lived in poverty since before my great-great grandparents had taken their first breath.

      As Ho Chi Minh read an almost carbon copy of the Declaration of Independence to Vietnam after defeating the French and Japanese both, the US stood on the sidelines and scolded Vietnam and declared that Vietnam should be “French Indochina”! Yet like all American “campaigns”, intervention at this time would not have been profitable. It was only until after denying aid and assistance to the newly forming government at Minh’s request and the financial support of Vietnam by the Soviet Union that Uncle Sam got her panties in a bunch and decided it was time to flex their new-found superpower muscles fresh out of the (barely won) second world war and (lost) Korean war.

      You may balk at the idea of the US supporting what you’d call a “radical terrorist regime (revolutionary), but alas, I’m here to remind you that the US loves to arm and fund various groups and call them “rebels” when they are useful and “terrorists” when they no longer are of use. This is clear in the CIA training, and support of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan in the late 1970s…. to fight off… THE SOVIET UNION… see a pattern here? Or is the Kool-Aid Uncle Sam gave you much more potent than the “Khong-Do” tea I’ve been drinking in Da Nang?

      And as a bloody war began, it wasn’t fueled by America’s interest in a “free” Vietnam, but in the outcome of a cold war against the Soviet Union. The US and it’s pissing match against it’s biggest competitor was the reason thousands of young Americans and Vietnamese alike lie in the dirt. Will you even acknowledge this? As it is well documented and not hearsay. As is the later declassified US documents which brought to light the false flag in the Gulf of Tonkin which would ignite the war.

      I can admit the Vietnamese government is corrupt. That’s like saying that the sky is blue. But can you admit in the atrocities, hypocrisy and ridiculous loss of life at the hands of US Congress and Presidents since FDR? Because this not unlike you telling me Santa Clause exists because every December St. Nick is everywhere to be found… he only is real to the simple minded people and naive youngsters not wise enough to know the truth.

      But thinking that US is not a totalitarian police state (or on the fast track to becoming one) will prove to be much more painful than realizing the Jolly Fat Man won’t be coming down the chimney.

      • Paul,
        You seem to be very angry towards Americans as a whole. You hate whatever Americans value and stand for as a free enterprise society. Why? The only reason I can think of, is that you are a failure in American society, on the premise that you claimed yourself an American. Your thought on the subject we debated was very cluttered. It appeared that you could not think straight. I am sure that you need a lot of luck to survive in business, on the premise that you claimed yourself a business man.
        You pretend to be civil, but you have expressed violence and hatred in your response towards people who believe in a free enterprise society and value freedom. You responded to my reply in contempt and a mannerism of disregard. You jumped from one subject to the next without coherences. You tried to talk about Communism and Capitalism but you have no clue what you were talking about. You have born a false knowledge of the 20th Century. If you are an American, you must have been around with “Trong Lu’s people” for too long, and have become a “Lu” yourself.
        Your American history is very poor, in fact. You don’t even know America has been built primarily by immigrants. Doesn’t matter if he or she is the son or daughter of an immigrant 300 years ago or he or she landed in America 20 years ago, they are American and are contributing to American society. That is what counts. Don’t be so ignorant.
        I know for a fact that VCP has portrayed HCM as a Saint and ordered their students and citizens to worship him. To be honest, you seem to be more like a high school graduate in communist Vietnam than an American business man, as I see in your comments. With respect to HCM according to the 21st Century information, here is some information about HCM as a favor for you:
        1. A woman by the name Huynh recently released these words to the public: “I lost my virginity at the age of 15 when I met Bac Ho”. Also, during his visit to Indonesia as the President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the government of Indonesia warned him not to hug and kiss female girls in public. What does this mean to you, Paul? HCM seems to be pedophile to me.

        2. Ms. Nong Thi Xuan was killed when she demanded that HCM formalize their relationship. Ms. Nong Thi Xuan was a common law wife of HCM. What does this mean to you, Paul? HCM seems to be a wife killer to me.

        3. HCM abandoned his legal wife in China, Ms. Tang Tuyet Minh, a different woman, even after he became the President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. He claimed that in order to devote his life for the work of liberation of Vietnam, he does not have time for a family (that was a lie). What does this mean to you, Paul? HCM seems to be a selfish man, an abuser to me.

        4. HCM asked one of his followers to care for his illegitimate son, Nguyen Tat Trung. He claimed himself that in order to devote his life for the work of the liberation of Vietnam, he does not have time for a family (again, this was a lie). What does this mean to you, Paul? HCM seems to be a hypocrite to me.

        5. HCM published these two books: “Telling Stories While Travelling (Walking)”, and “Sampled Stories About Activities in The Life of President Ho”, under a pen name Tran Dan Tien in order to promote himself as an Idol, a Saint while telling his followers to be humble. What does this mean to you, Paul? HCM seems to be a fame seeker and a shameless one to me.

        6. HCM wanted his followers to believe he was a powerful man and respect him in an utmost manner, as he named himself a King (Vuong) and a man of Absolute Intelligence (Chi Minh). What does this mean to you, Paul? HCM seems to be a power seeker, a sociopath to me.

        7. HCM acknowledged that his Vietminh Gang had robbed a legitimate authority in the government of Tran Trong Kim in 1945. Note that if the Government of Tran Trong Kim was not “robbed” by HCM Gang, there would not be a divided Vietnam and there would not be a civil war in Vietnam, which HCM initiated, that lasted for 20 years from 1955 to 1975. As a consequence of what HCM and his Gang has done, Vietnam today has become a dependent state to China, and a ruined society in every aspect. Is it really HCM who brought independence to Vietnam today, Paul? HCM seems to be a Nation destroyer to me.

        8. Hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese students who are the children of HCM’s followers have migrated to the West to study and live. The free world has created advanced technology in medicine, in science and in economy to improve living standards for people in which you and your family are a part of them. On the other hand, what has the communist world invented to serve mankind better for the past 100 years? And you called the free enterprise society a failure and you hate it. Paul, you are a failure, not the free enterprise society.
        Some obvious points I pointed out to you as a favor. I do not care if you take it or not. It does not matter to me whether you are a lonely American or a high school graduate in a communist country, you are not qualified for debating on this subject, either in knowledge or intelligence. My 10 grader son can be a better debater than you can. Again, with your knowledge and intelligence, you must need a lot of luck as a business guy.

  25. no matter what you say, i still love and respect him. I truly believe that he really love Vietnam and the people in Vietnam. He has good intension, but that doesn’t mean the way he did to achieve the doal is the right way or the best way. And i read a lot about “Vietnamese government” and “American Government”, i think both have dark side, but don’t criticize the other side too much and being imresponsible when it come to your side.

  26. Tram likes hamburger Says:

    I don’t really know anything really, when i was in Vietnam I was taught that he was a good guy at school and then when I came to Australia my dad told the exact opposite, he fought in the war against the communist and pretty much hate them. When the communist attacked they took his house and everything.

  27. I’m reading a lot of claims here, but, there are no citations, and to any critical person’s horror, there is too much name-calling, and accusatory tones without backup data, for comfort. All I keep reading is:

    “Ho did bad things, and fooled EVERYBODY. He fooled everybody except for me and everyone who agrees with me. And the bad things he did are more bad than the bad things everyone else did during and after WWII–because I said so!”

    I’m not implying that the man shouldn’t be criticized for the evils he incited, but really, he did no more or less than anybody else in that horrific time period. Let’s not forget that in the South, the Catholic-leaning Ngo propagated the Buddhist Crisis (Which you completely ignore in your praise of him in your articles), as just one example of that Southern government’s own deeply-entrenched corruption. I say that, by the way, as a devout Catholic.

    Understanding Ho requires nothing short of a full and objective account of what Ho did, not what you think Ho’s undocumented intentions were based on a handful of events that are popular knowledge or can be skimmed through on wikipedia. You’re biased and you can’t even see it, to the point that you hail Ngo as a hero.

    Your wordpress is just that–a wordpress, and it’s pretty damned useless, and far undereducated.

  28. To the children of “Uncle Ho” I leave you this. I want to thank the man who is leading Vietnam into being a new Chinese colony. If it weren’t for him, many others and I would be in a better Vietnam, rather than risking our lives on a small boat in a 3 week expedition, not knowing our destination. If Ho’s structured government was so perfect, one should wonder why over one million people would risk their life to flee on boat, where more than half of them did not make it. The people I knew back then are now the product of the propaganda that the Vietnamese government continues to enforce today. Ho chi minh is a man who is larger than life in Vietnam and is seen everywhere in a typical day. The irony of all of this is the “Independence,Happiness, and Freedom” motto they allegedly have. Too many people are in poverty, and thanks to the corrupt socialist government, they have the right to seize land and arrest anyone who has the mindset that contradicts with the politburo. What makes things even better is the fact that the Vietnamese government spends millions of dollars a year to embalm the dear leader which has no practical benefit, that money could be used to better the lives of people. You could disagree with the things I have said, and I respect that. But let me ask you this. Why do you think there is a proxy on the Vietnamese internet? Why do you think anything that could involve opinion is run by the state? Why do you think so many people died with the intent of escaping Vietnam? And lastly, What do you think Vietnam is trying to hide in the propaganda that sees ho chi minh as a god-like figure?

  29. Dont get mad at me guys, I actually like uncle Ho,he hate “dia Chu” if he is still alive, all the multi millionaire should get their head chop off and all their money then be given to the poor, I guess he would started with the president Nguyen Tan Dung , and all the officials

  30. Tommy fuesner Says:

    I was in Hue last year and I said that Ho Chi Minh was very good for the way he led his people to freedom, Boy was I suprize when i was told not to repeat that too many time be cause he is hated here in Hue for slautering thousand of people here in Hue for no reason at all. That is why I asked why do so many people hate him Now I know

  31. Nancy Rishar Says:

    Exactly how old is the author of this?

  32. you’re hating on all comments that are ,because you are american .

    • Yeah jeak! Lan Pham is an American and I am assuming you are a pure blood viet cong and you are rich.
      You see ho cho Minh policy was everyone is equal , there should be no poor or rich people , apparently after the guy dead brought along his dream with him and Vietnam left having jungle policy , Everyman for himself , people like yourself getting richer ( an opportunist ) and this aren’t good for Vietnam at all , you have to hide your money somewhere right , mainly over sea and gradually when opportunity ran out , you ! Yourself leave the country too, as I said in my earlier post . People like you ho chi Minh would chop you head off ,

  33. “However, many of the leaders in the Viet Minh were slowly purged by Ho Chi Minh, elevating him to the top position. ”

    Who are the ‘many leaders’ of Viet Minh that were purged by Ho?

    NAMES please?

  34. AntiCommunism Says:

    First of all, God bless all the Vietnamese people on here. I love you all. I care for you all. I am 100 percent AGAINST that devil murdering BASTARD Ho Chi Minh and the Communists everywhere. Damn Communism! Communism is damned. Marx was a devil monster who hated people and who was a liar and against God. Lenin, Stalin, Ho Chi Minh, Mao Tse Tsung, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, and all communists are murderers.

    Communists are hypocrites. Notice how the communist elite leaders like Castro and Stalin and Ho Chi Minh lived in the best houses and have personal cars and the best food and best medicine, while the everyday worker people have to barely get by if they are fortunate? This is because communists do not care for people. Communists, like Liberal Leftists and Socialists are all liars who pretend to be tolerant, peaceful, and pretend to believe in equality, but really just want power, money, and control and to steal from other people.

    Ho Chi Minh and his Vietcong were murderers and rapists and torturers and devil-worshippers while claiming to be atheistic.

    The real heroes of Vietnam are the Vietnamese people who resisted Ho Chi Minh and who love God and who care for their people. Ho Chi Minh is now burning and screaming in endless eternal conscious torment, torture, and punishment in the fires of Hell. This is where all these unsaved lost communists go. Look at the horrible shrines they have for Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. They worship him as if he is some god! It is disgusting.

    I love Vietnamese sandwiches 🙂

  35. Peter Huynh Says:

    Hi Ian,
    I am very glad that you put this semi-detailed article up because it really broke away the doubts I had on both sides with Diem and Ho Chi Minh. My gram and I always discuss this frequently about the War and why many things occurred as well as who perpetrated them. She also told me an interesting fact that Ho Chi Minh in fact died before the brunt of the Vietnam, filled in by another Vietnamese impostor supported by China. She also states the United States archived important documents pertaining to the Vietnam War as to avoid criticism for various things evil they failed to stop; the reason for this being that the United States wants to maintain their status of “powerhouse” on a global scale so their influence internationally does not diminish.
    Thanks again for the article!

  36. Harry Osborn Says:

    I like how people are saying that communism is bad and it is corrupted while they do not stop and think what happen in their country. Yes, I know that communism is bad, however, do not let that hatred cover your sight. Look at America, we did bad things too, there is no place on Earth that had never have a crime where human right is violated, even if you can name a country, I bet that you do not know how merciless people can be. Blaming all the mistake on 1 person like Ho Chi Minh is nothing good, he can be bad but we will never know if you say he bad then give me clear evidence of him killing people, give me articles, links, websites, lessons, files, anything that have been confirmed true. Moreover, if Ho Chi Minh did not liberate the country, things can go differently that what it is right now, Vietnam may not be the country like it is right now and no one know will it improve to be a good country or a bad one like North Korea, just like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we move on and take a look at the good things in a bad situation. If you truly hate communism then do something, do not just sit behind your screen and type words that you know some people will reject them and tell you things that you will not agree.

    • mate , no one give a shit about ho chi minh anymore , even then viet cong themselve , they (vc) and their children all pack their bags and go over sea , buying house and all .. no one really care about the country anymore , just money in their pockets ( the opportunist) therefore vn just like a jungle the weak loose and poor forever..

  37. NIXON said in ” HO GOAL, RULE ALL” (The Sun 4/1/2016)
    1. If Ho ‘s popular image is any indication, he must have had the world best public relations organization working for him. 2. The typical line Ho runs like this : Ho. though he was communist .was first and foremost a nationalist.3. In fact, HoChiMinh was brilliant who spent his life pretending nationalist only in the sense that he could not establish a communist state in Vietnam .If it was part of the French empire. His only loyalty was to winning power for himself and his ideology.NIXON : HO GOAL, RULE ALL (The Sun 4/1/2016)
    1. If Ho ‘s popular image is any indication, he must have had the world best public relations organization working for him. 2. The typical line Ho runs like this : Ho. though he was communist .was first and foremost a nationalist.3. In fact, HoChiMinh was brilliant who spent his life pretending nationalist only in the sense that he could not establish a communist state in Vietnam .If it was part of the French empire. His only loyalty was to winning power for himself and his ideology.”

  38. San Diego is not belong to Communist country. It is belong to USA, a freedom country. Why someone call the trail in San Diego by the name of a communist guy. There are many many beautiful names to call. Let this name go to where it belong to,please.

    • back in the early 80 , when I was still in vietnam , and just wondered all his pictures display around the country then always with children ..and i was wondering why ? . dirty basterd !

  39. How much VC pay for Google?? H C M he is killer. Google CEO knew the year 1968 ???

  40. Tom Nguyen Says:

    Yeu cau lay tên đuông Ho chi minh ra khỏi .

  41. Hung nguyen Says:

    The Free World can never honor any War Criminals

  42. Hung Dang Says:

    Ho Chi Minh- The killer of Century !

  43. I was born and raised in VietNam and i am currently living in VN ,too .We are being taught to praise Ho Chi Minh as a god and it must be 70% of us still believe in it.But at least,90% do know the true face of communism.Unfortunately,we can’t do anything about it,EVERY single uprising are being repressed brutally,But the media NEVER say a word about it !Which make a lot of my people think their country is safe and happy, even thought the communist are stealing their money secretly everyday.I afraid the VIetNamese people will nerver be free without any help from abroad.

    • my friend you can do your bit for the country if you want to, youtube is a very power thing, why dont you be a freelancer reporter yourself, upload everythings the goverment do that you disargreed with ect…
      democracy and freedom take times ..
      democracy as i can see it take years to form
      it started with education , for example when you started your primary school , do you vote for a class captain or school caption? no! in vietnam the teacher pet get it ! and the class shut up and accepted .. over in western world , they vote for our class caption and the majority votes win, bad luck next time till we vote again, and children learned from this and this is how democracy work.. they started young.
      my point is you can not give democracy to vietnam over night , you going to created civil war instead , ( that what happened before 1975 , the south goverment fought among themselves instead of unites and fought the viet cong )
      as i mention earlier democracy needed education, and these vietnamese officals wont accept it , simply all come down to powers, greedy , bussiness , money .
      vietnam governent work like a bussiness and what would you have in the busisness , bosses workers etc.. and this bussiness making momey, what do you do? protecting it, from my competitors as long as i can!
      it is all come down to the ordinary folks who have got no hands in this bussiness will suffers .. ( the farmers).
      so my friend chenlong you and 80 something millions vietnanese have to work it out yourself , the world not going to care unless vietnam started to do thing like north korea will then you get the world attentions…

  44. Richard Brandon Says:

    Ho Chi Minh is an evil cunt, he begged French to return to Indo China to kill his more educated nationalist opponents such as the Quoc Dan Dang members. He then begged China and Russia to help him defeat French army. He fooled patriots to fight for his cause,and betrayed them if they don’t want to join his Communist party, by giving their names to the French. He killed hundred of thousands of innocent people to pursue his goal, that is to concert Viet Nam into a Karl Marx and Lenin communist system. This is un- Vietnamese.People in the North disgusted him and his regime, they fled in millions to the South,when he was elected as the ruler of North Vietnam in 1954. More people would have escaped had there been enough boats. Americans and Europeans who support his causes are making the biggest mistakes ,they do not fully understand Ho Chi Minh. Ho Chi Minh is a traitor to VN. Today, only Communist members who prosper economically still support the government. The majority of the population, including majority of North Vietnamese, have awakened from the China controlled one party governing style, the VN government is just a puppet of China now. Communist members prosper, people suffer, and VN is gradually populated and governed by Chinese. This is China long term aggressive plan, converting the whole South East Asian countries into its Communist system. So the West, please wake up.China is taking VN, Cambodia,Laos etc… ,without dropping blood, thank you so much for the ruthlessness of traitors such as Ho Chi Minh.

  45. Nam Pham Says:

    Everyone saying President Ngo also persecuted people should read The Lost Mandate of Heaven: The American Betrayal of Ngo Dinh Diem, President of Vietnam by Geoffrey D. T. Shaw

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